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Coaching Spotlight: Josh Fontenot, Crowley High School

Crowley High Football

Head Coach Josh Fontenot is going into his 3rd year as a head coach at Crowley High School. Josh Grew up on a farm and with a love of sports. He started his coaching career as a graduate assistant at Nicholls State. Learn about Coach Fontenot's journey up to this point, and those who have influenced him along the way.

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Coaching Spotlight: Chris Kuykendall, Bolton High School

Bolton High football

Chris Kuykendall is the Head Coach at Bolton high School. He grew up in Oklahoma and went to Southeastern Oklahoma State. In the Interview, Coach Kuykendall talks about his journey to Bolton, and why he thinks Bolton is a great school. Learn about some of the best players he has ever coached, and who was a major influence on his career.

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Coaching Spotlight: Clint Harrison, Belle Chasse High School

Belle Chasse Football

Todays interview is with Head Coach Clint Harrison from Bell Chasse High School. Harrison is the successor to Bob Becnel who coached during the Cardinals most successful era of football. Cardinals made it to the 2nd round of the playoffs and finished with a 7-3 regular season record this past season. Coach Harrison talks about some of the best players he has ever coached, and what he thinks about the level of football in the Louisiana Area.

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Coaching Spotlight: Head Coach Jim Gatlin, Northwood High School

Northwood High School

Coach Gatlin has built himself a long career coaching in North Louisiana. This will be the start of his 31st year. He graduated from Baptist Christian College where he played basketball and football. In the interview, Coach Gatlin talks about Northwood and the community they have at the school. He also discusses what he thinks of Louisiana Football compared to the rest of the country.

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