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20 Questions with QB Bishop George, Loyola Prep

Bishop George is an underrated QB who plays for Loyola Prep High School. The Flyers have had some special athletes come through their program and Bishop falls into that category. This kid is a good athlete with a big arm. The Senior is also an outstanding leader on and off the field. Meet Bishop in today's 20 Questions.

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Recruit Video: FB/LB Stanley Woodley and HC Glen Hall, Mansfield High School

Stanley Woodley, Mansfield Football

In today's Recruit Video, we have Mansfield's Stanley Woodley and Head Coach Glen Hall. FB/LB Stanley is an underrated recruit who could be a really special player in college next year. This kid is not afraid of contact. He will plow over you at FB and go head to head with anyone at LB. Coach Glen Hall is one of the better coaches around the state. He is great when it comes to developing talent and working with his players. Meet both of these guys in today's Recruit Video!

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Recruit Video: Kyle and Kody Schexnayder

Kyle Schexnayder, Kody Schexnayder, Holy Cross, John Curtis

You do not often see two brothers playing on different high school teams. Well, Kyle and Kody Shexnayder are not only brothers, but twins as well. Kyle is the QB for Holy Cross. Kody is a Punter for John Curtis. They are both great kids who are competitive and enjoy playing against each other. Meet them in today's Recruit Video!

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LAFM TV 10th Season! Episode 5

Airline High School, Colton Prater

We have a great show lined up for you this week. Lee goes over the 5A-1A High School Players of the Week. We have an Interview with Airline OL Colton Prater (Texas A&M Commit). St. Augustine Head Coach Al Jones stops by to talk about his team (beaten Jesuit and Brother Martin last two games). Southern WR Coach Chris Coleman comes on to talk about their outstanding All-SWAC WR Willie Quinn and the Southern Offense. Lastly, Lee and Reid go over their college and high school picks. Should be a great show, make sure to tune in to LAFM TV!

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Recruit Video: Dennis Hall and J.R. Davlin, North Desoto High School

Dennis Hall, North Desoto football, J.R. Davlin

The North Desoto Griffins are off to a great start this season. Coach Abernathy's team is 3-0 with a very impressive win over Many High School (week2). RB Dennis Hall and DE J.R. Davlin are two of the outstanding seniors on this team. Dennis is a bowling ball RB who can take down wimpy tacklers. J.R. Can chase down anything and loves to get after the QB. Meet both of these guys in today's Recruit Video!

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Recruit Video: Andrew McGuire and Peyton Aucoin, Brother Martin High School

Peyton Aucoin, Andrew McGuire, Brother Martin High School

Brother Martin is having quite a year going 4-0 and beating John Curtis this past weekend. They have a bunch of really special players including WR Andrew McGuire and TE Peyton Aucoin. Andrew is a quick player with good hands who is one of the many outstanding leaders on this team. TE Peyton Aucoin is one of the top recruits in the state and is committed to Texas. Aucoin has the body and athleticism to play either TE or OT in college. Meet both players in today's Recruit Video!

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Recruit Video: OC Blaze Van Buren WR/CB Quintin Guice, Neville High School

Blaze Van Buren, Neville Football, Neville High School

Neville High School has one of the truly great football programs in this state (you could even say one of the greater programs in the entire country). The Coaching staff and players are always top quality. For example, take Center Blaze Van Buren and WR/CB Quintin Guice. These two guys are great kids who also happen to be outstanding football players. Meet them in today's Recruit Video!

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5A-1A Players of the Week: Week 3

Travis Etienne, Jennings Football

Week 2 games were played September 17th-19th. We announce are winners live on our show every Tuesday night. Depending on the area, our show may not hit your town/city till later in the week At the bottom of this post, you can see the listings for when and where the show comes on every week.

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2016 CB Ricky Thomas, Dutchtown High School

Dutchtown’s Ricky Thomas isn’t your typical 5’10, 177 pound Cornerback. Corners of his size are known for their speed and athleticism that suits their duties of covering speedy wide receivers, not for their physicality in the run game. Learn about this recruit in this article written by Nick Scelfo!

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LAFM TV 10th Season! Episode 3

Devin White, North Webster High School

This weeks lineupe: Offensive and Defensive Players of the Week, RB Devin White ( North Webster High School), Joey Trappey (Former ULM TE) , TE Peyton Aucoin and ATH Andrew McGuire (Brother Martin High School), and Notre Dame High Head Coach Lewis Cook. Lee and Reid will also be doing their college and high school picks. The full lineup and listings can be viewed in this post. Make sure you do not miss LAFM TV!

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