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Matthew Beck, ASH High, ASH Football, Alexandria Senior High Football
QB Matthew Beck-Property of LAFM

20 Questions with QB Matthew Beck, ASH High School

QB Matthew Beck, ASH High School

Interview by Katherine Smith


LAFM: Name, Grade, Position, & School

Matthew Beck, 12th, QB, and Alexandria Senior High


LAFM: Height & Weight

6’7″ and 220 lbs.


LAFM: What do you run the 40 in?

My 40 yd. dash is 4.9


LAFM: How long have you played QB? Were you always a QB?

I never really started playing QB until I was an 8th grader in middle school, but it is what I always did during pick up games growing up. Before my QB days I played TE and different places on the OL and DL


LAFM: Is there anyone in your family that played football at a High School, College, or even professional level?

No one in my family ever played football in high school. I am the first to do so.


LAFM: Did your family have any influence on you playing sports?

They always knew sports were what I wanted to do, so they definitely wanted me to follow my dreams.


LAFM: Have you gone or are you going to any college camps, if so where?

I’ve been to ULM, TCU, Mississippi State, and LA Tech


LAFM: What do you like most about football?

Football is one of if not the most competitive sports, so being able to compete every snap is something I love. Plus the Friday night lights every week is something that is hard to beat.


LAFM: What do you need to work on as a Quarterback to play in college?

I need to improve my speed and throwing accuracy to be a QB in college.


LAFM: What is your strength at playing QB?

I think my strength is being able to lead and slow the game down in my mind while still being able to play and retain knowledge at a fast pace during the game.


LAFM: What college & professional team did you grow up loving?

I think every Louisiana kid can say they grew up supporting LSU and the Saints 


LAFM: Who do you look up to or view as a role model in quarterback position?

Drew Brees has been my role model growing up because of his strong faith and leadership. Also, the way he picks apart the game is something rare that I’ve been able to grow up watching.


LAFM: Who is your favorite all time Alexandria High football player?

My favorite player to come through ASH would probably be Greg Smith. He played professional baseball, but through high school he was a football and baseball guy like me. He comes by about once a year to check up on everything.


LAFM: Tell us something you enjoy doing when not playing sports.

Besides playing football and baseball, my favorite things to do are probably to hunt and fish.


Matthew Beck, ASH High, ASH Football, Alexandria Senior High Football

QB Matthew Beck-Property of LAFM

LAFM: Favorite school subject?

My favorite school subject is math. It’s different than most peoples, but for some reason it is my favorite.


LAFM: What do you want to do professionally when you’re finished playing ball?

I really don’t know where my path will go when I’m done playing ball. I’m hoping it has something to do with sports whether it’s the business side or the physical aspect


LAFM: What are your three favorite colleges in Louisiana and why?

My favorite colleges are LSU, LA Tech, and ULL


LAFM: Do you participate in any other sports?

I play baseball as well during the spring when football gets done.


LAFM: Do you have any superstitions or routine/something you do before every game?

I definitely have my superstitions like the socks I wear and the music I listen to.


LAFM: Where would you like to play college ball?

At this point I don’t really know where college ball will take me. I am just keeping my options open and focusing on playing well this upcoming season

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