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Chris Houston

2011 Signee Christopher Houston, Ouachita High School

by Lee Brecheen

Chris Houston
Chris Houston

March 31, 2011 – I went by Ouachita High School in the Spring of 2010 and met several kids while I was there. One of the more impressive kids I met was Chris Houston, DE/LB, who played for Ouachita High School this past season and has signed a full ride scholarship to go to the Air Force in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  We covered Chris and he was in our preview issue this past August.

I had a chance to talk to Chris and catch up with him about football and Ouachita High School


LFM: What is your current height and weight, Chris?

Houston: 6-0 and 225 pounds.


LFM: What is your current forty time?

Houston: 4.8.


LFM: What are you going to major in for college?

Houston: I’m thinking about majoring in pharmacy, but that might change.


LFM: Why did you choose Air Force? Give me 5 reasons.

Houston: 1) The graduation rate is 98% so there’s a high chance of success. 2) Air Force Falcon plays in a conference and they play great competition. 3) The team made me feel right at home. 4? Great weight room with one of the biggest weight rooms in the nation. 5) Colorado Springs is a very beautiful place to live.


LFM: What position coach recruited you to Air Force?

Houston: The JV head coach LT. COL. Darryl Sumrall.  He recruited me for Air Force.


LFM: When do you report? Will you redshirt? How does it work different reporting as a true freshman to Air Force?

Houston: I report July 14th to participate in 2 weeks of basic training.  I will attend the Air Force Prep School for the first year where we will play the Kansas Junior College League.


LFM: What position will you play at Air Force? I know you played DE mostly at Ouachita?

Houston: Outside Linebacker.


LFM: What other offers did you have coming out of Ouachita?

Houston: West Point Academy, Naval Academy, Ball State & Jackson State.


LFM: What school was your biggest rival game to you at Ouachita?

Houston: West Monroe has always been the team to beat in the Northeast Louisiana area.  There are big crowds and the charged atmosphere.


LFM: What are your strengths going into college as a football player?

Houston: Pass rushing ability, quickness, and work ethics.


LFM: What are your weaknesses you will have to work on for college as a LB?

Houston: Since I’ve only played the defensive end position throughout out high school, I will have to learn coverage skills, drop skills and work on getting faster.


LFM: What was it like playing for the coaching staff and playing for Ouachita High School?

Houston: It was a great experience playing for Ouachita High School.  I would not trade my time there for anything. The support from the coaching staff was great. I want to thank Coach Robert Arvie and Coach Glen Ellis for putting their all in me and coaching to the best of their ability. I also want to thank Coach Chance for strength and conditioning. Last but not least, I thank my head coach John Carr and Assistant coach Andy Robinson for putting my name out there.


LFM: Chris, what others players from your school signed college scholarships this season for football at Ouachita?

Houston: WR Justin Ginyard, ULM of Monroe locally, SS/LB Terron Bell, Troy, Athlete Elijah Sullivan, Arkansas Monticello, and DB Rashaun Davis, Snow Community College in Utah.


LFM: Chris good luck to you with Air Force and I look forward watching you on TV one day.

Houston: Thank you

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