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Brandon Landry

Brandon Landry, Kicker, St. Michaels High School

by Mark Clements

Brandon Landry
Brandon Landry

October 8, 2010 – A good kicker is one of the most underrated positions on a football field.

While most teams take a good boot for granted, St. Michaels knows they have a special one on their hands in senior Brandon Landry.

Until last year, the 5-foot-9, 165-pounder had not played a down of football since his middle school days. The All-District soccer MPV got his chance to shine when the first and second string kickers went down.

“I played less than one game of football in middle school at MBS (Most Blessed Sacrament) as a running back,” Landry said. “I would have never thought I’d try playing football again, but I’m glad I did.”

Landry, who plays center midfielder for his Warriors, was named soccer’s offensive MVP last season. He took his talents to the football field and has had success ever since, including a monstrous 52-yard free kick in a game against Live Oak.

So which sport does the two-sport athlete prefer?

“That’s a tough question,” Landry chuckled. “I don’t know, I’ve been playing soccer since I was four years old, that’s why I’m the kicker. When it’s soccer season I love soccer but when it’s football season I love football.”


Landry runs the forty in 4.75 seconds, while benching 185, squatting 325 and cleaning 175.

Taking his talents to the next level, Landy said he is looking both on and off the field.

“I’m either going to go for an academic scholarship or football,” he said. “LSU is my dream for college. My grandpaw kicked there so that’s my dream. I’m also interested in Southeastern because they have a good med school there. And Alabama, because who wouldn’t want to play for Nick Saban?”

Landry attended Tulane’s football camp at the end of last summer.

The Warriors are off to a solid 4-1 start, but Landry said their biggest game is ahead of them – Woodlawn High School.

Landry said the intensity of the game provides an amazing atmosphere, plus the game appeals to him on a personal level.

“Both teams come out ready to dominate and they always show up,” Landry said. “It’s kind of a kicking competition because I know the kicker on Woodlawn’s team. He plays soccer and we’re both big competitors on the soccer field. So to see each other on the football field is kind of a set aside competition.”

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