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Letrelyn Pete

Breaux Bridge’s Pete looking for success in 2009

by Mallory Kennedy

October 6, 2009 – Latrelyn Pete is Breaux Bridge High School’s senior Tailback. CoachedLetrelyn Pete by Mike Mowad, Pete currently stands with 46 carries for 252 yards and 3 touchdowns for the Tigers. During his junior season Pete was awarded 2nd Team All-district 5-4A and the Coca-Cola Player of the week.

After starting his football career in the 6th grade, Pete feels he has “gained a good feel for the game over the years.”

“My coaches help me in many ways. I’m a flat out athlete but my coaches help me pick up on little things to make me even better. For example, going hard from start to finish,“ says Pete.


Pete feels it is an honor to be the starting tailback for such a great team. “It’s a very tough task but I’m all for it.”

During the first three weeks of the off-season program Pete was faced with a hamstring injury. After seeing a physical therapist for a month he is back on the field, and working out as much as he can at school and in his free time to keep up his strength and conditioning routine.

This season, Pete is striving to become a better football player for the Tigers, and is hoping to accomplish more on the field.

He says that one of the biggest influences on his football career has been Dominick Davis, former NFL player for the Houston Texans. Pete says the best advice he ever heard was given by Davis saying, “Whatever you put into it, that is exactly what you’ll get out of it, nothing more nothing less.”

When off of the football field Pete enjoys playing basketball and running track. He is also an active member of the Knights of Peter Claver.

After High School, Pete plans to go to college to become a lawyer and play football.

“There isn’t anything like a Friday night football game at BBHS,” says Pete. “My team and I would like the fans to know that we appreciate the support that they bring every Friday night during football season.”

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