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Colby Craig

Brusly High’s People Person

by Nicholas Humble

October 1, 2009 – Colby Craig started playing football at a very young age and has neverColby Craig looked back. Playing running back and free safety at Brusly High has given Craig the experience he needs to hopefully play at the college level. “I want to get a scholarship playing free safety,” Craig said. “That’s my best position.”

Craig enjoys eating spaghetti, vacationing on the beaches in Florida, hanging out with his friends and going to parties; but his passion lies with football. His dream is to play in the NFL for his favorite team with his favorite player, Reggie Bush. “I would want to play for the Saints,” Craig said.

For now, Craig is fine playing in front of his home crowd at Brusly High. “It has the good atmosphere and we have our home fans,” Craig said. His most memorable high school game came against his school’s rival, Port Allen High. “We won 14 to 7, and I had over 100 yards rushing.”


His goals this year are to do well in school and get into a college using his football talents. “I want to graduate high school with about a 3.8 GPA and get a scholarship to college,” Craig said.

Craig would like to play for either Southeastern or Southern, but if he had to choose only one, it would have to be Southeastern.

Craig’s greatest achievement in life has been maintaining good grades, and in football it has been making the playoffs last year.

Craig looks up to his parents for guidance and knows that he can count on them when he needs assistance. “They help me throughout the way.”

As his parents have helped him, Craig believes his best quality is helping others, and through this he has become a good leader.

His mother, Dorothy Craig, believes that football has allowed him to grow as an individual. She said, “He is an all around good kid. He’s a people person.”

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