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Brandon Helms

Coaching Spotlight: Brandon Helms, Natchitoches Central

May 10, 2013

By Reid Althage


1.) How many years have you been in coaching and at what age did you start coaching?

This will be my 19th year coaching. I started coaching right out of college as a grad assistant at Southern Arkansas University.

Brandon Helms
Brandon Helms


2.) What is the name of the first school you coached at? What other schools have you coached at?

I coached at Northwest Arkansas, than at Wilkinson County Christian academy for two years.

My next nine year were spent at West Ouachita high school. I next moved to Ouachita high school. Now I have been with Central Natchitoches High School for my last six years.


3.) What made you get into coaching? Who or what influenced you the most?

My High school coach John Outlaw definitely had the greatest influence on me. He was simply a great coach and great mentor. I went to college as a communications’ Major and decided to go into coaching once I got my degree. Coach Outlaw was not surprised at all when I told him I wanted to coach.

 4.) Where did you go to high school? What sports did you play if any?

I went to Arkadelphia high school. I played football and baseball.


5.) Did you go to college?

I played QB at Ouachita University in Arkadelphia Arkansas.


6.) Who are some of the best players you’ve ever coached?

Leroy Armstrong is another kid a lot of D1 colleges missed out on getting. He is currently at Northwestern State. He was athletic and had a great work ethic. He has a good chance to play football professionally after college.

Jimmy Young was a wide receiver at Ouachita High School. The kid had an absolutely incredible work ethic, along with a God given athletic ability to play the game. He was a kid major colleges missed out on getting, and he went to TCU. He started all four years, and is now playing for the Pittsburg Steelers


7.) What would you like to see changed in High School football?

I do not want any major changes. I would like to see us go to NCAA type rules similarly to Texas. It would be just a little different, but nice to have us and our neighbors with an unchanging policy.


8.) Are there any changes you would like to see in High School football that they have already changed in college ball?

I would like to see more rules around the targeting role improving the safety for the kids.


9.) Do you think the brand of Louisiana football is different than anywhere else?

Great brand, Louisiana and Texas are the two best states in high school. He has been all over and its not comparable. Coaching athletes cannot compare

We have a great brand of football in this state. Louisiana and Texas have the two best high school football leagues in the country. He has been all over and nothing compares to our brand. The athletes are better, and the coaching is absolutely top notch. We have some unbelievable coaches in this state.


10.) Do you feel like the offense/defense philosophies differ between North and South Louisiana?

Yes, some northern teams are more interested on being great defensively. Many southern teams focus on scoring and can put up a lot of points. It is really nothing major both the north and south have great teams.


11.) Who is your favorite NFL player of all time and why?

My favorite player is Peyton Manning because of the way he manages the game, and he is such a great competitor. Even when he was hurt for a year you could see him on the sideline at all times. He basically became a coach.


12.) Who is your favorite college or pro football coach and why?

I would have to say Nick Saban. My staff and I went to Alabama three years ago. We got to shadow Saban and his staff for a few days. Saban’s attention to detail is to the absolute extreme. He feels like if he can take care of the little things then the big things will take care of themselves.

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