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Derrick Mullens

Coaching Spotlight: Head Coach Aaron Vice, Redemptorist High School

by Lee Brecheen

Derrick Mullens
RB Derrick Mullens, Redemptorist

June 30, 2011 – In the last 15 years, Redemptorist High School has won many games with some extremely talented players and coaches.  In 2011, the Wolves will be led by one of their former High School graduates from the Class of 2002, Aaron Vice.  Coach Vice comes over from St. Michael’s High School where he led the “Air Raid Offense” with QB Dash Duncan and a really good group of Wide Receivers and Offensive Lineman with over 4,500 yards of total offense in 2010.

For such a young coach, Aaron Vice, has an impressive resume.  He also coached at Catholic High School of Pointe Coupee as Wide Receivers Coach in 2006, and was Central High School’s Wide Receivers Coach in 2007.  His first job was at Redemptorist High School as Running Backs Coach in 2005.  Coach Vice got his degree from LSU in 2007.

Aaron brought with him Justin Franks from St. Michael’s High School who will coach his Defense as Defensive Coordinator in 2011.  Aaron will coach the QB’s and Coordinate the offense for the Wolves and, as he calls it, run the “Air Raid Offense.”  Coach Vice said, “Lee, I feel like we still have the skill kids here to be effective, and we will throw it a ton in 2011.  We just need to develop another QB, because right now we just have one in the program that was a WR/DB.”

This offense will be completely different from what Redemptorist fans have seen in 15 years.  In the past, Redemptorist had more depth on the line and ran the ball 95% of the time.  I think it’s a smart move to go to a spread offense, because of the skill players still at Redemptorist for the 2011 season, and there’s not quite the depth along the offense front with lineman overall.

I really believe Aaron was the right choice for a new Head Coach at the right time for the Wolves for 2011. This coach helped Head Coach Eric Held go 11-2 last year at St. Michaels High School with his offensive mind and creativity.  Redemptorist High School drops down to 2A from 3A for the first time in many years, but I think for now the drop down will help Redemptorist compete because of their numbers for 2011 as a team.  I know one thing; they will be exciting to watch in 2011 with Aaron Vice running the offense.

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