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David Feaster – Head Coach, Leesville HS

by Mark Clements

July 30, 2010 – Leesville High School head coach David Feaster knows how to succeed.

He has coached six different teams to at least the state semifinals as head or assistant coach. In his 30 years of coaching, Feaster has had tremendous success as a head coach.

Although last season was not the brightest of his career, Feaster said he believes his Wampus Cats are poised for improvement.

“I think we’ll be a lot better,” Feaster said. “We need to improve our effort. We had a great offseason and a great summer and we have the right kind of kids in the program. They work extremely hard and I think they’re going to put forth a much better effort as far as playing the fundamentals of football.”

Feaster said along with passing on football knowledge to his players, teaching life skills and lesson are even more important to their development.

“Our focus is on developing the individuals, and our staff is great at that,” Feaster said. “They spend a lot of time with kids in the offseason developing relationships. All the things that parents are looking for in their kids I think we’ve improved upon. By the same token I think that’s going to show up on the game field as well and we certainly hope that some of these guys have enough ability to go on and play college football.”

In his 30 year coaching career, Feaster has seen the ups and downs of the profession and says the best part of coaching is watching his players become successful off the football field.

“My favorite part of coaching is seeing guys succeed,” he said. “I’ve had the benefit now of being here awhile and seeing how players have turned out after graduation. It’s something that as a young coach you can’t really see.”

Feaster added that young coaches tend to miss out on the development on players, and focus on game days.

“As a young coach you just really live for Friday nights,” he said. “But as you get older and you see guys mature and develop and turn out to be good men. That’s the most rewarding part and the most enjoyable part.”

Feaster said the biggest downfall to coaching is the time he loses with his family.

The veteran head coach has had an abundance of memorable game throughout his coaching history, but some of the most memorable came in the playoffs.

“Three years ago when I was at Minden we beat Neville in the quarterfinals to go 13-0,” Feaster said. “It was at Minden in front of a huge home crowd so that was fun.”

Feaster has also said that winning the state championship will always be a lasting memory.

“I was an assistant a couple years ago at Sulphur Springs, we won the 4A state championship in Texas … that was certainly a thrill to play games in Texas Stadium and the final in the Alamo Dome and win a state championship.”

Feaster has been a successful head coach at several different schools. He says the key to his success lies in the offseason.

“My forte has always been taking the guys that are with us and that want to be part of the team and I try to make the best program I can with those guys and hoping the rest of them want to come out,” Feaster said. “That happens in the offseason, and in the offseason we develop relationships with the guys, and we also set expectations. I’ve always told the coaches the offseason is where we’re going to make our money.”

As a head coach, Feaster has a say in every aspect of the team. But the coach said his favorite position to coach is quarterback.

“I played quarterback in high school, and that’s where the fun is in this day and age,” he said. “That’s where the entire chess match is as well as the fun of getting the ball to the players.”

Having talented players always helps a coach’s cause as well. This season, Feaster has a special player in quarterback Le’Vander Liggins.

Liggins will be recruited as an athlete, and according to Louisiana Football Magazine owner Lee Brecheen, has a build similar to 2010 LSU wide receiver commit Jarrett Fobbs.

“He’s very similar to Jarrett Fobs. He’s that same kind of explosive player,” Brecheen said.

Feaster said Liggins’ athleticism makes him a great guy to coach, and that the athlete has all the traits he looks for in a quarterback.

“With the pass rush being such a huge issue, that throws a huge intangible into it with a guy that can avoid the pass rush and still see the field and still have focus,” Feaster said. “If you don’t have a quarterback it’s not much fun to coach offense. Certainly we have one now who is a great kid and does everything right, and he’s a lot of fun to coach.”

Liggins made the 2010 Louisiana Football Magazine All-Louisiana team. You can pick up a copy of the 2010 High School Preview issue from the lafootballmagazine.com.



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