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Bryan Singleton

DE/DT Bryan “BJ” Singleton, Destrehan High School, Class of 2012

Introduction by Lee Brecheen

Bryan Singleton
Bryan Singleton

May 2, 2011 – One of the most talented Defensive Lineman you will see on tape in the 2012 class in Louisiana is Bryan Singleton (sometimes called BJ Singleton) from Destrehan High School. I watched six games of Destrehan in 2010 and every time I watched this kid I could tell he had the feet, hands, and frame all the DI one schools drool over as a can’t miss prospect. I think his biggest strength on film from watching him is his ability to run sideline to sideline for a kid his size in high school. Bryan is a lean 255 pounds, meaning I really believe he will be another 15 to 20 pounds and get heavier in college, and might end up being a quick, big, strong, 6-3, 285 pound Defensive Tackle once he hits the college weights. If he stays in the 255 or 265 range he will stay a Defensive End, and has the feet to be one in college. I also like how he plays the run and pass in high school.  Some kids this size tend to just be able to play the run and not get after the QB, but Bryan at times can put heat on the QB. I’ve seen some plays that show him chase down RBs to the sideline and make the tackle, and that’s very impressive for a big guy.

Bryan Singleton benches 270 pounds, squats 450, and cleans 285 in the weight room. This kid had 15 sacks and 61 tackles in 2010 in a district that is very tough and very big on the offensive line at schools like Dutchtown, Hahnville, St. Amant and East St. John. The competition is also something I look at.  Every week he faced a kid over 260 pounds or better in a game where these big kids can really move.

I think once Bryan gets stronger in the upper body to go with his legs, the sky is the limit.  I really believe this kid hasn’t even scratched the surface of what’s coming in the next two years in college. He’s raw and really his junior year was his first year to start where he showed his potential for Destrehan.

Remember this is the same school that has produced QB Jordan Jefferson, LSU; Safety Ed Reed, Miami and Baltimore Ravens; Rondell Mealey, LSU and Green Bay Packers; Tim Molten, La Tech; WR Damaris Johnson, Tulsa; DE Darrington Sentimore, Alabama; and Current San Diego Chargers Punter Steve Scifres.  I feel like Bryan Singleton has a chance to be another NFL player to come out of Destrehan High School. I think he’s got a chance to be just as good as current Alabama Defensive End Darrington Sentimore who has a great chance to be an All SEC player and NFL player one day.

I hope you enjoy the interview by Taylor Williams.


Interview by Taylor Williams

LAFM: How old were you when you started playing football, and what have you always liked most about it?

BS: I started playing football when I was about seven years old, and I’ve always just liked how it’s so competitive.


LAFM: And as a player, what are some things you think you do particularly well, and what are some areas for improvement?

BS: As a player, I’m consistent with my defense I think, and my conditioning is what I have to work on the most.


LAFM: Are you originally born and raised in Louisiana, and will that influence your decision to play close to home?

BS: I am originally from here; it would be nice to play closer to home, but it really doesn’t matter as long as I get a college degree.


LAFM: Has anyone in your family played college of professional sports before?

BS: I don’t think so, pretty sure I’ll be the first.


LAFM: Speaking of, what colleges have you been recruited by?

BS: Right now, Alabama, LSU, Ole Miss, SMU, and Arkansas.


LAFM: Which of those would be your top choice, and have you thought about a potential major at that school?

BS: Right now I’m leaning towards Arkansas but I haven’t thought of a major yet.


LAFM: Do you see yourself sticking to defensive end at the next level?

BS: It depends where they want to put me; it doesn’t matter to me I just play where they tell me, but I can play some outside linebacker and I’ve got some pass coverage skills.


LAFM: Can you identify some personal and team goals for you and your squad next season?

BS: Personally, I want to make first team All-State and in turn have more colleges start looking at me.  Our team goal is to go are into the playoffs, maybe even to the State Championship.


LAFM: Your school has a history of success with football, but what’s the deepest you’ve made it in your career?

BS: I played in ninth grade and that was the second year since I’d been there that we’d made the State Championship.


LAFM: Do you play other sports, and are you being recruited for them?

BS: I play basketball; I don’t know if I’m getting recruited but I’m doing some great things with basketball.  I was 1st team All-District and District MVP.


LAFM: I’m guessing you’re a power forward or center, but what’s your exact height and weight?

BS: 6-foot-4 with cleats on, and 255 pounds.


LAFM: And what’s your most recent forty time?

BS: I would say about 4.8, I think that’s what I clocked at school.


LAFM: What are some games or moments that stand out as memorable at this point in your career?

BS: Standout games that come to mind are John Ehret and Hahnville, when I was sick with the flu but still played.  The Karr and Helen Cox games also stand out as good games.


LAFM: Which of those rivalries do you enjoy the most?

BS: Hahnville, no doubt.


LAFM: Do you have any friends on the team being recruited to the same schools or that you might play college ball with?

BS: Yeah, [wide receiver] Rickey Jefferson, [defensive lineman] Marrick Charles, [running back] Kevin Smith, [linebacker] Orelyn Chopin.


LAFM: You had a coaching change last year; talk a little about what it’s been like playing for your previous and current head coaches.

BS: Well it’s been great because he [current coach Chris Stroud] isn’t really a new head coach; he was our defensive coordinator.  Our old head coach [Steven Robicheaux} got a new job in spring, but its been an easy change.


LAFM: What camps have you attended and which ones will you hit this summer?

BS: I’m going to the Nike camp in Houston that’s coming up, and I just went to the U.S. Army camp.  And any other camps that are available I’m trying to make it out there and make something happen.

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