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Easton Melancon

Deep Crop of Quarterbacks in Louisiana for the Class of 2013 – Part 2: The Sleepers

by Lee Brecheen

Easton Melancon
Easton Melancon – Hahnville

April 5, 2012 – Usually a sleeper Quarterback to me is a kid that either plays for a small high school that’s not in the limelight as much as the bigger high schools, a kid who did not play a full junior year at the position, a kid that just played one year at Quarterback and colleges just need to see more in 2013, and finally a kid who’s not extremely tall for the position but extremely gifted.

Below I write about a big group of Quarterbacks from Louisiana for the Class of 2013, who are all sleepers that I personally filmed in the last two years.  These kids all have special talent weather it’s their arm, their feet, their command of the offense, their toughness, running ability, their ability to read coverages, or most importantly their ability to be leaders of their team.

The players are listed alphabetically by last name and not listed in order or any ranking.  These are Class of 2013 Quarterbacks only.

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James Almond (6-0, 185) from Haughten is well versed in a spread offense, runs the offense to perfection, and has a great touch on the football.  He’s a two year starter and replaced QB Dak Prescott (6-3, 230) who signed with Mississippi State the year before.  James rarely throws bad passes, and is a very smart QB in the pocket.

Ben Braymer (6-0, 195) from Catholic is a QB with a lot of moxy.  He’s a tough kid who runs with toughness, has a big time arm, but raw, and could really become a great QB by season’s end.  He’s already a great athlete, and he could play RB or SS in college for the right team too.  2011 was his first year to get to start, and he rotated with another QB.  Ben is close to 6-1, and will probably be a true 6-1, 210 pounds in the next few months for college.  Ben is also a really good baseball prospect.

Jay Christophe (6-3, 190) from Brusly is a great athlete that just needs a more polished arm, but could end up as a FS or WR in college and be the best athlete on his team.  He’s a rare four year starter and a DI Athlete in end regardless.  He ran for 1,070 yards and passed for 1,100 yards with a combined 28 touchdowns in 2011.

Ben Braymer
Ben Braymer – Catholic (B.R.)

Brett Courville (5-10, 190) from Central is super tough, has a strong arm, and can run like a RB when things close in with a rush.  If this kid was 6-1 in height he would be a DI no brainer as a QB.  He has one of the strongest arms in the state for a kid less than six feet tall.  Brett has more power than you would expect for a kid his size when he runs the ball.

Ross Duhon (6-1, 175) is from Abbeville which is a school that doesn’t get the attention of a lot of schools with good QB’s, but I’m here to tell you that this kid has a nice throwing motion and a really strong arm.  Ross has the ability to play QB in college if he keeps getting better.  I think his strength is his really good feet in the pocket.

Brandon Fields (6-1, 200) from St. Michael was a starting WR in 2010, and filled in as the QB in 2011 late in the season when starter and Nicholls State signee Dash Duncan was hurt for the season.  He did quite well filling in, and the team made the playoffs.  Brandon was already looked at as a DI WR or DB before moving to QB, and 2012 will show if he becomes a DI QB.  Brandon is also one of the strongest kids on the team in the squat where he maxes out at 450 pounds.  I’m excited to see how good he can be with only a half-season of experience at the position going into 2012.

C.J. Gatlin – Ruston

C.J. Gatlin (6-3, 220) from Ruston transferred from Alexandria HS.  This big kid has started three years prior and has a great frame and good arm. CJ is also a great Baseball player.  He’s a pocket passer that could move up in 2012.  He threw for 2,578 yards with 28 touchdowns in 2011.  The question is will he go DI baseball or still play football in college.

Denzel Johnson (6-2, 210, 4.5/40) from Patterson moved from WR/DB where he played in 2011 to QB in 2012. He has a cannon arm and might surprise many in 2012 as a true QB.  He scored 16 touchdowns in 2011 as an athlete, and he threw for 400 yards in spot duty as the backup QB in 2011.

Jason Liebert (6-1, 180) from Riverdale throws a pretty ball, and is very calm in the pocket.  He’s a poised young man in the pocket who can make all the throws.  This kid throws a lot of footballs every game, and watching him on film you can see that he competes.  He doesn’t get a lot of exposure because his school is not one of the most talked about in the media, but who cares because he can play the game and has a great arm.  If he doesn’t go IAA, then he’s a D3 or D2 superstar QB.

Brandon Fields
Brandon Fields – St. Michael


Ruston Matherne (6-0, 185) from Lutcher is a three year starter  with incredible feet in the pocket, poise, a strong arm, throws well on the run, is hard to tackle, and manages to always seem to escape hits.  He reminds me of Matt Mauck, former LSU QB, with the way he runs and throws the football.  Matherne is the best QB in Louisiana under 6-2, and the most athletic QB who was born to play the position.  At this stage he is way better in High School than former Louisville QB Stefan Leflors.  He’s one inch taller, has a stronger arm and better feet, and runs a legit 4.45/40.  When Stefan played QB at Christian Life HS in Baton Rouge he was 5-11, 170 pounds as a senior, and he went to Louisville and was still 5-11 but ended up 200 pounds.  Ruston is also a DI player for Strong Safety if that’s what he chooses to do in recruiting, because he’s so fast and tough.  When this kid runs to avoid pressure, he looks like a clone of former LSU QB Matt Mauck with the same smooth running style.  He knows when to get down, and he’s hard to beat for the sidelines.  He’s a SEC Quarterback because he has all the intangibles.

Easton Melancon (5-11, 190) from Hahnville is a great athlete with great feet in pocket, and he throws a nice ball.  Easton would be just as highly recruited if he was 6-1 or 6-2 like former Hahnville QB’s Brian Ensminger (Southeastern) and B.J. Young (Southeastern).  His arm is just as strong and his feet are better than Brian Ensminger and close to that of BJ Young.  Easton has mastered the bubble screen pass and screen pass in their offense.  He is also a really good Baseball Prospect.

Mason Nickens (5-11, 190) from Dutchtown is a former RB turned QB in 2011.  He has moxy and runs top speed as good as some DI RB’s I’ve seen.  His arm is there but raw, and he’s a great athlete.  I like this kid as a DI RB for certain programs.  He reminds me a lot of Jacob Hester formerly of Evangel Christian, LSU, and now the San Diego Chargers.  He’s a big time player with the ball in his hands.

Austin Sigsworth
Austin Sigsworth – Slidell

Austin Sigsworth (6-2, 206) from Slidell started just one year in 2011. He only played in 2011 as a QB.  I’m intrigued with his size, arm strength, and savvy.  Considering he only started in 2011 as a QB and did not play much prior, he is very advanced with throwing the football in the pocket and has the arm to do that.  He has the DI look and just needs one more year to show the scouts he’s a big time QB.  For such a raw good looking big framed Quarterback pocket passer Austin has a big time release of the football. Austin did not play in a spread offense in 2011, but mostly a running offense where he threw for 1,142 yards and 11 Touchdowns.  Austin is also a baseball prospect.

Trenon Trosclair (6-0, 180) from Eunice is a coach’s son who has big time toughness.  He can run a 4.55/40 and you can tell knows the game really well.  Trenon would make a great sleeper WR or SS in college because of his size, speed, and toughness.

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