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Leading the Way

by Kimberly Wooten

October 8, 2009 – “I’ve never played with anyone in any sport who plays with so much passion. ZandersHe’s a great teammate and a great character guy.” Senior Defensive End Chris Lanaux on Senior Linebacker Antwyne Zanders

“He’s like a bulldozer; don’t let his size fool you.” Assistant Recruiting Coordinator and UL student Ian Willis on Senior Running Back Undrea Sails

“He can hit you and then run; he’s a motor and also diligent in his studies.” Head Coach Rickey Bustle on Senior Line back Antwyne Zanders

“He’s a spark plug in an engine.” Said Head Coach Rickey Bustle on Senior Running Back Undrea

Imitation is the ultimate form of flattery and if the words of fellow teammates, coaches, and staff of Undrea Sails and Antwyne Zanders areconcerned they would do well by following in the footsteps of these young men both physically and mentally.

“It makes me feel real good.” states Sails “To know they can go to me at any time and in a crunch it’s a great feeling.”                                                        

Zanders seconds his teammates notion. “It makes me play harder and it’s part of my job as a senior.” “As long as they have my back, I’ll do fine.”

Number 31 (Sails) and 41 (Zanders) have already racked up impressive numbers and accolades in this 2009 season. Zanders had an outstanding 15 tackles, 14 being solo, in the Cajuns win against Kansas State and is currently tied for first in the league with 28 tackles. Sails rushed for a career-high 114 yards and scored two touchdowns against a packed house of over 41,000 screaming fans against Southern. He currently is third in the league with 281 rushing yards.

Sails“The community.” Sails quickly states as one of the best things about playing University of Louisiana football. “Everybody is behind us win or lose.

“I didn’t even see the campus yet and I knew I wanted to play here.” says Zanders. “The way I was recruiting and knowing if they were going to put forth this much effort to help me play now, I knew they would do all they can to help me in the future if needed.”

Being true leaders to a team of many the best advice these two could give to any high school player wanting to play college ball is to keep your head in the books.

“Go to class.” states both in unison. “You can’t play without the grades.”

Imitation is the best form of flattery. Imitate seniors Undrea Sails and Antwyne Zanders.

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