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Lee Brecheen’s Road Trip: Southern University Football

by Lee Brecheen

Lee with Southern University Head Coach Stump Mitchell

April 21, 2010 – This was my third opportunity to meet and hang out with former NFL RB and Washington Redskin football coach Stump Mitchell, now the man in charge as the new head coach at Southern University. I’m super impressed by the staff that Stump assembled to come with him – not impressed but super impressed. Every coach brought in has tons of experience and you can feel being around these coaches that they’re hungry for the challenge of getting these kids to buy in to what they can achieve to get this program back on the top in the SWAC Conference. O Neil Gilbert is in charge of the defense and has an impressive resume. He was at Tulane for three years, Illinois, and big time player and coach for Texas A&M. Others are Ted White, former Glen Oaks QB, All American QB for Howard, and NFL QB; and Thomas Zeus Hall, Strength and Conditioning coach and big time teacher in the weight room. I could go on and on. It’s a who‘s who of background and impressive coaches. If you throw in Eric Dooley the only staff member retained from last year, its Southern’s best Recruiting staff ever.


Curry southern university
WR Curry Allen

I met some 25 players, who are the top 25 players on the team, and had a chance to talk to some of the players in length. DT Jordan Miller comes all the way from Upper Marlboro, Maryland. He benches 455 pounds, and trust me he looks like he can bench more. OG Roddrell Stewart (6-3, 325) has a great personality, is a jokester and leader for team, and is right out of local Scotlandville. Stewart has a NFL future if he keeps working hard. He benches 490 pounds. WR Curry Allen is an impressive 6-3, 205 pounds, and has a bright future. DE Dexter James (6-5, 280) is coming off of Shoulder Surgery, but wow, I remember this kid when he was at Brusly HS when he weighed only 215 pounds coming out of High School. This kid has come a long way in the weight room and in football.

Roddrell Stewart
OG Roddrell Stewart

I saw players who have bought into the tough nose business – NFL type – come to work. The players seem focused and look ready to compete. The team lacks depth, but the starters will be strong and talented on both sides of the ball. The LB core has a chance to be really good. The WR core the same, and the starting five on the OL will be really good, they just need some depth which I feel the recruiting class will take care of that. I predict as many as 5 Div 1 transfers, will be at Southern by fall, and I predict these players will be big time players.

The new facilities are really nice. The weight room, coach’s office, hall of fame, and meeting rooms, are top notch. Southern coaches will hit the road recruiting this Friday, and they will recruit harder than any Southern staff in the last 20 years or ever. The future is bright with Stump Mitchell and his great staff.

I would like to thank Head Coach Stump Mitchell, Tight End coach Jason Palermo and Defense Coordinator O Neil Gilbert for helping me get the players between classes, and making this possible. I took a ton of pictures which will be used for the preview issue and the web site throughout the year, and I have tons of great information for the July preview issue.

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