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Tait Dupont

Lee’s Travels: Brusly High School

by Lee Brecheen

Tait Dupont
Lee with Brusly Head Coach Tait Dupont

June 22, 2010 – Brusly is a small school located across the Mississippi River Bridge from Baton Rouge that has some good athletes in football.  Brusly not too long ago had three players in the NFL playing at the same time.  They were DB Norman Lejeune, RB Walt Willliams, and New Orleans Saints Super Bowl Champ DB Randall Gay.  Randall still plays in the NFL, while Williams and Norman are no longer in the league. Walt Williams played for Grambling College and the Green Bay Packers, and Norman played for LSU in college and the Miami Dolphins and Indianapolis Colts in the NFL.


This year’s team coached by Tait Dupont has some really good young and older good looking skill players coming up, like the old days at Brusly.  Dupont is originally from Plaquemine, Louisiana, where he coached at St. John High school for seven years.

This year’s team is lead in leadership by the athletic senior to be in 2010, Marlon Reed, who stands 6-0 tall, and weighs 160 pounds.  Marlon has big time speed in the forty (4.45) and ran for over 1,400 all purpose yards in 2009 with 17 TD’s.  Marlon will play QB, RB, and DB for the team in 2010. Even though he says he only 160 pounds, he looks 175, because he’s so lean and built and he doesn’t look skinny at all in person and in uniform.  I saw this kid and he might even be 6-1.  I think Marlon was being humble about his height.  I remember seeing Randall Gay and Norman Lejeune play at Brusly, and I put this kid in that group for the talent to play at the next level at a big time DIV 1 school and the NFL one day.

I was able to ask Marlon a few questions with my visit to Brusly recently, and he told me his uncle, Emmett Holliday, played at ULL Ragin Cajuns and was a DE for them, and he also played for Brusly as a senior in 1998 to 1999. I asked him his favorite thing about football and he said he loves to be chased by defenses, and staying in shape.  Marlon’s favorite schools are ULL and LSU.  He’s talked a lot to ULL, and I feel that’s where he’s leaning at this time. LSU hasn’t offered.

Darius Turner
Darius Turner

Darius Turner is another senior to be athlete for Brusly in 2010 to keep an eye on.  Darius stands 5-11 in height and weighs 175 pounds. Darius can run the forty in 4.6, and he Bench Presses 245 pounds.  In track, he throws the Javelin 165 feet.  Darius told me his favorite rival team to play is Port Allen, his favorite thing about football is hitting, and his favorite colleges are LSU and Southern. Darius will play some RB and a lot of DB for the team.

Keith Washington
Keith Washington

Keith Washington is a WR and SS for the team who stands 5-9 and weighs 175 pounds.  This kid can clean 245 pounds in the weight room which is serious weight for a guy that’s 175 pounds.  Keith told me his favorite hobby is weight lifting and I believe him.

I would like to thank Tait Dupont for having his top 30 players at the school for me to take pictures and interview his players.  You can tell by looking at the kids that coach has these guys strong and fast for the upcoming season.

Notes:  Three players from the 2009 team will play college ball in 2010.  They are athlete Colby Craig who’s going to the ULL Ragin Cajuns, Athlete Darius Jackson who’s going to Independence, Kansas, Junior College, and DE/TE Brent Henry who’s going to Tennessee State.

DB Randall Gay of the New Orleans Saints recently gave back to his old school and donated new and really sharp, good looking Jerseys for the team.  Brusly had the Gold look in recent years, but now they have a look of Red,White, and Black.  I love when former players give back to their old high school.  Randall Gay also drove down to give a speech in the locker room before their Rival game against Port Allen last year.

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