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Lee’s Travels: Captain Shreve High School

by Lee Brecheen

June 11, 2010 – There’s a public school in Shreveport called Captain Shreve that has a ton of history when it comes to coaches, former players, and Championships. Captain Shreve is one of the largest schools in Shreveport, and it’s well known academically for its magnet programs and arts.

How about these names for you as former baseball players: Sean West, pitcher, 6-8 in height, currently in the majors (MLB) along with Scott Baker, and soon to be LSU pitcher Austin Ross. Baseball won state in 2006, and football won state in 1973. Three names I remember growing up are former Captain Shreve stars Bo Harris (LB), Athlete Roland Harper, and the Pennywells, Robert and Carlos. Robert Pennywell went to both Woodlawn and Captain Shreve locally. Robert played for the New England Patriots in the NFL, and Carlos went to Grambling College and played for New England in the NFL. Bo Harris was an ALL SEC Linebacker for LSU, and played for the Cincinnati Bengals. Roland Harper was a Star for LA Tech and the Chicago Bears of the NFL. These were all great ones from the 1970’s, but since then players like LB Dusty Rust (La Tech), WR Austin Tolliver (New Mexico State) and, QB Jordan Bennett (Southeastern), are currently playing college football. The Football Stadium is named after its former Head Coach Lee Hedges, one of the all time greats in Louisiana.

Terrell Jordan

I really enjoyed my time with Head Coach Richard Lary, who is one heck of a guy to talk football with. This coach has a lot of energy. He’s from Shreveport and knows the game. Richard Lary helped me sit down and talk to his best players, and almost all of his starters. The first player I would like to talk about is National sleeper RB Terrell Jordan, who stands 6-0 and all of that, and weighs 212 pounds. Terrell is one heck of a RB. He has speed, quickness, but most of all what I like when I see him run, is his lower body strength and effort is off the charts. Most of the games this kid played in were rain games, and when I watched the film of games we saw this kid run in, he must have pretended the field was dry, because he ran on a wet field and made it look easy time after time. Terrell usually makes the first guy miss after the first contact, and it’s very impressive to watch. He looks faster than he times in the forty, and I call it football speed. He can run a 4.5 forty, but looks even more impressive with his ability to take a hit and still run sideways like a true tailback. Terrell has a 3.8 GPA, and an ACT of a 21. In track he ran a 100 meter time of 10.9 and he Squats 450 pounds. This kid ladies and gentleman is very impressive in athletic ability and as a student.



Tony Musco

C J Cleveland has the frame and build of a big time college player. Cleveland stands 6-0 tall and weighs 185 pounds. He actually looks taller in person, because of his long arms, and long build. C J can play WR or FS in college. He’s one of those kids that will sign with a DI or IAA school, but will fill out in college, and weigh in the 200 pound range running a 4.6 forty. His ACT is 21, and GPA is 3.2. DE Tony Musco, a junior, stands 6-0 tall, and weighs 205 pounds. Tony is a super smart kid to talk to, and knows what he wants. This kid plays the game full throttle, but he’s undersized for DI. But I do feel there’s a place for him in college football, because of his grades and attitude which are both really good. He had 35 tackles and 6 sacks in the 2009 as a 200 pound DE, and that’s very impressive. Tony would be a DE in IAA football, but in Div I he would be a LB, and would need to put on 20 pounds. Tony also carries a very impressive 3.0 GPA. Four kids who I have to mention because their grades are off the charts as up and coming seniors are Center/OG Marshall Watts with an ACT of 33, and get this, a GPA of 4.83; CB/FS Wade Hall – ACT 20, 4.2 GPA; OG/OC Christian Ellis – GPA of 4.1; and OG Jake Jesty also with a GPA of 4.1. There are 5 other starters with over a 4.2 GPA in the core that are underclassmen. That’s nine starters out of 22 with over a 4.0 GPA. Can you say wow! There will be more information about the team and more of the players in the upcoming preview issue that you can order off the site. The preview comes out in late July of this year.


Wade Hall

Notes: I thought the public would like to know this and the readers outside of Shreveport. Famous actor Valerie Bertinelli had two brothers attend Captain Shreve high school and while they were enrolled, Valerie performed at the talent show for Captain Shreve at the high school.

Once upon a time LSU pitcher Austin Ross was a QB for the football team at Captain Shreve high school, but quit football to concentrate on baseball. This turned out to be a great move for Austin, who had a really great year for LSU in 2010, and was recently drafted high in the Major League Baseball Draft.

Marshall Watts

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