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Randy Peter

Lee’s Travels: Minden High School

by Lee Brecheen

Randy Peter
Lee with Minden Head Coach Randy Peters

May 26, 2010 – Minden High School has had its share of great players over the years. As a kid growing up I remember my dad taking me to a All Star game and seeing a guy by the name of James Britt play, who later went on to play for LSU and in the NFL as a DB, and recently was inducted into LSU Hall of Fame. I also remember an All Star game as a kid seeing the star RB Raymond Tate play, who at the time was one of the top Running Backs in the United States coming out of Minden. Back during that time the University of Houston had a Hall of Fame coach and Raymond signed with Houston and got many Heisman trophy votes while at the U of Houston. Raymond recently passed away this year. I had a chance to meet him at a Semifinal Championship game three years ago, which had Minden and Bastrop going at it for the right to go to the Superdome. Bastrop won the game, Rueban Randle was a WR and a sophomore for Bastrop that year, and QB TQ Mims was a junior for Minden at 6-2, 190 pounds, who now plays for Arkansas Pine Bluff. I will have more on QB Mims in my notes below.

I will tell you how determined I was to get the information from Minden and to see new Head Coach Randy Peters. As soon as I stepped out of my car to see coach at Minden, I had a tire going Flat and a nail as big around as a railroad spike, so Coach Peters helped bring me to a Tire Company locally called A.J Price Tire. The owner Alex Price really helped me, and I wanted to mention his name in the story for his effort to get me back on the road.

I really enjoyed talking to coach Peters. He told me the night before I came down that he was named Head Football Coach, and that he was very proud to now be the guy for the Minden Crimson Tide. Randy Peters is from Winnsboro, and was the head coach of Franklin Parish high school, which has been the new school name for Winnsboro High School the last few years. Randy Peters was an assistant for Minden last year.


helmet helmet helmet
Helmet of former Minden and Southern University player Vincent Fizer Helmet of former Minden and LSU player Sammy Seamster Helmet of former Minden and LA Tech player Shannon Cornelius










While I was at Minden high school, I walked the hall in the gym across from the stadium and saw history right before my eyes. Helmets worn by former Minden greats over the years at different colleges. I think its great when a high school showcases their former players and the college they played for. The school put the helmets in order and who signed to display those who came out of the Crimson Tide program. The school has jerseys and helmets just like Alabama. They even have a beautiful grass hedge that’s carved and says Tide right in the stadium. The stadium looks like a mini version of ULL Ragin Cajun College Stadium with grass hill end zones.

There’s a lot of talent coming back in 2010. QB Hunter Leppert was the best all Around QB I saw last year in Louisiana. Zach Oliver (6-4, 228) from Catholic HS is a Tom Brady type, and Hunter is a Brett Favre type. Hunter stands 6-1 and weighs 210 pounds, and has a cannon for an arm. His feet in the pocket remind me of a Favre, because he’s under 6-2, but he’s a tough small town kid who can escape pressure to sling the ball with his wrist if needed. This kid ladies and gentleman is impressive to watch. I don’t care if he’s ranked or not, by season’s end everybody will show up to recruit him. This spring LSU and Alabama, and a few others took notice. I saw his talent over a year ago, when we filmed Jarrett Fobbs, who’s going to LSU, and played for Huntington last year to take on Minden. It was the Hunter and Fobbs show for 60 minutes. DB Rodarian Rogers (5-11, 175) has great football savvy, meaning he reads and takes names when he hits you. Rogers is a senior for 2011, and if he brings his ACT Score up he could sign DI or IAA. Rodarian will play some QB in the Wildcat formation at times. DB Milton Shelton (5-11, 175) pounds is also a senior for 2011 and was named the Iron Man Champion for the team overall in 2009. He verticals 30 inches, Squats 365 pounds, Benches 235 pounds, and Cleans 250 pounds. Those are some very strong stats for a guy that’s 175 pounds. Shelton runs a 4.6 in the forty, and in track runs the relays.

I would like to thank again Head Coach Randy Peters and Assistant Alan Ensminger, former Head Coach of Mangham High School (a few years ago), and everyone in the town for showing their kindness while I was visiting. Good luck to the Crimson Tide known as Minden High School.

Note: Former QB TQ Mims, who played at Minden, will be a starter this year for Arkansas Pine Bluff. After talking to Head Coach Randy Peters, Mims is now 6-3 and almost 6-4 and over 220 pounds in size. The future looks bright for this great and athletic kid, who at one time I thought was on track to be a High School all American, but injuries and grade problems keep him from going DI and some of the larger schools. I’m glad the young man has made himself into a great player at Arkansas Pine Bluff, and I would not be surprised if he’s drafted in a couple of years to the NFL. This kid could be great, and that was great news to hear from coach.

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