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Linebacker Ronnie Feist, West St. John High School, Class of 2012

Introduction by Lee Brecheen

April 13, 2011 – All of the 2010 football season I watched film after film after film, and one kid stuck out to me at Linebacker in the state of Louisiana for the 2012 class and that’s Ronnie Feist of West ST John.

Ronnie is super fast, super intense, and reads and reacts naturally like a true OLB for any DI school.  I watched a game last year when I first saw Ronnie and this kid took over the game with his ability to blitz downhill lined up 10 to 15 yards off the ball and chase and harassed and sacked the QB it seemed like every other play. I went back and counted 7 sacks, 10 QB hurries in that one game. Another thing I saw in person and on film is when he comes up to tackle you he doesn’t try to run through you like a lot of big kids in high school.  When he gets his hands on a RB or QB, he wraps you up and takes you down very fast. I saw one play last year where he over ran the play and almost sacked the QB at the snap of the ball, but then came down field from behind several yards  to chase down the QB and  still make the tackle.

The last time I left a game impressed from West ST John High School about a player was when Tyson Jackson, DE from LSU and now Kansas City Chiefs, and FB/LB Quinn Johnson were playing against East St. John and I saw Tyson sack Ryan Perrilloux 5 times from the outside and Quinn had 10 to 12 tackles as a LB in that game.

I will say this.  Ronnie Feist is more advanced than Quinn Johnson, as well as faster, and more of a Natural OLB than Quinn was.  At the time Quinn was more of a MLB and future FB for LSU and now the Green Bay Packers.  Ronnie is a true 6-1 in height, and weighs a ripped up 227 pounds. His height is a 6-1, because I stood by this kid for my TV Show last year and he’s all of that and some change. What they do have in common is that both players are very intense and that’s what got Quinn to the NFL; his work ethic and love for the game.

Ronnie is a joy to be around.  When I met him last year for the TV Show I not only came away impressed knowing his athletic ability, but hearing him talk about work ethic and playing all out and love for the game really impressed me.  You know he will be college SEC ready when his high school days are over at West St. John.  Ronnie is committed to LSU currently and I do know that Alabama wanted him really bad and at one time he was a lean to Alabama and several other schools. If there’s a better OLB in the country I would like to see their film because Ronnie to me is the best in the state.  If you’re reading this and you’re not a football coach, remember there are three common different Linebacker positions – Outside, Middle, and Mike.

Ronnie reminds me of a taller version of former fast, quick, and mean All American OLB Ali Highsmith of LSU.  It’s a shame this kid is not being mentioned with the top Linebackers in the country overall by the national media.  I doubt they have watched his film. Every game is a highlight film for this kid.

I hope you enjoy the interview written by Taylor Williams and I wish Ronnie Feist, his team, and Head Coach Robert Valdez a great year for West St. John in 2011.


Interview by Taylor Williams

The first defensive player I interviewed was Ronnie Feist, a linebacker/defensive end from West St. John.

LAFM: What have you always liked most about football?

RF: Well, I started playing football at the age of five for my local recreational team, and at first I wanted to just run and score touchdowns, but now, at the end of the day, I just like to hit people.


LAFM: What do you think are your biggest strengths and weaknesses as a player?

RF: My biggest strength would have to be my determination; I play like a defensive end too because I love to be aggressive and get after quarterbacks.  And as for a weakness, I could improve my pass coverage skills.


LAFM: Talk a little bit about what its like playing for your current head coach.

RF: Coach Valdez came in my freshman year.  He’s a pretty funny guy, but he does ask us to work hard.  He also makes sure that we stay focused off the field and show up to give our best effort every day.  If you’re not doing your best all the time, it’s unacceptable.  And we do a lot of running.


LAFM: Are you originally from Louisiana, and has that influenced your decision to play close to home?

RF: I’m born and raised here, and ninety percent of my family lives in Louisiana.  That was a big reason I committed to LSU; I want the chance to play for my state in front of my family, and to represent the state that has the best football.


LAFM: So you were an LSU fan as a kid?

RF: I was a LSU fan cause two students from my school went there and played, but I’ve changed around and just always liked winning schools.


LAFM: What other schools have made offers at this point?

RF: I have offers from Stanford, Texas A&M, Nebraska, and USC.  Tennessee and Ole Miss have contacted me, but LSU is still my top choice.


LAFM: Has anyone in your family ever played collegiate of professional sports?

RF: Some of my cousins have played in college, but football has just been big for me my whole life.  We all grew up playing together and going to games together, and I’ve just always been a fan.


LAFM: What about friends on the team you might go to college with?

RF: There’s a couple, like [defensive back/wide receiver] Jarius Moll, and another teammate in [safety/linebacker] Dontre Turner, he’s a sophomore now but he’ll probably come up to LSU.


LAFM: What other sports do you play, and have you been recruited for them?

RF: I run track, but it isn’t serious, I just do it for conditioning.


LAFM: What’s your best and most memorable game at this point in your career?

RF: My freshman year we played against East St. John in the jamboree.  I played against [starting Texas A&M right guard] Patrick Lewis, and I got past him a few times.   I had some injuries after that and then my sophomore year became my breakout year.


LAFM: What’s your biggest rivalry or game you enjoy the most?

RF: Biggest rivalry would have to be St. James, but in our district it’s White Castle.  We haven’t lost to them except this year, when they beat us in the first round of the playoffs then won the State Championship.  I think I had four sacks and 12 tackles in that game.


LAFM: Was that the furthest your team has ever made it in the playoffs?

RF: We went to the semis my sophomore year, and the quarters the year before that.  And I played my eighth grade year and we went to the finals.


LAFM: What are your and your team’s goals for next season?

RF: Personally and for the team, the goal this year is to win the State Championship.  Not just to make it, cause I’ve already been there.  Besides that, I’d like to make All-State on both polls this year, and then have a successful future at LSU.  But the main goal this year is to win that State Championship.


LAFM: And finally, what are your current height, weight, and most recent forty time?

RF: 6-foot-1, 227 pounds, and the last forty I ran was 4.62 seconds.

About Lee Brecheen

Lee Brecheen, is the owner and publisher of La, Football Magazine and TV show. He is relentless in his pursuit for excellence. He initially broke into the business in 1992 as a football scout. It is his intent to be fair and honest to all high school players and coaches in Louisiana. Lee strives to be the most thorough and accurate researcher and analyst in order to give the best evaluation of all Louisiana high school football talent. He regularly consults with, and is sought by major college football programs throughout the country for information and advice regarding scholarship prospects from among Louisiana’s high school players at all levels of potential.