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Evangel Christian Academy CB/SS Patrick Jones is the forgotten member of the loaded defensive backfield for the Eagles, but he even got a DI offer from Kansas State. However, he is one of the many talented defensive players that will play at the JUCO level before translating their game to the DI level. (Property of LAFM)

Louisiana’s Best Defensive Junior College Signees for the Class of 2018

Louisiana’s Best Defensive Junior College Signees for the Class of 2018

by Lee Brecheen and Jace LeJeune

*(The Following Players Selected are Seniors Only. Louisiana Football Magazine’s Lee Brecheen personally scouted all of these players below. For the following players, Lee will give out his scouting report on each player. Each player is separated underneath the position that they have played in high school and/or will play in college. A lot of these players were previously mentioned in the Sleeper DI players article, but have now either signed with junior colleges or will attend junior colleges.)

This is the forgotten list of kids that you will remember in another two years when most of these kids, or you hope all of them, finish those two years of getting either grades up or polishing up their skills to be recruited all over again at the junior college level.

In two years, this junior college group of Louisiana players has a chance to be deep in talent for DI scholarship opportunities in 2020. There are some special players in this group that I will talk about and all of the kids mentioned have been seen by myself either in person several times scouting or in watching full game film over the last three or four years. Several of these kids have a chance to be highly recruited by all the big programs when they finish. This is not a fully complete list because some kids will sign with junior colleges all the way up to March and April. Today, Lee Brecheen gives out his top Louisiana junior college signees on the defensive side of the football. If you want to see his top Louisiana junior college signees on the offensive side of the football, click Here!


Defensive Tackles & Defensive Ends:

Let us start with the defensive tackles.

Acadiana DT Elisha Sion (Property of LAFM)

Acadiana High School DT Elisha Sion (6-0, 315) will take his talents to Dodge City Community College in Kansas. Sion was one of the top players in the Lafayette area in my opinion and ruined a lot of offensive coordinators’ game plans with his ability to alter a running game and take up several blockers. The Class 5A 1st Team All-State defensive tackle has a lot of ability as he is both tough and strong. 








Ellender DT Sedrick Williams (Property of LAFM)

Ellender High School DT Sedrick Williams (6-1, 314) moves like he is 200 pounds and gives effort like hes in college starting. This kid was the most gifted defensive tackle I saw in Louisiana in 2017. If this kid stays two years at Kilgore Community College in Texas, I predict that he will be a junior college All-American and sign wherever he wants in 2020. 








West Feliciana High School NG/DT Tarik Freeman (6-3, 370) will have a chance to slim down some and get quicker at Dodge City Community College in Kansas. If Freeman can slim down to 340 or 350, he can write his ticket in two years to any school. 

Warren Easton DT Jeffrey Holmes (Property of LAFM)

Warren Easton High School DT Jeffrey Holmes (6-2, 340) has really good feet for a big guy. Holmes signed with Coffeyville Community College in Kansas. Like Tarik Freeman from West Feliciana, if this kid can tone up some in weight and get more stamina. Holmes could write his ticket to any school in 2020. Holmes does not have as much weight to lose, but he just needs to show what he can do in the junior college ranks and if he is successful, all the DI teams will come calling in the end.







Jonesboro Hodge DT Kelton Moss (Property of LAFM)

Jonesboro Hodge High School DT Kelton Moss (6-1, 295) has really good feet and gives high effort. Moss has feet of a big time DI player. He is really going under the radar. Moss has posted back to back 100 tackle seasons including a season high 138 tackles, 23 tackles for loss, and six sacks. Moss will be taking his talents to Kilgore Community College in Texas.








I do not know where these kids will end up but, all these kids have DI ability and could end up in the junior college ranks in the end:

West St. John DT Horace Lewis (Property of LAFM)

West St. John High School DT Horace Lewis (6-2, 285) was force on the inside for the Rams as he had 46 tackles, 14 tackles for loss, eight sacks, and two fumble recoveries. 









McKinley DT Blake Williams (Property of LAFM)

McKinley High School DT Blake Williams (6-0, 275) is a talented defensive tackle that could take his game to the next level.









Madison Prep DT Kirk Snearl (6-4, 275) is a gifted kid with raw athletic ability. Snearl played multiple positions for the Chargers’ defense including defensive tackle, defensive end, and even middle linebacker.

Jeanerette High School DT Wendell Marks (6-3, 260) is a talented defensive tackle that has a lot of potential.

Lincoln Prep DT Taviaughn Turner (Property of LAFM)

Lincoln Prep DT Taviaughn Turner (6-2, 300) is an All-State offensive lineman in 2017 for the Panthers, but his ceiling could be playing on the defensive side of the football.









Rayville DT Xavier Griffin (Property of LAFM)

Rayville High School DT Xavier Griffin (6-4, 265) is another gifted player that is tough and strong. He could be a good player at the junior college level.








Thibodaux DT Darius Richard (Property of LAFM)


Thibodaux High School DT Darius Richard (6-1, 330) is strong,  has good feet, and would make a great DI signee in 2020.  After an incredible junior season, Richard put up some good numbers while being double teamed most of the time with 38 tackles, nine tackles for loss, and two sacks.









Finally, there is Amite High School DT John Rodgers (6-2, 310), who is very strong and quick for his size. 

Now, we will talk about the defensive ends.

I will start with a big time gifted player that I saw on film in a full game and he has got as much talent as anyone coming out in the 2018 class. He is Northwest High School DE Kershawn Shakesnider. He is 6-4, 275 pounds and runs like he is only 190 pounds. This kid would make a great DI player in a 3-4 defensive scheme. Trinity Valley in Texas is getting a big time player.

Haynesville DE Jalan Harris (Property of LAFM)

Haynesville High School DE Jalan Harris (6-2, 245) is a fantastic athlete that will be a DI team’s big time signee in 2020. As of right now, he will be playing his college football at Kilgore Community College in Texas. Harris is talented enough to play in the SEC right now and in another two years, he might just get offers from everyone in the country. He runs a legit 4.7/40. Harris is a big time pass rusher and a former linebacker for the Golden Tornadoes that grew into a defensive end.

Denham Springs High School DE Kaleb Pipes (5-11, 245) played middle linebacker for the Yellow Jackets for the majority of his high school football career but most likely will put his hand down in the junior college ranks at Coffeyville Community College in Kansas. Pipes runs a 4.7/40 and brings it every single time out on the football field. This kid should improve his recruiting after playing junior college. 




Edna Karr DE Terrance Casey Charles (Property of LAFM)

Signing with Highland Community College in Kansas is Edna Karr High School DE Terrance Casey Charles (6-1, 245). Charles has a high motor and started off as a middle linebacker back in 2015 and 2016 when I saw him play. He is a 4.79/40 type of runner with strong build. Once again, junior college is a great place for him to improve his stock for a chance to sign back in 2020 at the DI level.  








Riverside Academy DE Le’Boe Bridges (Property of LAFM)

Signing with Trinity Valley Community College in Texas is Riverside Academy DE Le’Boe Bridges (6-2, 235). Bridges has a talent of showing pass rushing skills with his 4.7 speed and is even capable of getting that down to a legit 4.6/40 in the junior college ranks. Bridges is a former linebacker for the Rebels that happened to grow into a defensive end.








Red River High School DE Raphael Lemons (6-2, 245) has great feet and is a great high school pass rusher with his 4.8/40 speed. Lemons would be a no brainer DI signee in the future. Right now, he will start his collegiate football career at Tyler Junior College in Texas.

South Plaquemines DE Xavier Powell (Property of LAFM)

I saw South Plaquemines High School DE Xavier Powell (6-4, 265) play in a full game and he has got great feet as well as a high motor. I think he is a steal for a junior college program as a defensive end or defensive tackle with room to grow.









Here are some other players that did not sign on Signing Day, but have plenty of upside:

McMain High School DE Frederick Davis (6-1, 250) has good feet and is quick off the edge. 

Lincoln Prep DE Jordan Williams (Property of LAFM)

Lincoln Prep High School DE Jordan Williams (6-3, 240) has quick feet, but still needs room to grow. 










Oak Grove High School DE Fred Middleton (6-0, 228) has 4.6/40 speed. Even though Middleton played middle linebacker for the Tigers, I think he will move to play defensive end. Middleton had a fantastic senior season as he was named the LSWA Class 1A Defensive Player of the Year.

Middleton’s teammate Oak Grove High School DE Kenny Turner (6-3, 225) is another gifted kid with 4.65/40 pass rushing speed. I was impressed watching him play the game. 

Kentwood DE Taydron Lee (Property of LAFM)

Kentwood High School DE Taydron Lee (6-2, 235) has great feet, 4.7/40 speed, and strength. 











Denham Springs High School DE Dorsett Washington (6-2, 225) is raw, but a great athlete. Washington moved to defensive end for the first time in 2017.  

Rayville DE Zachary Griffin (Property of LAFM)

Rayville High School DE Zachary Griffin (6-4, 220), who is twins with Xavier Griffin, played both at outside linebacker and at defensive end during his career at Rayville. In his senior season, he had 86 tackles, two tackles for loss, and two sacks.









Edna Karr High School DE Myron Green (6-3, 230) is a first year starter in 2017 as a defensive end.  Green has a long frame and showed that he has the feet to compete at that position. He is a sleeper in the junior college ranks.

East St. John DE John Gayden (Property of LAFM)


Finally, there is East St. John High School DE John Gayden (6-2, 245). I saw Gayden play in person and let me tell you that he is strong, has  great feet, gives high effort on every play, and has great strength. Gayden is still weighing his options and has not yet signed with a school.










East Ascension LB Adrian Bowie (Property of LAFM)

East Ascension High School LB Adrian Bowie (6-2, 225) runs a 4.65/40, and he is a really good football player with ability to run sideline to sideline. I think he is more of a middle linebacker in college. Bowie has signed with Blinn Community College in Texas and could end up with many big time offers after he is done. 








Zachary High School LB Rodaren Alexander (6-2, 210) has also signed with Blinn Community College in Texas. Alexander played safety in high school, but now, he has outgrown the position and now has to move up to try linebacker in the junior college ranks. Alexander runs a legit 4.6/40 and will be a lot bigger when he finishes. Easily, I think he will finish around the 225 pound range in weight

Ellender High School LB Davarin Brown signed with Dodge City Community College in Kansas. In Brown’s high school football career, he has played wide receiver and defensive end. He is very raw, but perfect for the junior college ranks to master his craft at outside linebacker with blessed 4.6/40 speed at 6-3, 210 pounds. 

Alexandria High School MLB JaQuarius Kendricks (5-11, 213) signed with Tyler Community College in Texas and is a sleeper signee for the junior college ranks. Kendricks is known for his 4.7/40 speed and tough playing style. He will get bigger and faster in junior college.

There are others that did not sign on signing day, but I still think they could be NFL players one day:

Scotlandville LB Jaylon Pitts (Property of LAFM)

John Ehret High School Linebackers Kyrin Jones (6-3, 218), who runs a 4.6/40 , MLB Byron Jenkins (6-1, 230), who runs a 4.7/40, and Scotlandville High School LB Jaylon Pitts (6-0, 210), who runs a 4.55/40, are all great players that did not sign on signing day.









Defensive Backs:

This is a deep position for kids that did not sign for signing day with sill a few great players still trying to decide.

Cecillia High School DB Kerrick Alexander (5-9, 165) in person in 2017, and I am very impressed with this kid’s gifted hips, speed, and tough in man coverage. Alexander has a chance to make a name for himself in the junior college ranks at Trinity Valley Community College in Texas with his 4.40/speed.

Captain Shreve/Woodlawn (Shreveport) DB Skylon Johnson (Property of LAFM)













Woodlawn High School (Shreveport) DB Skylon Johnson, who transferred from Captain Shreve High School,  finished the season playing for the Knights in 2017. Johnson had a great year at strong safety and corner back. Johnson signed with Navarro College in Texas. He runs a 4.5/40 and is a tough hitter.

I thought Evangel Christian Academy DB Patrick Jones was as good a DI player as his teammate Ar’Darius Washington, who signed with TCU, and Jarrick Bernard, who signed with Oklahoma State. Jones has great hips, 4.45/40 speed, and loves to be tough in man coverage. Jones originally had an offer from Kansas State, but had to sign with Cisco Community College in Texas and look for this kid to sign DI in 2020.

Denham Springs High School DB Justin Anderson was a late surprise in 2017 with a great year at corner back. Anderson runs a 4.45/40 and has made huge plays all year. As a result, he signed with Coffeyville Community College in Kansas. Anderson is a little raw, but he will be perfect fit for the junior college ranks and as a result, he will come out a better player.

Scotlandville High School CB Torriando Sims (5-8, 160) covers like a blanket and hits like a bigger player. He is a steal for ASA in New York. In his senior year, Sims had 46 tackles, two tackles for loss, and an interception. 

Mandeville High School DB Devin Seiber was a surprise in 2017. I saw his great long frame speed,  4.55/40 speed, and tough demeanor at 6-1, 175 pounds. Seiber has a chance to play at the DI level by 2020 if he can stay two years at a good junior college program in Independence Community College in Kansas

East St. John High School DB Korey Lee (6-1, 185) showed me he was a huge hitter and a big time defensive back. I love his skill set along with his 4.5/40 speed. Lee signed with Hutchinson Community College in Kansas

Here are some other big time raw defensive backs that did not sign on signing day, but could have a great future:

Lake Charles College Prep CB Damaria Mason (6-2, 175) is a good sized defensive back that has 4.6/40 speed.

Acadiana High School’s Jaylon Borel (6-1, 180) played quarterback for the Rams, but I think will be a great free safety in college. 

St. Martinville High School DB Jayvion Mitchell (6-1, 175) could be a good free safety prospect at the next level and could develop in the junior college ranks at that position.

Catholic New Iberia QB/DB Diallo Landry (Property of LAFM)

Catholic New Iberia QB Diallo Landry would make a great free safety in college and can be as good as he wants to be at the next level, which might have to start at a Junior College. Landry is a legit 6-2, 200 pounds with 4.6/40 speed and if he keeps working hard, he could end up being at 6-2, 220 and be a big time outside linebacker or again free safety in college.








Jennings SS Bryce Anthony (Property of LAFM)

Jennings High School SS Bryce Anthony (5-11, 175) is a big time hitter and a good athlete.











Independence High School DB  Stephan Jackson (6-0, 180) is a strong safety prospect that has 4.45/40 speed.) He might be the most gifted player at Independence since former QB Antron Sieber (LSU) and RB LaBrandon Toefield (LSU), but at the same time, is pretty raw.


Athletes (Could Either Play On Offense or Defense):

Bonnabel High School WR/CB Terrance Massey (6-3, 170) signed with Minnesota West Community College in Minnesota. Massey is a big time sleeper with 4.6/40 speed as well as time to grow, fill out, and get faster in the junior college ranks.

Westgate ATH Deondre Spencer (Property of LAFM)

I saw Westgate High School ATH Deondre Spencer (6-4, 190) play in person and let me tell you he is raw, but has the tools to be great at either wide receiver or free safety. Spencer runs a natural 4.5/40 and could get faster in time. He will also be over 200 pounds soon. He signed with Independence Community College in Kansas.  








Peabody ATH Kadarian Ellis (Property of LAFM)

Peabody High School ATH Kadarian “KD” Ellis (5-10, 170) has legit 4.45/40 fast speed. I thought he was one of the top players I saw over the past two years in the Alexandria area. Over his prep career, he has played running back, corner back, wide receiver, and has even returned kicks as well as punts. He is a difference maker in the open field. The LAFM 1st Team Preseason All-North LA CB signed with Shasta Community College in California.







Huntington ATH Craig Davis (Property of LAFM)

Huntington High School has a big time sleeper in ATH Craig Davis, who is 5-9, 170 pounds with 4.45/40 legit speed. Davis played running back for his team,  but also some wide receiver and corner back. Davis signed with Northeastern Oklahoma A&M in Oklahoma.








East St. John ATH Javon Antonio (Property of LAFM)

East St John High School ATH Javon Antonio (6-4, 220) is the best big athlete in Louisiana that I have seen in a long time. I have seen this kid his sophomore, junior, and senior year in person. Antonio is so gifted that when he reports at Hinds Community College in Mississippi, the coaches will have a hard time figuring out where he will start because he can be a All-American at defensive end, outside linebacker, wide receiver, or free safety. Antonio runs a 4.45/40 and has the feel of the game. It is scary how good he can be when he leaves the junior college ranks.







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