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Signing Day at Lutcher High School with Jamal Thomas (left), Alex Beier (middle), and Adrian Butler (right). (Photo courtesy of riverparishfootball.com)

Lutcher Bulldogs Seniors Will Not Be Alone Playing Collegiate Football

Lutcher Bulldogs Seniors Will Not Be Alone Playing Collegiate Football

by Jace LeJeune

For one of the strongest football programs in not only the River Parishes, but also in the entire state of Louisiana, National Signing Day has become a yearly event for the Lutcher Bulldogs and its senior players. This year, it has been another success for the Bulldogs under Head Coach Dwain Jenkins. Unlike a lot of other Lutcher senior classes in the past, which experienced lots of winning seasons and championships, this year’s senior class has experienced both the highs and lows. As freshmen and sophomores, these players experienced the highest of highs winning back to back Class 3A state championships. Even though these players may not have seen the field as much as they do now, they played a big role on those state championship teams. However, the next season, the Bulldogs posted a surprising losing record at 4-7. Still, this group did not let that define who they were and the team bounced back with a 6-5 record this past year. For this team, they started off really strong and even with a bump in the road, the team was able to finish back on a strong note. For all the hard work and dedication, there are currently four Bulldog seniors that are taking their talent to the gridiron at the next level. Louisiana Football Magazine’s Jace LeJeune caught up with Coach Jenkins as he gave his thoughts on his seniors, where they signed, and what role they played during their tenures at Lutcher. Also, Louisiana Football Magazine’s recruiting specialist Lee Brecheen gives his analysis on what types of players the signees can be in college. The good news about the college transition for these players is that there are two separate pairs that are signing with the same school.

OG/OT Alex Beier (6-3, 260):

Lutcher senior OG/OT and Nicholls State signee Alex Beier (Photo courtesy of Alex Beier)

  • Signed with Nicholls State University as a preferred walk-on
  • Bio: Alex Beier arguably had the most successful Lutcher prep career based on the field achievements and awards out of these four signees. During his four years suiting up in the purple and yellow, Beier has not only been a two time state champion, but he has been named 1st Team All-District and 2nd team All-State. When Beier is finished with his football career, he is planning on getting a chemistry degree or some other science and then planning on getting another job. Beier gave his thoughts on signing with the Bulldogs.
  • Alex Beier: “I chose Nicholls State because I really like their program and my parents went there. It feels like home.”
  • Coach Dwain Jenkins: “Alex has a lot of upside to him. He is a 17 year old lineman, who is about 6-3, 250 pounds. As he is starting to mature, you can see his body changing as well. As a coach, you wish that you can get a player like that another year in high school. Already, he has put on 15-20 pounds. In the off season, he is already around 275 pounds right now. For Alex, I think the sky is the limit and if he can improve on his footwork, one day, he can become a really good player in the Southland Conference.”
  • Lee Brecheen: “Alex is a strong kid that could play offensive guard for Nicholls State. He can only get bigger at only 6-3, 250 pounds.”


SS Zane McCrary (5-10, 175)

Lutcher senior SS and Nicholls State signee Zane McCrary (Photo courtesy of Zane McCrary)

  • Signed with Nicholls State University as a preferred walk-on and is already enrolled
  • Bio: Alex Beier will join his teammate Zane McCrary as a preferred walk-on at Nicholls State University. McCrary already signed in the early signing period and according to Coach Jenkins, he is already enrolled at the university. McCrary, like Beier, has had a really good prep career and you can also make an argument about him having the most successful prep career out of the signees. For starters, McCrary was also a two time state champion, but he actually was a starter in the secondary at free safety for the Bulldogs on their 2016 state championship team. As a junior, McCrary made himself known moving to strong safety racking up 73 tackles including nine tackles for loss and three sacks. Even though McCrary may not be big at only 5-10, 175 pounds, his aggressiveness and physicality made him a great option getting up on the line of scrimmage as a defender. Thus, was the move to strong safety. Beier talked about what it was like to play with a player like McCrary at Lutcher and his thoughts on now joining him to play another four years at Nicholls State.
  • Alex Beier: “It was fun playing with Zane in high school and I am excited to continue my football career with him.”
  • Coach Dwain Jenkins: “Zane was a three year starter for us. He is a smart and really intelligent kid. He is the ideal player on and off the field of what you want your other players to be. He does a great job in the classroom and is a leader on the field. You knew what you were getting from Zane because he was consistent day in and day out.”
  • Lee Brecheen: “Zane could play either strong safety or nickelback at Nicholls State. He runs between a 4.5/40 and a 4.6/40. He can be a really good college player.”


WR Adrian Butler (6-2, 170)

Lutcher senior WR and Arkansas Baptist College signee Adrian Butler (Photo courtesy of Lutcher High School)

  • Signed with Arkansas Baptist College
  • Bio: Senior WR Adrian Butler is the most inexperienced player on this list when it comes to football. In fact, this has been really Butler’s first year playing the game. Even as raw as Butler is, his big frame and talent were big assets down the road providing to be one of the best receiving targets for his fellow senior quarterback Kolby Bourgeois. Butler has decided to sign with Arkansas Baptist College in Little Rock, Arkansas.
  • Coach Dwain Jenkins: “Adrian Butler was a first year football player at wide receiver for us. He was a basketball guy and is really long. Last year, he had seven touchdown catches so he is still learning on how to play football. He is a project type kid who has a great skill set and became one of our best receivers last season. There is room to grow for him as he continue to learn how to play.”
  • Lee Brecheen: “I think Adrian Butler can be a DI sign back. At around 6-2, 170, he has good hands and speed.”



DE Jamal Thomas (6-3, 260)

Lutcher senior DE and Arkansas Baptist College signee Jamal Thomas (Property of LAFM)

  • Signed with Arkansas Baptist College
  • Bio: Like fellow teammates Alex Beier and Zane McCrary, who followed each other to Nicholls State, both Adrian Butler and DE Jamal Thomas will follow each other to Arkansas Baptist College. Thomas is a coach’s player and in fact, according to Coach Jenkins, wants to still be involved around the game of football coaching when he is done playing. At 6-3, 250 pounds, Thomas is a big player that is hard to block, but at the same time, understands the game and is very discipline along the edge.
  • Coach Dwain Jenkins: “Jamal Thomas was a starter for us last season. He is a big body that understands the game and really wants to coach one day. Right now, he is putting the pads on and continuing to play football in order to get to that path one day. That way, he will learn at another level and maybe in a few years, you will see him on the sidelines coaching.”
  • Lee Brecheen: “Jamal Thomas is a big player and is around 6-2, 270 pounds right now. If he resigns, he could be a I-AA type player.”




These were the four seniors that have already made their decision of where they want to go, but according to Coach Jenkins, there maybe another late signee.

“We have Joshua Taylor, who has received some offers from some D-II schools,” Jenkins said. “He has been offered by Louisiana College, which is a D-III school, so he has some opportunities to play, but he has yet decided what he is going to do.”

“There is also RB/CB Dajun Brown,” Jenkins said. “He has a couple of opportunities right now especially at the junior college level, but he is going to take some visits before he decides what he wants to do as well.”

According to Brecheen, there are some other players including Taylor and Brown that have not yet signed that could potentially find a home somewhere playing college football.

“RB Rondell Mealey Jr., who is the son of Rondell Mealey Sr. (Destrehan/LSU/Green Bay Packers), is still out there and has not yet signed,” Brecheen said. “I think it is kind of a head scratcher. At 5-11, 185 pounds, he can run a 4.55/40. I sure think he can play at the I-AA level if given a chance.”

“C/OG Joshua Taylor is a tough player with good feet,” Brecheen said. “He is not really big at only 6-0, 250 pounds, but I am really impressed with his feet. He could walk-on at the I-AA level and start within a year or two.”

“Finally, if QB Kolby Bourgeois decided to play football in college, I think he could play at either the I-AA or D-II level,” Brecheen said. “He is a good player and has a great arm as a lefty.”

There is a chance that any of these players might sign late in the end, but regardless, it has been a successful signing day for the Lutcher Bulldogs and it should be even a bigger one next season with a lot of talent in the 2020 class for Dwain Jenkins’ squad.


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