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Drew Dileo

Michigan Bound

by Nicholas Humble

October 23, 2009 – From learning the game of football by playing with his dad in Drew Dileotheir front yard, Drew Dileo, running back/receiver for Parkview Baptist, is now committed to Michigan to be a receiver.

Dileo has been playing football for about ten years and has enjoyed every minute of it. “I have a great passion for it,” Dileo said.

His greatest achievement in football so far has been getting a scholarship to play for his favorite college team, Michigan. “As a kid I liked Michigan, and just growing up I followed them. It’s kind of ironic,” Dileo said. “I was blessed by God that I got the opportunity to go there, so I couldn’t refuse it.”

Growing up and watching Kevin Faulk run for LSU and now for the New England Patriots has made Dileo a fan of the Patriots. “Growing up he was a running back at LSU when I was a little kid. I watched him go into the pros and watched him have success,” Dileo said.

Although many players say their favorite stadium to play in is their own, Dileo has a different opinion. “I like playing at Redemptorist because of the atmosphere,” Dileo said. His most memorable game came against Redemptorist. “My sophomore year, two years ago, we played Redemptorist in the semifinals, and I caught a touchdown pass. The two point conversion made it a tie game and brought it into overtime.” Dileo’s team ended up winning that game in overtime.

Dileo wants to win it all this year. “I want to help lead my team to a district championship and help lead my team to a state championship,” Dileo said.

His favorite play to run is not a running play. “It’s a halfback pass because I never get to throw the ball except for that play.”

Dileo looks up to his dad for guidance and support. “I know he’s always there for me and always there to lead me in the right direction.”

The one thing Dileo believes he can bring to any team he will play for, including Michigan, is his leadership. “I’m not a person that beats around the bush. When things need to get done, I make sure they get done.”

Overall, Dileo is very thankful to be in this situation. “I thank the Lord everyday for giving me an opportunity like this.”

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