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Justin Evans

Q & A with Haynesville High School Defensive End Justin Evans

by Lee Brecheen

January 14, 2010 –

Justin EvansQ: Why did you start playing football?
A: I wanted to see what it was like everyone said it was fun, so I played.


Q:How did your early years in football shape the player you have become today?
A: At first I would get tired real fast because of my asthma. After working hard on the field and just wanting it bad enough, I just stuck to it and it went away some how. Then I became a better player.


Q: What draws you to the sport of football?
A: I like the way you can be better than your opponent by getting in shape and using techniques on the field in football, and by working hard at the sport and seeing it works is a nice experience.


Q: Is there anyone who has influenced you throughout your years of play?
A: Yes my family as you should know, but my mother was always there no matter what.


Q: What has been your proudest moment?
A: My proudest moment was when we was in the dome this year. And I deleted the mvp player of the other team on punt return.


Q: How have your coaches helped you develop as a player?
A: Well they just tell me to respect the other player, be very aggressive and have fun at the same time. Also when I was weak in the weight room they got me stronger, and I had a little speed, they worked with me and got me faster, and that was were I needed to be.


Q: What is it like being on your team?
A: I love it, everyone knows you, your working hard together, and at the same time learning more about the other person.


Q: What would you like fans to know about you and your team?
A: That you would have fun watching us, we play hard no matter what, and if they cheer hard enough we should come out with a victory.


Q: What do you do for strength and conditioning?
A: Lift weights, every type of running, eating right, and drinking plenty of fluids.


Q: What was your off season program like?
A: Lifting weights, running, stretching, speed weights, and wrestling as well. Working hard for the upcoming year.


Q: What are your personal goals for the 2009 season?
A: To get better in everything I do.


Q: What are your plans after high school?
A: To attend college


Q: Do you play any other sports?
A: Track & Field. I throw the discuss, and run 4 by 2, 400m run.


Q: Are you apart of any other organizations/clubs?
A: Character counts, & FCA.


Q: Have any of your family members played for NFL or College football Programs? If so, who, what team, and what position?
A: My brother and cousin. Demetric Evans, is a defensive end with the 49ers. Doug Evans my cousin was corner back with green bay, I think he is retired now.


Q: What is your favorite stadium to play in?
A: The dome in new Orleans, it was nice when we won our championship game there, and their turf is so soft makes you feel fast.


Q: Do you have and pre game rituals? If so, what are they?
A: Yes I actually do. It just depends on who we are playing. I always listen to music, and stretch real good, then I just wait patiently until its game time.


Q: Who is your favorite pro team? Why?
A: It would have to be the 49ers. That’s who my brother play for.

Q: Who is your favorite college team? Why?
A: Arkansas Razorbacks.


Q: Who is your favorite player?
A: Besides my brother it was Sean Taylor before he died.


Q: What is the best advice you have ever been given when it comes to the game?
A: Work hard, have fun, and good things will come.

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