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Frankie Jackson

Recruit Profile: Running Back Frankie Jackson – Capitol High School

by Lee Brecheen

December 17, 2009 – Every year I see kids play in person at high school football Frankie Jacksongames that have the ability to play either DI, IAA, D2, D3, Junior College, Prep School, or Naia. When filming High School football games, you see the same thing. Every position you look at certain strengths, RB, you look for quickness, speed, vision, toughness, hands, and size in all shapes. Example some kids have the height, 6-2 down to 5-11, that weigh close to 200 pounds, while some others are in the 5-8 range to 5-10 that are also close to 200 pounds, either way if a kid has all the intangibles then he’s tough enough either way to be a big time player in college football. There’s also the Darren Sproles type back San Diego Chargers, who’s 5-5 on a good day, and under 180 pounds, who played at Kansas State, and the Track All American Trindon Holliday 5-5 160, who plays for LSU, these are utility backs, that are not every down backs, because of their size between the tackles.

RB Frankie Jackson (5-9 (195), to 200 pounds fits the every down back resume, he’s got all the intangibles great vision, speed, true 4.5 in the forty , and can be faster in college, toughness, balance, and a competitor. A lot of the major colleges like their backs to be 6-0 tall or taller, and weigh 200 pounds or more, that’s why Frankie is considered such a major sleeper, he’s not getting the top 15 programs coming across with offers. Frankie ran for 1,498 yards, with 23 touchdowns in the regular season in a passing offense. Jackson also had the same results basically his junior year, in a passing offense. The top 5 rushers in Louisiana this year in 2009 had at least over 240 carries on the season in a running offense, while Frankie Jackson had a low of only 146 carries, that’s incredible, again considering Capital High School, is mostly a spread offense with QB Terrance Broadway, who’s committed to University of Houston, throwing the ball most of the time, to any of 4 wide receivers in the spread. Last year’s top RB in Louisiana, and I still think maybe the best RB in the country for 2008, signed with LSU, and his name is Michael Ford , from Leesville, and goes only (5-10 ) 200 pounds to 205, Michael redshirted this year for LSU. If Frankie Jackson would have carried the ball 280 to 300 attempts like Michael did last year, he would have easily ran for over 2,500 yards rushing this year alone.

The last RB I saw play years back who was lightly recruited by the top 15 programs, because of his size, height, and not having the carries on offense, and played some DB at Carver high school, was a kid named Marshall Faulk, who went on to break all the San Diego State records, and went on to a great career in the NFL for the Colts, and Rams. Marshall only stood 5-10 190, if that, coming out of high school, played in the Louisiana High School All Star game in LSU s Tiger Stadium, where he did have a break out game. Frankie Jackson had to share the football his junior year with not only QB Terrance Broadway, but a talented WR named Bradley Brown , who stood 5-9 175, ran 4.45 in the forty, and signed with Northwestern State, and started this year as a true freshman, turned down the chance to go to Houston , to stay in state in 2008. Frankie is the toughest, quickest pound for pound, best burst and vision hitting the hole, best hands, strongest to carry the rock, and competitor, I’ve seen this year statewide in Louisiana as a RB. This kid could start for many DI programs as a true freshman in most conferences like Conference USA, the Sun Belt, and even a lot of the Big 10, Pac 10, and Big 12 schools.

Everyone in Louisiana has offered him, but LSU, and every mid major DI school has offered this kid nationwide. I see Frankie playing football on Sundays, and getting bigger in college, he could very easily get in the 215 range, and still be smooth, and quick hitting the hole. When this happens, he will peak and show everyone, why he’s a special football player. The first player usually never takes him down, when he gets the ball, he can juke you, or out run you, or run over you.

It would be really interesting if QB Terrance Broadway 6-2 210, and RB Frankie Jackson both end up in Houston, playing for BSC game in a couple of years both from Baton Rouge.

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