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Andrew Carter

Recruit Spotlight: Andrew Carter, Defensive Tackle, Thibodaux

by Lee Brecheen

Andrew Carter
Andrew Carter

November 26, 2010 – If there’s one kid this year that could be a Terrance Cody clone if he lost some weight in College it would be Thibodaux High School’s Andrew Carter. In numerous games, I’ve seen talented DI players on the Offensive Line try and move Andrew, and it’s like trying to move a concrete truck that’s in park. Andrew Carter weighs 404 pounds at a true 6-4 in height. If you see him, you would be amazed considering he’s 404, but moves like he’s 350.  Not to mention he has stamina to play 6 or 7 downs in a row and he’s not leaning over to come off the field.

Like his teammate Greg Robinson, this kid is big time strong on the field, which you can see from watching game film. His bench press is 345 pounds, and he squats 505, and cleans 275. He’s a smart kid too, carrying a 3.0 in the classroom. His brother plays Defensive Line for local Nicholls State College.  If a DI or IAA school signs this kid and he loses 50 pounds in a good weight program, he has big time ability for college and beyond one day.

When I meet Andrew in the spring he told me his top colleges are in order LSU, Alabama, Ole Miss, Georgia, and Mississippi State. He doesn’t have a DI offer yet, but my best bet is he winds up at local Nicholls State to play with his brother or some DI or IAA school will come in late and take a chance on him.

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