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Taylor Bullock

Recruit Spotlight: Catholic New Iberia Quarterback, Taylor Bullock

by Lee Brecheen

November 24, 2009 – There are some recruits every year, that stick out like sore thumbs, whenTaylor Bullock it comes to talent and ability, some kids can run a 4.4 forty yard dash at a combine , and all of a sudden their a DI recruit, and not always a good football player for college, sometimes you have QB’s , who are 6-5 in height, but they can’t run around in the pocket with any type of feet to play DI football, the exception is QB Ryan Mallett Arkansas 6-7 240, who reminds me of a former San Diego State QB named Dan Mcguire and yes is the brother of baseball home run legend Mark Mcguire, Dan Mcguire, who stood 6-8 , and played briefly in the NFL, but could not scramble in the pocket. Then there’s the Adrian Peterson , type of back, who comes out every 20 years or so, stands 6-2 220, runs a 4.3 forty, but there are many who look like him that can’t make it in DI or the NFL. The point I’m making is the star system doesn’t work, with certain kids, who are extremely gifted, but their either too short like Barry Sanders , who went to Oklahoma State, because he was 5-8 and weighed only 170, or a QB like Drew Brees who stood, 5-11 in height in high school in Austin, TX, not even Texas longhorns offered him, he ended up signing with Purdue, and now he’s the hottest QB in the NFL.

This brings me to talk about the biggest sleeper player in the state of Louisiana, a kid named Taylor Bullock, from Catholic New Iberia, QB , who stands 6-2 215 to 220 pounds, runs a 4.69 forty, is left handed, and looks like a Tim Tebow with his ability to run and throw with great touch on the run. Tulane has a commitment from this kid, and if they hold on to him, he can change their program. Taylor doesn’t have the build of the Michael Vicks or a arm like a Dan Marino, but what he does have is incredible leadership, smarts, touch on a ball, and is never rattled when rushed, can feel pressure in pocket, and makes great plays, when chased, something you can’t couch. This kid is the Tim Tebow of Louisiana, he is a RB/QB , and will put the team on his back, and will be even better, when he has tall WRS to throw too in college, and a big DI offensive line to clear the way. Taylor has a 401 yard passing game to his credit this year, in that game he went 21 of 31 for 401 yards with 6 touchdowns, and he did it against a second round playoff team in Jeanerette HS, who was the Cinderella team of Louisiana this year for turn arounds in wins from a prior year. Taylor had 2,337 yards passing and 30 touchdowns going into the playoffs.

I love scouting, and seeing kids who can make an impact at the next level, that others might not see having the DI ability. The best QB in my opinion at LSU at moving the chains, and throwing 10 to 20 yard completions was Matt Mauck, who led LSU to their National Championship season in 2003 under Nick Saban. Matt stood 6-1 and some change , ran a 4.69 forty to a 4.7, and was smart, had touch on the ball inside 20 yards, and was a big time leader, Matt was also a former High School QB , who ran for a bunch of yards and was considered a athlete. Most of the DI schools either haven’t looked at enough tape of this kid, or they feel he’s a LB, or FS in college, Taylor was a FS at the school his SO year, and was a great player, but seeing him at QB , last two years, he’s really been a big time player. I’ve seen this kid make throws under pressure, that you can’t coach, and because of his 220 pound build he can take hits and bounce off LBS in high school, and he can run, when he needs too, with a lean like a RB. His arm will get better in college; it’s not bad now, but will be SEC good in another year. He runs the offense to perfection, with a small offensive line and some small but speedy WRS. HE operates the offense in a spread, power I or option if needed, and does all equally well.


Taylor BullockSince Taylor Bullock, doesn’t play at a large school, or a school, that doesn’t seem to get the media coverage statewide, the chance of being ranked high is limited. IF the star system works he’s a clear-cut 5 star recruit in my opinion. I’ve filmed this kid 5 times, this year and 5 times last year, he’s a special athlete. I’m sure most people , when they saw Tim Tebow play QB in high school , on ESPN at Jacksonville Nease, or in person, they probably told themselves, this kid is a LB, or a FS, in college, he’s too big to be playing QB at a top 5 program, and most of the time he ran the ball in high school, so most thought he could not be effective in the SEC, all he’s done is break every record in the SEC because he moves the chains, and you have to give Urban Myer the genius scout plug for saying this kid can throw the ball, and in time be good at it, and in the mean time he will lead his team to possible three national championship games in four years. Taylor is the kind of kid I see having a great career, maybe not as great as Tim Tebow, but someone who can prove all the big boys wrong , when he’s leading his team to victory after victory in college because he has the it factor.

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