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Blake Jones

Recruit Spotlight: Free Safety Blake Jones, Airline High School, Class of 2012

by Mark Clements

July 18, 2011-

Blake Jones
Blake Jones

LAFM: For starters, what’s your current height, weight and forty time?

BJ: I weight 190, I’m 5’11” and my forty was a 4.5.


LAFM: Are you originally from Louisiana? Which teams did you root for growing up?

BJ: Yes sir, but I like the Steelers.


LAFM: How did being a Steelers fan come about?

BJ: From my dad.


LAFM: When did you first start playing football, and has it always been a big part of your family?

BJ: Not always a big deal. I started playing in 6th grade.


LAFM: Do you play any other sports?

BJ: I run track. I ran the 4×2 and the 200.


LAFM: Do you play any other positions?

BJ: Outside linebacker and strong safety.


LAFM: If so, where do you see yourself being recruited?

BJ: Probably a free safety.


LAFM: Is there anyone in college or the Pros that you try to model your game after?

BJ: Ed Reed. I like how he’s aggressive and fast.


LAFM: Have you been to any camps at this point? If so, which ones?

BJ: No sir.


LAFM: Which colleges have you received offers from?

BJ: I have no college offers.


LAFM: Which schools stick out right now at the top of your list?

BJ: ULM and NSU. It’s close to home and with what I want to do in the future.


LAFM: What do you want to study?

BJ: I want to be in the secret service, so criminal justice.


LAFM: What are some goals you’ve set for next season, for yourself and for the team?

BJ: I’d like to win State. Going big.


LAFM: Which school is your favorite to play against, or which game gets you the most fired up each year?

BJ: It was West Monroe because it’s always a tough game, but Byrd. We’ve had trouble with Byrd for some reason every year I’ve been at Airline.


LAFM: What are some of the most memorable games or plays you’ve been a part of?

BJ: St. Thomas More game from the playoffs last year.


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