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Rae Juan Marbley-Property of LAFM

Recruit Spotlight: MLB Rae Juan Marbley, Destrehan High School, Class of 2014

January 6, 2014

Rae Juan Marbley-Property of LAFM
Rae Juan Marbley-Property of LAFM

By Reid Althage

LAFM: Name, position, school?

My name is Rae Juan Marbley, and I am a Inside Linebacker for Destrehan High School.

LAFM: Current weight and height?

225 lbs,  6-0

LAFM: Current ACT score and GPA?

ACT 20 GPA 3.3

LAFM: 40-yard dash, and max bench, max squat, max clean?

I run a 4.64 40-yard dash. My max bench is 330, squat 565, and clean is 365

LAFM: How did the season go for you and the team?

Anytime you go from 4-5 the previous year to 13-1, you know you had a great season. I was really happy with how we played and especially happy for my fellow seniors. As for me, I finished the season with around 137 tackles. I was First Team All-Disctict, District MVP, First Team All-Metro, and First Team All-State.

LAFM: What has been your best game this season?

I played really well throughout the season, so it is hard to pick out just one game. I was the leading tackler in about every game. The Acadiana playoff game I finished with 17 or 18 tackles.


LAFM: Who is your favorite football player of all time?

It would have to be either Brian Cushing or J. J. Watt…probably leaning toward Watt. Cushing is a great role model and a good leader for the Texans. The way he flies around the field is phenomenal. Watt is the same way. He has great explosion off the edge, and I admire his confidence.

LAFM: How old were you when you started playing and where?

I was 7 or 8 when I started playing pee wee ball in St. Rose

LAFM: Do you have any family members or friends that have had a big influence on you as you play football?

I would have to say my grandfather. He is a huge football fan and I have been watching football games with him my whole life. He had two daughters, so I have become almost like his son who he can watch play football. For me to go play college ball, it is just amazing for the both of us. I let him open my recruiting letters because it is fun to share and enjoy the experience together.

LAFM: If football does not work out for you, what do you see yourself doing? Have you thought of a major in college? Why?

I want to major in Chemical engineering. My mom works at Dow Chemical Company. I did a job show with her their. I really liked it and then she told me how much money they make. It is pretty good, so now its kind of just like why not?

LAFM: We know you are committed to Tulane, why did you choose the Green Wave? What are you looking forward to next year?

I committed to Tulane for a couple reasons. I know they had two seniors at the position this past season, which means I will have a chance to play as a Freshman. It is close to home, so my family can come to all of my games. I have a little brother who is 4 now and it is really important to me that I get to see him as much as possible. Also, Tulane is a great academic school and education is important to me.

I am really looking forward to helping bring back the program. They went to a bowl game this year which was the first time since 2002. The football program is starting to elevate itself, and we have a chance to do something special at Tulane. I want to be one of the guys who helps bring Tulane football back to an elite level.

LAFM: What positions are you being recruited for? What is your favorite positions and why?

I am being recruited to be the Mike LB. I like playing DE, but MLB is my favorite position.

LAFM: What made Destrehan a special team this past year?

This year we came out of no where and won 13 games which is just phenomenal. It really comes down to the effort and hard work we have been putting in all year. We had alot of younger players who wanted to go to the dome as bad as our seniors. I was surprised at how well they played all year. We did some new things like the Iron Cat Program which had us flipping tires and using sledge hammers. We went pretty much year around with the new program and getting it done. Coach Robicheaux and really our entire coaching staff did an amazing job. I really believe they are the best group of coaches in LA, and are definitely the best coaches I have ever had.


About Reid Althage

Reid is from Harvey, LA and went to Brother Martin High School. He played men's NAIA soccer at LSU Shreveport for his first 2 years college. His junior year, Reid transferred to Baton Rouge and graduated from LSU with a Sports Administration Degree. He started with LAFM as an Intern in April 2013 and was hired in October. Reid loves anything to do with sports (Saints, Pelicans, and Liverpool FC Fan), the outdoors, and family/friends.