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Chris Taylor

Recruit Spotlight: OG Chris Taylor, Zachary High School, Class of 2013

By Al Prieto

October 16, 2012


LAFM: How is the season preparation going thus far?

Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor

It’s going good. Our team seems to be playing well with all of the changes the coaches made to positions and formation.


LAFM: Who are you looking forward to play this year and why?

Denham Springs; it will be my last regular season game of my high school career.


LAFM: Current height and weight?

6’3”; 305 pounds.


LAFM: Do you consider yourself a quick guy or a fast guy?

I’d say I’m quick for the first 20 yards. I can keep up with anyone.


LAFM: 40-yard dash time?



LAFM: Who is your football idol and why?

Michael Oher because he came from a rough background and nobody thought he could make, but he did.


LAFM: How old were you when you started playing and where?

I was 6 years old when I first started playing park ball.


LAFM: Did anybody in your family play either college or pro ball?

Yes, my father played for Southern University and had a chance to play for the Houston Oilers and my cousin played for Ole Miss. He started at center for 3 years.


LAFM: Top 3 favorite colleges and why?

Tulane, Memphis, and Mississippi State, in no particular order and for no particular reason.


LAFM: Did you go to any camps this summer? Which ones and how were they?

I went to LSU and Mississippi state camps and they both went well. I learned a lot.


LAFM: If football doesn’t work out, what do you see yourself doing? Have you thought of a major?

I see myself owning my own business and I plan majoring in marketing.


LAFM: What positions are you being recruited for? Which is your favorite position?

Mostly guard but some of the bigger schools might want to see me at center; I prefer guard.


LAFM: Current GPA and ACT score?

3.25 and a 21 act

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