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Brandon Fields

Recruit Spotlight: QB Brandon Fields, St. Michael High School, Class of 2013

By Taylor Roussel

December 7, 2012


LAFM: How did this season go for you and your team?

Brandon Fields
Brandon Fields

I feel my teammates and I had a great season and gave it our all. Our goal was to go deep in the playoffs, but we lost to Bastrop HS in the first round. Despite the season ending lost, we bonded as a team and played every game with passion.

LAFM: What was your best game this season, and why?

I played better in different games or may have had better stats in certain games, but I played every game with the same intensity. I do believe that I played well in our game against Plaquemine HS despite the heartbreaking loss. We played with passion and fire the whole game. I threw for two touchdowns and ran for two touch downs, with one of them being a big overtime play.

LAFM: Current height and weight?

6’0” 200 pounds


LAFM: 40-yard dash time?

4.56 seconds

LAFM: Who is your football idol and why?

My football Idol is Tim Tebow. He plays every game with passion and is a great leader. He makes it known that he’s not a quitter and finds ways to make big plays under pressure, whether it be on the ground or through the air.

LAFM: How old were you when you started playing and where?

I was 10 years old and played for St James Elementary.

LAFM: If football doesn’t work out, what do you see yourself doing? Have you thought of a major?

I’ve been thinking about following my father’s footsteps and majoring in pre law. I also may decide to be a business major like my mother.

LAFM: What positions are you being recruited for? Which is your favorite position, why?

I have been recruited to play quarterback. I have also been recruited by a couple schools to play db and wr due to my athletic ability. My favorite position is Quarterback. I love the responsibility and leadership that comes with the position. I enjoy being a field general and running the offense with high tempo and intensity.

LAFM: What schools are recruiting you, and do you have any favorites yet?

I am currently committed to Fordham University

LAFM: Current ACT score?

22 ACT

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