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After leading the Riverside Academy Rebels to their first state championship win last season, he is ready to lead his team to another one at the end of this season. (Property of LAFM)

Recruit Spotlight: QB Jordan Loving, Riverside Academy, Class of 2018

Recruit Spotlight: QB Jordan Loving, Riverside Academy, Class of 2018

by Jace LeJeune

Last season, the Riverside Academy Rebels rode legendary Head Coach Bill Stubbs to the sunset in his last game as the team’s head coach with the program’s first state championship win and the fourth overall for Stubbs. Great coaching and an aggressive defense were major reasons why the Rebels became a powerhouse program, but the difference maker for the Rebels was QB Jordan Loving. Loving was injured for most of the season in 2015 and even though the team made a state championship appearance, it was pretty evident that Loving was not 100% as the offense only scored three points against Notre Dame, but last season, Loving proved that he was a big time quarterback accounting for over 2,500 yards and 25 touchdowns and once again, putting the Rebels in the Super Dome against familiar foe St. Charles Catholic. However, this time, the Rebels’ offense got going as Loving proved to be the big time playmaker as he threw for over 200 yards and two touchdowns leading the Rebels to their first state championship while garnishing game MVP honors in the process. With the success of last season, Loving was on the cover of the South edition of the magazine before this season started. Louisiana Football Magazine’s recruiting expert Lee Brecheen sees a lot of potential in Loving’s game as he is a big quarterback that has a good arm, a lot of athleticism, and big time experience in very important games.

“Jordan Loving is a DI player with a lot of game time experience,” Brecheen said. “He is a great leader and also has a great arm to go along with his 6-3 frame.”

So far, Loving has built on last season statistically over the first four games with 1,000 yards passing already and eight touchdowns, but it has not really translated into wins like the last two years. Bear in mind that the Rebels have a new head coach in Chris Lachney, and the team had to play a very tough schedule in the first three games. After defeating Southern Lab 54-0, the Rebels lost the following two games to Barbe and Rummel. Even though Loving threw for 545 yards against Rummel, the team still lost. The Rebels have another tough opponent tomorrow in arguably one of the best teams in 3A in the De La Salle Cavaliers. Even though the team is 1-2, this is still a team that nobody would want to play late in the year especially with #9 running the offense. In today’s recruit spotlight, we caught up with the Riverside state championship game MVP as he talked about the magical state championship run last season, his top schools, being on the cover of the magazine, and so much more!

LAFM: What is your name, age, position, and school you play for?
Jordan Loving, 17, QB, Riverside Academy
LAFM: What is your current height and weight?
6-3, 215
LAFM: What is your ACT score and GPA?
ACT: 20; GPA: 3.8
LAFM: What is your max bench press, max squat, vertical, and 40 yard time?
Bench-245; Squat-375; Power clean-295; Vertical- 30.5; 40-4.8
LAFM: You helped lead the school’s first state championship at Riverside. What was it like to accomplish something that a lot of high school players don’t get to do and that’s win a state championship?
It was truly an unforgettable experience. It’s something we’ve worked towards for a very long time and what’s awesome about it is wasn’t just for our team, it was for our entire riverside family. I’m just very thankful to be apart of such a great group of guys.
LAFM: You are on the cover of our South Louisiana edition of the magazine. What does it mean for you to be recognized as one of the best players in the state heading into your senior season?
It’s an honor to get the recognition, but it’s truly a credit to my supporting staff. Great players, great coaches, my parents and other mentors played a huge role in getting me to the point I’m at right now.
LAFM: What are the biggest strengths to your game?
I feel that I bring an experience factor and a leadership factor that is very helpful to getting our team to our ultimate goals. I think just having the confidence and knowing where to go with the ball in big situations is very vital to my personal success as well as our teams success.
LAFM: What are some areas to our game that you need to improve on before going to college?
There are always areas to improve. I think the biggest improve will be my mobility. It’s something I’ve worked timelessly at through my career and I will continue to do so.
LAFM: Have you received any offers from any colleges? If not, have any colleges shown any interests?
No true offers. I have received invites to Nicholls and Southeastern games. I also attended camps at LSU, Northwestern, Southeastern, and Nicholls State during the summer.
LAFM: What are the biggest stats and accomplishments over your career?
The biggest stats I’ve ever put up is by far the Rummel game; unfortunately we were on the losing end. My biggest accomplishment would have to be being apart of the first LHSAA state championship football team where I was fortunate enough to win the MVP of the game
LAFM: After defeating Southern Lab 54-0, the team lost its last two games to Barbe and Rummel. I know the team played two great teams, but what has been different execution wise from the first game to the last two games and what does the team need to improve on this week in order to defeat a hot team in De La Salle?
We pride ourselves on being tough guys and playing the best teams in the area. I think we’ve played extremely hard in those loses and been really tough through some adversity. We just have to clean up the minor details X’s & O’s wise that become major when you play against great teams
LAFM: This is Coach Chris Lachney’s first year as head coach at Riverside replacing legendary Coach Bill Stubbs. What has been his approach to this team since he has taken over?
I think Coach Lachney has done a phenomenal job as our head coach. He preaches tough guy football. He prides us on making abnormal things normal and the fact that we should love adversity. When things are hard, good, bc we wouldn’t want it any other way. He’s an honor to play for.
LAFM: Who is a quarterback that you model your game after and why?
Wow, there have been so many guys that I loved watching play growing up. Drew Brees (Purdue/San Diego Chargers/New Orleans Saints) has been my idol since I was a kid just the way he prepared, his leadership skills, and his determination. I love hearing stories ab the way Peyton Manning (Tennessee/Indianapolis Colts/Denver Broncos) prepared for a game and the countless hours he put in watching film. Also, Tom Brady (Michigan/New England Patriots). That guy can win with anyone on his team. I love watching him do it on a consistent basis every year and never drop off.
LAFM: What is the best game of your high school career so far and why is that your best game?
Stats wise, the Rummel game. I was able to put up numbers bc of a great offensive system, great players, and great play calling and game planning. I think we really executed well. It sting though bc we lost. I also remember the rode to the dome last year like it was yesterday. I felt like us as a team were so locked in and unstoppable.
LAFM: What do you like to do when the football season is over?
I like to compete. I play basketball and baseball. I also love getting after it in the weight room. Away from sports I love spending quality time with family and friends.
LAFM: What are your goals for this season?
I don’t have any statistical goals because to me personal stats do not matter to me. I just want to be the best teammate I can be and lead our team to another state title.
LAFM: What is your message to the Riverside Academy team and the fans for the rest of the season?
Week in and week out, we are going to give it everything we have. Our record isn’t pretty on paper right now, but we will fix that by being relentless and tough and a consistent basis and having fun doing it. It’s been an honor to play for such a great team for so long.
LAFM: Who are some people in your life that you need to thank for putting you in the position that you are in today?
First off, God. I am so thankful with the ability he had blessed me with and the amazing people that he has put into my life. I would like to thank my parents for helping me become the man I am today. I would also like to thank other family members who have really been close to me throughout my life. And I’m so grateful for the players that I’ve had the honor to suit up with and the coaching staff for all their hard work.
LAFM: You threw over 545 yards against Rummel, but yet, the team still lost. How do you approach looking at a game even though the team lost but you had a great individual game?
Putting up numbers like that is pretty cool but losing is a horrible feeling. I would trade all those yards away for a win in a heartbeat. I’d rather us win 3-0 and play poorly than have a big night and us lose.
LAFM: What makes you special or stand out as a quarterback from any other quarterback in the state?
I can’t say enough about the players and coaches that are around me. Personally, I think it’s my work ethic, leadership, and mental and physical toughness and a daily basis.


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