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Recruit Spotlight: QB Waylon Young, Notre Dame High School, Class of 2012

by Mark Clements

October 24, 2011 – LAFM: For starters, what’s your current height, weight and forty time?

WY: I’m 5’11”, 193 and I run the forty in 4.8.


LAFM: Are you originally from Louisiana?

WY: Yes sir, I was born in New Orleans.


LAFM: Which teams did you root for growing up?

WY: New Orleans and LSU.


LAFM: When did you first start playing football?

WY: Fifth grade.


LAFM: Has it always been a big part of your family? Have you had any family members who played football in the past?

WY: Yes sir, both my grandparents played football. My dad’s father played at USC and my dad played junior college football. All my uncle’s played and coached.


LAFM: Do you play any other sports?

WY: I play basketball and golf.


LAFM: What position do you play in basketball?

WY: Guard and forward.


LAFM: Do you play any other positions?

WY: No, I just play quarterback.


LAFM: Is there anyone in college or the Pros that you look up to or try to model your game after?

WY: Drew Brees – His leadership ability, his relationship with his teammates on and off the field and his willingness to do anything to win and get better.


LAFM: What do you think is your biggest strength as a player and what part of your game are you trying to improve upon most this season?

WY: The one thing I need to improve is my ability to lead the lead. I’m kind of a laid back guy and I need to work on that. My biggest strength I would say is that I’m pretty good with coverages. I know the coverages pretty well.


LAFM: Have you been to any camps at this point? If so, which ones?

WY: I have not.


LAFM: Have you heard from any coaches or received any offers?

WY: No sir.


LAFM: Which schools stick out right now at the top of your list?

WY: Louisiana Lafayette – They’re having a really strong year. I think their coach is a good coach and I think he’s really bringing the program back.


LAFM: Have you thought about what you might want to study in college?

WY: I would like to major in History.


LAFM: What are some goals you’ve set for next season, for yourself and for the team?

WY: I think it goes without saying that the State Championship is the goal for the team. Before that there’s playoffs and to win district. Individually, whatever I have to do to help the team win.


LAFM: Which school is your favorite to play against, or which game gets you the most fired up each year?

WY: Crowley High – It’s a cross town rival and I have a bunch of people I know on that team. This is the first time I’ll play against them this year.


LAFM: What are some of the most memorable games or plays you’ve been a part of?

WY: The most memorable for sure was the Parkview game last year, the semi-final game. Definitely not my favorite game, but definitely the most memorable and probably the game I’ve learned the most from.


LAFM: What kind of learning experiences did you take from that game?

WY: The biggest thing is to have a short memory. I didn’t have a short memory in that game. I got a little down on myself after I threw the first two interceptions and I basically let it be the ruin of me the rest of the game.


LAFM: And lastly can you give us your current GPA and ACT score?

WY: My current GPA is about a 3.3 and my ACT score is a 24.

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