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JD Moore

Recruit Spotlight: TE John David Moore, Ruston High School, Class of 2013

By Andy Bryson

November 12, 2012

LAFM: How is the season preparation going thus far?

JD Moore
John David Moore

Our season started out a little slow at first. We fell behind real early in the season, but as the season progressed, we have gotten better and picked up momentum as we enter the playoffs with a two game win streak. I like our chances this season to go all the way, but right now, all I am thinking about is out first playoff game. I also like our Senior Leadership we have on our team. I have some of the best team mates one could ask for.


LAFM: Who are you looking forward to play this year and why?

South Lafourche High School right now because every playoff game is important and you have to focus on the game at hand. I do not want to lose track and think about other games too far in advance just yet.


LAFM: Current height and weight?

I’m 6’4 and 210 LBS

LAFM: Do you consider yourself a quick guy or a fast guy?

Both, I am quick off the line to get into my blocks against a Defensive End or a Linebacker but I am fast as well when I am called upon in passing situations. I am a mismatch against Linebackers because of my size and speed, but this season we have a real strong run game so I have been used more of a blocking TE, which has helped the team out greatly. Last season though, I was considered receiving threat. So I am both quick and fast.


LAFM: 40-yard dash time?

4.6  but I maybe faster now since I have been working hard to get faster. I have been utilizing all the drills that my coaches give me because I want to help my team succeed this season.


LAFM: Who is your football idol and why?

Jimmy Graham, because didn’t make it big time in college. He only played one season at Miami before being drafted by the Saints in the third round but has been able to prove himself in the NFL. I like how he is a mismatch for teams, just like I want to be at the next level.


LAFM: How old were you when you started playing and where?

I was in the 8th grade at Rustin Jr. High School when I started playing football.


LAFM: Did anybody in your family play either college or pro ball?

My dad, Byron Moore, played at Louisiana Tech as a walk-on Defensive End as a junior from 1979-1980.


LAFM: Top 3 favorite colleges and why?

  1. LSU
  2. Arkansas
  3. Texas A&M

All SEC schools because they play at a high level of competition and that is what makes college football fun. Louisiana State is my #1 team because I am from Louisiana and most of my family went to school there. I have always been a fan of LSU.


LAFM: Did you go to any camps this summer? Which ones and how were they?

I went to Ole Miss, Arkansas, LSU, and Auburn. All were one day camps except LSU which was a three day camp. I enjoyed all of the camps, they were all fun, but educational as well. I learned a lot from Coach Ensminger, LSU Tight End Coach, when worked with me and was able to teach me so much for this season. After the LSU camp, I was ranked on rivals.com as a top five TE at that camp.


LAFM: If football doesn’t work out, what do you see yourself doing? Have you thought of a major?

I want to go to college to major in Architecture or Engineering. I am interested in both fields.


LAFM: What positions are you being recruited for? Which is your favorite position?

Tight End, I love this position.


LAFM: Current GPA and ACT score?

My GPA is a 4.0 and my ACT is a 31.

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