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Sully Martin-Property of LAFM

Recruit Spotlight: WR/P Sully Martin, Lutcher High School, Class of 2014

December 10, 2013

Sully Martin-Property of LAFM
Sully Martin-Property of LAFM

By Reid Althage

LAFM: Name, position, school?

My name is Sully Martin, I am a WR/P for Lutcher High School

LAFM: Current weight and height?

5-9,  155 lbs

LAFM: Current ACT?


LAFM: 40-yard dash time,  Max bench and max squat? Punting Net Average?

My 40 yard dash is a 4.4. My max bench is 210 lbs, and my max squat is 320 lbs. My Punting Net Average is about 41.3.

LAFM: How did the season go for you and the team?

We struggled in the beginning. We got the injury bug, and I myself tore my ACL around week 3. Still, our team bounced back in the second half of the season and made the playoffs.


LAFM: What has been your favorite game this season?

My favorite game this season was our playoff game. We came back from behind and made a good game out of it. We lost in the last few seconds, but it was still my favorite.


LAFM: Who is your favorite football player of all time?

I would have to go with Marques Colston-I always liked his great work ethic, and he has great hands.

LAFM: How old were you when you started playing and where?

I was probably about 10 or 9 when I started to play at a recreational football club in the area.

LAFM: Do you have any family members or friends that have had a big influence on you as you play football?

I would say my papa. He played high school football at Lucther when he was my age. He tore his ACL his senior year as well. He has been really supportive through the whole process.


LAFM: If football does not work out for you, what do you see yourself doing? Have you thought of a major in college?

I will probably go into my family business. Sonny Detilier Agency (SDA) helps out with financial planning.


LAFM: Are you interested in playing college football after high school? Are you looking at anywhere as of now?

I would be interested playing anywhere. I am looking at Southeasetern or ULM and may try to walk-on their.


LAFM: What was something special about your team this year?

The team was hit hard with injuries this year, and we did not have that much depth from the start. Still, the guys were completely unselfish. If a guy was asked to fill a hole and play another position, he did it without question and to the best of his ability. The team did whatever it took to compete on the football field.


LAFM: Outside of football, what makes your school special?

I have always enjoyed the great history, tradition, and support throughout my years at the school.

About Reid Althage

Reid is from Harvey, LA and went to Brother Martin High School. He played men's NAIA soccer at LSU Shreveport for his first 2 years college. His junior year, Reid transferred to Baton Rouge and graduated from LSU with a Sports Administration Degree. He started with LAFM as an Intern in April 2013 and was hired in October. Reid loves anything to do with sports (Saints, Pelicans, and Liverpool FC Fan), the outdoors, and family/friends.