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KEnneth Bell

Sleeper Athletes for Class of 2010 – Part 2 of 2

by Lee Brecheen

December 22, 2009 – Louisiana every year has some of the best Athletes in the United States for the population of Louisiana compared to other states. Just look at the top players playing football from Louisiana right now in college, some of the best speed guys were not highly recruited, players like Trindon Holliday 5-5 150 from Northeast High School, then Gray shirted at LSU, is a senior currently, and is the fastest NCAA 100 meter male athlete in track, there’s Phillip Livas 5-8 175 (JR), runs a 4.4/forty yard dash, and wasn’t heavily recruited out of South Terrebonne High School in Houma, now is a star RB, Punt Returner, and Kicker Returner currently for Louisiana Tech in Ruston, Phillip is one of the most explosive players in his conference. There’s WR Demaris Johnson 5-8 170, (SO) from Destrehan, who runs a 4.4/forty, and is the most explosive player in Conference USA. Demaris wasn’t highly recruited by SEC schools, then there’s WR Julius Fleming SO 5-8 162 4.5 forty from Catholic High School in Baton Rouge now New Mexico State, WR Todd Lee 5-9 155 4.5 forty (SO), Catholic High School, and also New Mexico State , RB Keithan Valentine , 5-8 193, 4.5 forty, who walked on to Kansas State from Scotlandville, and now is a starter as a SR, WR Toren Dixon (SR) 6-2 212, 4.5 forty, broke every Rice , record for catches, and yards, from Redemptorist high school, was 185 pounds in high school played WR/DB, wasn’t highly recruited out of high school.

Everybody knows who Trovon Reed is 6-0 170 , from Thibodeaux high school, 4.4 forty currently committed to Auburn, Jarrett Fobbs 6-0 190 4.4, forty from Huntington high school in Shreveport, who I think is a more ready and polished athlete , and the best Athlete in Louisiana, and finally Tharold Simon 6-3 200 4.5 forty from Eunice high school, who’s as ALL American FS or WR in college, very aggressive player with great hands, and great hitter, Michael Clayton type LSU. So let’s take a look at the big time players under the radar for the current 2010 class, this is a list of only sleepers that can play more than one position in college.


KEnneth Bell
ATH Kenneth Bell – Istrouma High School

Athlete Kenneth Bell, from Istrouma high school is 5-11 175, runs a 4.41 forty, averages almost 10 points a game in basketball, has a 10.9 100 meter best to his resume in Track , and was a 3 year starter as a QB, early in career, and RB this year. Kenneth ran for 304 yards and 4 TDs in one game his SR year. CB, Slot Back, or WR to me for many DI schools. Kenneth, can flat out play the game.

Athlete D J Palmer from Many High School played and started at QB for 4 years, which is incredible, this kid has a ton of speed, and his strength was escaping the rush and making plays. DJ Palmer, will make a heck of a WR or CB/SS in college, he’s built already to play right away being 190 pounds, and not stiff, to play as a SS, and runs a lot lighter to still be a WR or CB. I like this kid a lot, his upside is big time. DJ had two games with over 300 yards rushing in 2009, 317 yards own only 14 carries against Dequincy, and had 307 yards on 32 carries against tough Winnfield.

Derek Bellard
QB Derek Bellard – Lagrange

QB Phaquinton Lawson started at QB for Rayville for the last two years, and has a really good arm, he’s very mobile, and not scared of contact, when rushed, very heady player, that knows the game at full speed, I can see Lawson, being a NFL prospect as a WR or FS, if he’s doesn’t play QB in college, he looks 4.5 in a jersey in game action, and has the body to hit people as a defensive player. Athlete Dallas Forte 5-7 190 , runs a 4.41 forty Tara high school, started his career off at Glen Oaks, this kid is as quick as he is fast, and is a bowling ball hitting the hole with great speed, and vision. I can see Dallas going to a small school, and really doing well as a RB or Punt Returner, or even Kick Returner. The moves this kid has, when he hits a hole is big time. Lawson had 2,781 yards passing with 24 TDs his SR season, had a single game 513 yards in one game with 5 TDs.


QB Derek Ballard 6-2 190 Lagrange high school, 4.6 forty, has a really good arm, and is a leader, with poise, and is quick to escape the rush, he has a DI body for in my opinion for the WR or FS position in college. You can tell from watching game film, this kid has a presence about him in the game, and to me is a steal at the next level. Derek could easily run in the 4.5 range if he changes to WR or FS in college.


D.J. Lewis
DJ Lewis – Haynesville

DJ Lewis 5-9 190, to me is the best DI prospect out of Haynesville high school since Demetric Evans, who is still a NFL, DE for San Francisco 49ers, and played at Georgia in the SEC. I know the kid is only 5-9, and doesn’t look like the DI type for RB or DB on paper , but on film he does, and he can run and boy can he hit, as a DB. Lewis played the whole game for 1A Haynesville high school state champions, and I think he’s a big time steal for a DI school or IAA school. I had a chance to see him play during the regular season last two years; he’s all out every play also. IF he gets the chance to just be a RB, and perfect that position, I really think if he goes to the right school, this kid has a NFL future.

Trevor Dillard 6-0 176 4.41, from Arcadia high school right outside Shreveport is a great athlete, and can really fly to the outside with a football in his hands, Trevor is ALL State in track, and could get a Scholarship in that sport very easily, I was so impressed with Trevor, when watching his full game film, as a RB, and DB for his team. Trevor is good enough to play for any DI school in Louisiana, and yes that includes LSU, as a CB or Punt Returner, or if he can bulk up, which he will as a RB. This kid makes everyone around him look slow, and if he played at a 5A school or even a 4A powerhouse, he would be recruited by lots of DI schools for Football.

WR Thomas Theriott 5-9 170 4.45/ forty , from Catholic of New Iberia, is a clone of Drew Dileo Parkview Baptist, who’s committed to Michigan in the Big 10. I don’t see any difference in ability as far as quickness or speed, these kids could be twins, they are built the same, run the same, and same quickness, only difference is one is committed to Michigan, and the other should be getting the same attention.

Athlete Kenneth Bell, from Istrouma high school is 5-11 175, runs a 4.41 forty, averages almost 10 points a game in basketball, has a 10.9 100 meter best to his resume in Track , and was a 3 year starter as a QB, early in career, and RB this year. Kenneth ran for 304 yards and 4 TDs in one game his SR year. CB, Slot Back, or WR to me for many DI schools. Kenneth, can flat out play the game.


Bryant Dunn
RB/DB Bryant Dunn – Donaldsonville

RB/DB Bryant Dunn 5-9 175, had a great year for Donaldsonville, all Dunn did was rush for1, 555 yards his senior season, with 19 TDs. Bryant had single games of 323 yards and get this, 265 yards on 8 carries in another. Bryant shared the ball with two other RBS, in a running offense, and he played a lot of defense as a DB. This kid is a really good athlete, and can play CB or RB depending on the team that takes him; he’s super quick hitting the hole, and has that second gear for DI football.

Athlete Gavin Webster 5-11 210 4.5 forty from Lutcher high school, had two great years as a starting QB for the bulldogs, as a SR, Gavin threw for 2,390 yards, with a whopping 32 TDs, , Gavin also had a 303 yards rushing against Power house Hahnville high school, with a season best 350 yards passing against 2008 state Champion Destrehan . Kid is built like an OLB, runs like a DI RB, and has the arm of a DI QB. The big issue which we see all the time is his height being under 6-0 tall, but let me tell you, what a great football player, this kid won state for Lutcher in 2008, and to me has the most poise of any player I saw on the field in Louisiana in 2008 and 2009, well coached, but super smart running the offense, and was super hard to defend with his legs or arm. IF he doesn’t get a chance to be a DI QB, I see him as a DI RB, or SS, but his other option is he’s a great baseball prospect for the Major League Draft, so stay tuned.


Jeremy Myers
QB Jeremy Myers – St. Michael

QB Jeremy Myers 6-2 210, ST Michaels , was a rare 4 year starter for a 4A school, which is almost unheard of, this kid started as a freshman because he was the best athlete on the team as a freshman, and had a really good arm for a young kid. Myers can run a 4.6 forty on a good day, and looks faster in game action, he’s built like a Craig Steltz Chicago Bears, LSU, and former ALL American from Archbishop Rummell . IF Myers would have played some FS or SS, in high school, he’s an ALL American player for college at that position. He was too important to play at DB for Coach Eric Held; there was no backup ready to come in. Jeremy has the intangibles to be a great player in college; hopefully the right DI school will see that and see that high upside this kid has for college football. I’ve seen him play for 4 years, and his arm and legs are good enough to me to play DI football, and to do really well.

The last sleeper player for DI to me is a kid named Will Hassien WR from Sulphur, he’s 5-10 185, runs a 4.5 forty, and can flat out fly, with ball in his hands. Will did not play in a spread offense for 4 years like a lot of kids, Sulphur is known for running the ball behind a always big offensive line, but this year, they did throw the ball more than normal, and Hassien showed, he’s a Wes Welker type, when the ball is thrown, he could play slot in the right offense, also Punt Returns, Kickoff Returns. I would imagine McNeese State, would have a steal to keep this kid local, and be a really good player for them for 3 years after a red shirt year. Will is all out every play, besides being quick and fast. I could see this kid playing some CB at the IAA level or SS.

About Lee Brecheen

Lee Brecheen, is the owner and publisher of La, Football Magazine and TV show. He is relentless in his pursuit for excellence. He initially broke into the business in 1992 as a football scout. It is his intent to be fair and honest to all high school players and coaches in Louisiana. Lee strives to be the most thorough and accurate researcher and analyst in order to give the best evaluation of all Louisiana high school football talent. He regularly consults with, and is sought by major college football programs throughout the country for information and advice regarding scholarship prospects from among Louisiana’s high school players at all levels of potential.