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Larry Butler

Southern Lab: Team and Recruits

by Lee Brecheen

November 9, 2009 – The Southern University Laboratory High School, which is also referred too by many, including myself, as Southern Lab High School has so much history when it comes to many sports programs, for state titles over the years especially football, basket ball, and track. It’s located on campus to Southern University Jaguars, and they play their home games at Southern University Mumford STADIUM.

Some of my favorite players to scout over the years from Southern lab HS, were LB Earl Patin 6-0 225, who now stars at Baylor, Chad Jones FS, 6-2 225 , who plays for LSU, the late Baron Jackson ATH 6-2 195, who still holds many national records for interceptions in a high school career (Baron went on to play for the Pittsburgh Panthers, when they had Craig Iron Heyward at RB who later played for the New Orleans Saints) the late DT Leonard Harris, 6-5 275 , who played for LSU in the Early 90’s, RB John Simon 5-10 190, who played for LA Tech, Ath Delywin Daigre 6-1 200 Athlete, who played for LA Tech, TE/DE Marcus Spears , who played for LSU, and now Dallas Cowboys, and finally Frank Alexander, DE 6-4 260, who stars currently for Oklahoma.

Current Head Coach Mike Roach has done a really good job, building the program back up, and most importantly getting kids ready for college for football or just ready for the next step in life, molding these young men. Coach Roach was a All State Football player at Capital high school, back in the day for the legend Roman Bates, and later played for Southern University, and made all Conference, as a LB. Mike also coached at Grambling College with the legendary late Eddie Robinson, and Doug Williams.

This year’s team on paper, has the potential to be as good as any I’ve seen talent wise, and mix wise of older and young talent, to make a really, I predict, run for the dome in the playoffs.

Let’s take a look at some the best Senior recruits the kittens have this year.

Larry Butler Taurean Nixon
In my opinion two of the most underrated DI recruits in Louisiana, are LB/FB Larry Butler, and CB / Punt returner, Taurean Nixon. Larry Butler goes 5-11 to 6-0 in height, weighs 234 pounds, and can run the forty in 4.6 seconds, and looks even faster in pads. What impresses me the most about Butler is his ability to read, and run sideline to sideline every play, it’s hard to find a true MLB or OLB that can do those things that weigh 234 pounds. Butler also is qualified, and could play FB in college if needed, it’s not something he does a lot at Southern Lab. Larry Butler moved to Louisiana for his senior year from Houston, TX, and also played football in California. I watch kids all the time on film and in person, and this kid has the it factor, that means he has what it takes to be a really good LB in DI football. Taurean Nixon 5-11 177 pounds, can flat out fly in open field as well as anyone in Louisiana, that ive seen play, Nixon ran a hand timed 4.39 at LSU’s camp this past summer, and I believe it, because if you see him play he’s incredible , when he runs up field. I remember seeing this kid play as a SO, and as a JR, and he was about 155 to 160 pounds soaking wet, and played QB, it just goes to show, what a young man can develop into in just a period of 6 to 8 months in the weight room, and his speed has just went off the charts, with the added strength. When you watch this kid play CB, he reads the QB all the time, he jumps in the WR routes, and already has two touchdown returns on interceptions, and 4 touchdowns combined on Punt returns, and Kickoffs returns. This kid is special again because he does something you can’t coach and that’s read on the ball, and has God gifted ability to run , and know the angles of a football field to make everyone else look slow. Nixon has the ability to start at any DI program as a CB and punt returner, and play on Sundays one day.


DE/DT Ricky Hamiltion 6-2 237 , transferred this year from the state of Michigan, and has really performed well at both DT/DE, Ricky will have to bulk up to play DE if its DI , to at least 250, and if he sign IAA, he can really stay with the weight he’s at now. He plays hard, and you can tell he’s strong. He’s just not a 4.6 forty guy for DE. I would love to see him at 270 one day playing DT in college, and keeping his speed, if he’s does that he could develop into a really good player, when he’s finished.



Brandon Patin

QB Brandon Patin 6-0 185, has a underrated arm, to throw the deep ball, and is a big time leader for the team. He’s also got good touch on the football. He’s been playing since his freshman season for the kittens. RB 6-0 191, has also bulked up in the weight room, and really runs well, between the tackles, could weigh around 200 pounds in college, runs a true 4.6 forty, but can clock faster in the 4.5 range. White could surprise a lot of people in college, looks as if he’s going to sign at least IAA.



I was impressed with some other players, that came into their own this year , WR Damien Thomas 6-0 160, who can really run, and shows good hands, he’s new to playing, and the other WR Elijah Dixon 5-11 158, who also shows great hands, and really good speed. Finally four year starter Trei Mitchell 6-1 320, moved from defensive tackle full time for three years to offensive line as a SR, Trei, can play OG/OC in college, and has good feet for a big guy, and is very strong in the weight room. Trei does play some DT when needed for the team.



Others players that should sign from this team



Cerel Taylor 5-10 260 DT 1AA/D2
Bryan Jackson 6-1 210 P 1AA
Delvin Welch 5-11 188 ATH 1AA
Derek Taylor 5-8 205 RB/FB 1AA/D2






About Lee Brecheen

Lee Brecheen, is the owner and publisher of La, Football Magazine and TV show. He is relentless in his pursuit for excellence. He initially broke into the business in 1992 as a football scout. It is his intent to be fair and honest to all high school players and coaches in Louisiana. Lee strives to be the most thorough and accurate researcher and analyst in order to give the best evaluation of all Louisiana high school football talent. He regularly consults with, and is sought by major college football programs throughout the country for information and advice regarding scholarship prospects from among Louisiana’s high school players at all levels of potential.