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The 2010 New Orleans Saints Were Built on Sleeper Talent and Coaches

by Lee Brecheen

January 25, 2009 – The 2010 New Orleans Saints, are a team lead by players that where unknowns for the most part, if you throw out Reggie Bush RB USC, DT Sedrick Ellis USC, Jeremy Shockey TE from Miami Hurricanes, Darren Sharper DB, and Jonathan Vilma LB from Miami Hurricanes, Will Smith DE Ohio State and QB Drew Brees from Purdue. This is a team lead by drafted no name players, and free agents players that were not house hold names. The offensive line consists of players that were not household names from the draft in Left Tackle Jeron Bushrod 6-5 315 pounds, Right Guard Jahri Evans 6-4 318, and Left Guard Carl Hicks 6-5 343. Center Jonathan Goodwin was a no name pickup in free agency. WR Marques Colston is a WR from Hofstra, drafted in the late rounds; RB Pierre Thomas was not even drafted put of Illinois. WR Lance Moore is a free agent, that wasn’t drafted; Fullback Kyle Eckel has only been on the team as a Free Agent for a couple of months. Tight End David Thomas is a free agent from New England Patriots. Even TE/OT backup Zack Stief 6-7 320, is a no name, really has come on as a TE-OT. WR Devery Henderson is a former high draft pick as is Robert Meacham, but these guys were not the best players at their positions on draft day, they have developed in two great players.

The defense lead by Will Smith DE , LB Jonathan Vilma , Sedrick Ellis DT and Free Safety Darren Sharper, are all well known players, but the rest of the defense are free agents, and no name draft picks. The free agents DE Bobby McCray, Nose Tackle Remi Auodele, Defensive Tackle Anthony Hargrove, Cornerback Jabari Greer, Cornerback Randall Gay, and Linebackers Scott Fujita , and Scott Shanle. Defensive Backs Tracy Porter, and Veteran Roman Harper where draft picks, but not big names coming out of college. Tracy Porter is a Sleeper player from Indiana, and played High School ball at Port Allen HS in Louisiana. The starting Punter is a Rookie in Thomas Morstead, and a good one, the starting kicker Garrett Hartley is a sleeper draft pick from only two years ago.

The Head Coach Sean Payton, wasn’t a house hold name 4 years ago, has the Saints in the Super Bowl for the first time ever, been to two NFC Championship games in 4 years. You have to take your hat off to management and Scouting, for finding the best young coach in the NFL, for finding the best QB in the league in Drew Brees, building a great young Offensive line, of players that went low in the draft, and hiring a Great Defensive Coordinator in Gregg Williams, who added Free Agent DB Darren Sharper, DB Jabari Greer, and adding no name Defensive lineman in Remi Auodele, and Anthony Hargrove to improve the defense right away.

This team reminds me in so many ways to the 1980’s San Francisco 49ers, a franchise that could not win playoff games or go to them until they hired a no name coach by the name of Bill Walsh, one of the all time great coaches. Bill Walsh was a brilliant coach in bringing in no name Offensive Lineman, brought in a no name QB from Notre Dame by the name of Joe Montana drafted in round 13 , drafted a no name big WR in Dwight Clark, Hall of Famer, who played at Santa Clara college. On defense they took a chance on a DB by the name of Ronnie Lott from USC one of the all time greats, but the Defensive line was similar to the New Orleans Saints, they where blue collar no name players in the early years of their 4 Super Bowls. The offense carried the 49ers with a rookie WR no name from Mississippi Valley State Jerry Rice, one of the all time greats. Look at how these comparisons, are the same with the Saints, Roger Craig was the Reggie Bush of the 1980’s, was a better WR than a RB for the 49ers has more pass catches than any RB ever in the NFL, like Reggie Bush who has a ton of catches in his 4 years., Colston is the same build and version of a Dwight Clark, and most of all the 49ers defense where lead by take ways to get to their first Super Bowl, sound familiar, they lead the league in interceptions and fumble recoveries, just like the New Orleans Saints. A no name defense and a high powered offense, just like the saints, with a young no name coach, who became one of the best ever in Bill Walsh, which I predict you will see with Sean Payton.

After the SAN FRANSISCO 49ers got to that first Super Bowl and won it, the winning snow balled and players like Free Agent Hall of Famers Fred Dean DE, and DE Charles Haley where added to make the 49ers defense dominant, which I predict will happen to the Saints. If the Saints can pull out a Super Bowl Victory in 2010 against the Colts, I think the fans of New Orleans will see even a better defense take the field next year, and what’s scary a young Saints offense, that’s well oiled for more Super Bowls with a young great coach in Sean Payton. Can you imagine how many high profiled Defensive Lineman will want to take a pay cuts to join this team next year. It’s scary how good the Saints will be with a dominant defensive line. Congratulations to the Saints, the city of New Orleans the many former players , and all their fans since the 1960’s, all those losing seasons are now gone, like the 49ers losing seasons , when they made their run in the 1980’s. Go Saints!

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