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John Nard

The Top Offensive Lineman in Louisiana for Class of 2010 & Sleepers

by Lee Brecheen

January 28, 2010 – This is a position that’s the hardest to play as a true freshman going into college from High School. These kids have to know all the plays, all the blocks, all the techniques, and most of all, they have to be strong, quick, mean, and big to get by in DIV 1 as a true freshmen in IAA. You don’t have to be as big, and as quick to hit the field, because most of the Defensive Ends and Defensive Tackles are in the 240 to 260 range which is not like DIV 1 where all Defensive Ends are 250 to 300 pounds and run 4.8 forty’s or the Defensive Tackles are all about 285 to 330 and can run in the 5.2 range. I talk to a lot of DIV 1 coaches every day, and the hardest thing for them to find is a true Athletic, tall Offensive Tackle. The reason is because most big guys who can run are on Defense, and the big guys who are strong are mostly on offense. Sometimes you will see someone in high school, like Glenn Dorsey 6-2 280 (East Ascension) a few years back, play both sides of the ball for the team, and you find that’s what coaches like to see – an Offensive Lineman going both ways for the team. It shows the athletic ability for the next level, and it usually means the kid has a mean streak to make tackles. Even if he’s going to bring that mean streak to the Offensive Line in college, it’s a good thing. I remember Dorsey before he signed with LSU. I watched him play the full 60 minutes in a game against rival Redemptorist High School, and I was so impressed with his effort play after play on both sides of the ball the whole game, even though I knew he was a Defensive rare find for the next level. A great example is Andrew Whitworth (6-7 285). In high school at West Monroe he played TE and some DT, but at LSU he moved to OT and got up to 320 pounds and could still run a 5.0 forty. West Monroe High School had another player named Will Blackwell (6-4 285) who played DT at the school but moved to OG at LSU, where he will currently be in a battle to start for 2010 at 6-4 305 pounds.


I will break the positions down in three parts for the next level. They will be Offensive Guard, Offensive Center, Offensive Tackle, and some as playing both. I will also mention a lot of kids in High School that played a position that was best for his high school team; however, in college you’re going to play where you’re supposed to play at the college level and not where you played sometimes in high school. A great example is a lot of kids who play Defensive tackle or Defensive End in high school will convert to their college natural position on the offensive line. A lot of kids don’t run as fast for that position for the college level, but sometimes they fit the transition at Offensive tackle or Offensive Guard because of their height and big frames to get bigger and their ability in college. So I will mention kids who I feel will end up as great Offensive Tackles or Offensive Guards and only played Defensive line in high school. I will also mention the many other players who have a chance to be big time players one day in college as the best of the rest.

Offensive Guards (No order of Rank)


John Nard
John Nard

1. John Nard 6-1 270 Evangel Christian – This is a kid, who because of his height did not get the big attention for offers early on, but ULM of Monroe did take notice. This kid will make a huge impact at ULM because he is a big time physical player who never quits on a run play, and works his butt off in games every down. I’m impressed by his effort for a big man, and he plays the game like you need to play it – at full blast. Nard could end up 300 pounds and be a heck of a pulling guard in college because his feet are good enough to do that, which is not something a lot of kids can do at the next level.


Joe Henderson
Joe Henderson

2. Joe Henderson 6-3 310 Denham Springs – Joe is a big guy who is super strong and mean. You don’t want this kid to lock into you blocking because he will take you down to the ground. What impresses me most about Joe is his ability to pull and block downfield for run plays. It’s not uncommon to see Joe hitting or blocking two or three kids by the time he’s down field for a play. Joe is so strong and quick that he could be a Center in college because of his size and his ability to come off the ball quickly. If Joe signs IAA, he would play OT because he would be big for that level with his size and strength. I would like to see him play his natural position, OG, and hopefully some DIV 1 school will see what I saw over the last 3 years.


3. Dillion Day 6-4 265 West Monroe – Day to me is one of the biggest sleepers in the state. He has super quick feet, he’s mean, and like Joe Henderson, he will block until the whistle blows downfield. He can also pull because of his quick feet. I see Dillion getting up to 290 in weight and not losing much speed. He reminds me of a another former rebel, Rodney Reed, who was also 265 pounds, and had the same type of feet coming out of High School. I know Mississippi State has been on him lately, as well as all the State schools except LSU. Day could be a great one in two years.


4. Audoniss Madison 6-3 305 Edna Karr – This kid is the best Offensive Guard prospect I saw on film this year coming out of New Orleans. Madison always faced big, tough, and quick kids on the Defensive line, so to judge competition he played against, he went into every game facing 270 to 300 pound lineman in his district. I really love this kid’s quickness and natural strength coming off ball. He has the hop in his feet and he could also be a sleeper DT in college if needed. He only played Offensive line in high school and it might be interesting to see how that might work in DIV 1 ball. Madison is a true OG for DIV 1.


5. Alex Hill 6-4 310 Slidell – Alex in the last two years was the best looking offensive guard I saw, feet wise, moving downfield. He has the feet of a college TE. He’s 305 pounds and can pull like a college guard. He’s committed to New Mexico, and they’ve got one heck of a player if he signs with them. Alex can play as a true freshman at New Mexico, because he has all the tools to step in.


6. Destin Rink 6-3 274 Patterson – Destin is the biggest sleeper in the state of Louisiana who is playing offensive line for the next level. Rink played the season at 255 pounds, and he looked like a LB coming off the ball. His feet and toughness is what you like to see in a big O Lineman. Rink, since the season, can still run a 5.0 forty and he now weighs 274 pounds. This kid has SEC ability, and he’s going to Central Arkansas. I am shocked that none of the DIV 1 schools in Louisiana offered this kid this year. He can weigh in the 290 range, and he might have a NFL future. I enjoyed watching this kid play in the three different games that I saw him in.


7. Elliot Porter 6-3 290 Archbishop Shaw – This is a kid who played three years as a starter on the defensive line. Porter has the great technique you look for in a lineman and he’s very smart. Porter will play OG for LSU, and because of his ability to learn fast, I think after a red shirt freshman season, he will compete to start at OG. Porter just needs to learn how to play offensive line. Once he gets stronger in the LSU weight room I think you will see his full potential take hold. This is a school known for producing really good offensive lineman over the years; most notably, former LSU ALL American Joe Albergamo.


8. Luke Charpentier 6-4 290 John Curtis – I remember watching Luke play football for South Lafourche as a freshman in high school. Back then he was 6-3, 250 pounds with good feet. Now he’s a full grown 290 pounds and made some really good blocks for John Curtis High School the last 3 years. Luke is a big kid, who’s just so strong, and once he learns the position some more in college, I predict you will see him move to his natural position of OG in college. I see him red shirting but competing to start after the red shirt year at the University of Arkansas in the SEC.


9. Everett Robertson 6-2 265 Carver – This kid has really good feet for a big guy, and I saw just that play after play while watching Carver play a few times. This team had only 22 players who played most of the whole game. I also saw Robertson get in as a DT for the team because they were short on numbers, and He did a great job. Robertson is the poster boy for the word hidden gem. If the right school gets this kid, he will play at 280 or better, and he might become a heck of a DT in college. I think he’s DIV 1, but he’s probably headed to a IAA school.


10. Logan Gauthreaux 6-4 265 Central – Some kids don’t get recruited hard because, as in Logan’s case, he didn’t start until his Senior season, and he did not fill out until this year. I remember seeing this tall kid on the sidelines. He was about 240 pounds, and now he’s 265 pounds of muscle and very strong. I remember a kid a few years back that stood on the sideline and was 6-6, 245 pounds and did not play until his senior year. His name was Chris Williams, of Catholic High School in Baton Rouge and he went in the first round of the NFL draft after a great career at SEC Vanderbilt. I’m not saying he’s a future first round pick, but he is a wake up for DIV 1 schools. He has frame and feet to be DIV 1, and he’s still filling out. I see this kid at 290 in college, easy, and not much body fat.


11. Blake Brevelle 6-3 275 Marksville – When I saw this kid on film twice this year in a full game, he would put kids on their back every other play. I also saw him pull, pass, and protect. This team was not loaded with a lot of skill players, but they did one heck of a job blocking, and Blake helped get this team to the playoffs. He’s a tough kid, and I think he will be a great OG or OT for a IAA school.


Ashton Duhe
Ashton Duhe

12. Ashton Duhe 6-1 320 Destrehan – This is a kid who started for three years at a school where no one ever hardly starts for three years . He blocked for QB Jordan Jefferson (LSU), and protected the Destrehan QB’s for Two State Championship teams as a starter. Duhe just has so much power in his lower and upper body. He’s already DIV 1 size and strength for the next level. I see him maybe even losing some weight to play OG for college. He’s probably in the 300 pound range, but he carries it well. SMU has got one heck of a football player. Forget about his height, because this kid can block and move a bunch of people.


Charles Barkins
Charles Barkins

13. Charles Barkins 6-2 285 O P Walker – Charles Barkins is a rare 4 year starter who always seemed to move a pile. He might be the strongest player I’ve seen, besides Joe Henderson, as a guard as far as brute strength. The O.P. Walker offensive line averaged over 285 pounds per man, but Charles had the best feet and most pan cakes among the five and three of the five will play college football one day. Charles if needed could play Center in college, because he’s so quick off the ball. If Charles was 6-4 he would be recruited by everyone. Barkins is a really good DIV 1 prospect.


Offensive Tackles (no order of Rank)



1. Jordan Allen 6-6 266 West Monroe – People are going to say why are you putting this kid as a offensive tackle, the reason is this, Jordan runs really well for a guy his size in high school, and has long arms and is tall, when Jordan fills out to 290, he will be a Offensive lineman, and will not have the SEC edge speed to stay on defensive line. No one in the state has more upside as an OT, than Jordan, he will go to LSU as a DE, but I predict after a redshirt year, Jordan will be a starter on the offensive line and a NFL OT one day. I see Jordan being 300 pounds and running in the 5.0 to 5.1 forty, which would be really good. These types of players don’t grow on trees, and Jordan can be as good as he wants to be for college football.


Shelby Zagler
Shelby Zeagler

2. Shelby Zeagler 6-5 245 Block – You don’t hear a lot of people talk about Block HS for big time recruits, but let me tell you , Shelby Zeagler can be a big time OT one day, but played TE in High School. When you watched this kid block as a TE, it was like watching a future college ALL American block, he has long arms, and he’s all of 6-5 in height, he’s got great feet, and up close, because I’ve seen him in a camp in Alexandria ,run the forty, and let me tell you he’s a big time athlete. Shelby is very aggressive also, and will weigh in the 300 pound range. I don’t understand why more DIV 1 school, even SEC schools are not recruiting this kid. If you see this kid play in a uniform he’s the real deal for being a future NFL player on the offensive line. Whoever takes him will be looked at as a genius as far as recruiting goes. If Shelby went to West Monroe he would have 50 offers.


3. Michael Woods 6-6 260 Livonia – This is a school again, not known for big time DIV 1 players, but this kid is a big time sleeper from a small town. Woods came out for football three years ago, as a basketball raw player needing to learn the game. Michael played defensive line in high school, but in college, he’s got OT written all over him. Woods can run about a 4.9 to a 5.0 forty, and looks faster playing defensive line in high school. I think he will weigh in the 300 pound range in two years, and be a super player. If I’m a DIV 1 coach in Louisiana, or IAA, I would grab him right now. It’s not even a thought; he’s going to be a very good player.


4. Joel Price 6-6 250 Pope John Paul – Joel played DE for his team, and let me tell you, he looked really good for the offensive line for college. Joel has a true 6-6 frame, and will weigh over 300 pounds in two years. It’s a no brainer for a IAA offer, if you see film on this kid one time. He needs to learn the offensive side of the ball, but at least he showed he would hit people as a DE for his team, being a big guy.


Isame Faciene
Isame Faciene

5. Isame Faciene 6-4 265 Salmen – I meet this kid after his junior year, and thought what a super kid besides being a big tall good athlete. Isame played both sides of the ball in his career. Early in his career he played more defensive line, but senior year played more OT. Faciene is leaning to UL of Lafayette, but several more schools have a shot as well. Faciene would play well at 285, when fully maxed out. He’s a smart kid, and will pick up an offense quickly, he’s use to the power I and spread offense pass blocking. Needs to just work more on his run blocking.


6. Will Graves 6-6 255 Leesville – Will play TE his entire high school career, and will make a smooth transition to the OT position. After red shirting, he will be at least 290, and has pretty good feet, needs to work on his run blocking, but as a pass blocker really good player. I think he’s DIV 1, and would be a great IAA player.


7. Zachary Faul 6-4 295 Church Point – Zachary moves so well for a big guy, actually he’s the best Offensive lineman I’ve seen in the Lafayette area, when it comes to feet, size and, strength. He looks like a big time DIV 1, OG/OT at times. I like these kids feet off the snap of the ball, and when he gets stronger, he could be a NFL player because of those really good feet.


Brock Holbert
Brock Holbert

8. Brock Holbert 6-6 265 South Lafourche – Brock played TE, up until his senior season. This tall kid, has good feet, and will weigh close to 300 pounds in college. He’s a project, but he’s got the ability once he gets stronger to be a force in college in two years.



9. Ryan Zeller 6-5 285 ST Michaels – Ryan missed a lot of his junior season because of a injury, but his senior season he should he has the feet coaches are looking for, and he’s a lean 285 pounds, with so much room to grow. Zeller has the frame and build to weigh 310 to 315 in weight and still look lean. I don’t think this kid will hit his ability till his second year in college. Once Ryan gets stronger in the upper body, he’s going to be a good one. Committed early to LA Tech, but since the coaching change, might reconsider his choices.


10. Matt Dombroski 6-4 240 Mandeville – How many 6-4 240 pound kickers do you see in high school, well Matt is one of them, he kicks off, and kicks field goals for his team. His dad Jim Dombroski was an ALL American at Virginia, and was a First Round pick of the New Orleans Saints in the early 1990’s. Matt just needs to gain weight, if he gets to 300 pounds like his dad, then you will see a big time player for college football. You might see Matt go to an Ivy League school, when it’s said and done. When he fills out, you might be hearing about him in two years.



11. Jonathan Ross 6-4 300 Wossman – This kid is a big time sleeper in the Monroe Area, for a 300 pound kid, he really can run up field blocking. I was impressed with his all out effort, and his ability to bock a lot down field. Keep an eye on this kid he has some talent.



12. Byron Williams 6-4 315 St Augustine – The Purple Knights have long had many Offensive sleepers come out over the years, and you can now add Williams to the list. It’s not math in this business, when you stand 6-4 with good feet, and great frame, you will be recruited DIV 1 or IAA. I predict this kid signs with an IAA school in state, I do know that Southeastern is recruiting him hard, and most of the schools in Louisiana. Byron just needs to work on his run blocking, but that will come in college, as he gets stronger and better in college.


13. Bruce Hampton 6-6 270 McMain – I watched this kid play , and it did not take me long to see that, when your 6-6 and a lean 270 pounds, wow, you are a DIV 1 player. The only problem, like so many times, not a lot of coaches saw this kid play, and what I saw. He’s got a frame to weigh 320 pounds, and still look lean. This was his first year to start, and he looked very good for a first year player. It’s a no brainer if I’m a IAA coach, ii sign him and red shirt him for my offensive line and in time could be a good one.


Centers (NO Order of Rank)

1. Theo Carroll 6-4 333 Block – Readers might be saying Lee, there is a DIV 1 center from Block, and I will say yes there is. Theo played center for the team, and actually good off the ball really well for a big man. I was really impressed with his upside, and I really think once he slims down to about 300, he could be a heck of a player for college, and yes, would make a really center. You just don’t see many 6-4 333 pound centers in high school.


2. Kenneth Bourgeois 6-2 260 Jesuit – This kid is the ultimate center prospect, he’s super smart, has great feet off the snap, has great technique, blocks bigger players really well and has so much room to grow to add muscle and weight. If Kenneth was 275 right now, he would have many offers, but in this strange world of recruiting, they see 260, but hey, he can flat out play, and every time I watched this kid he performed like a DIV 1 player and looks every bit of a DIV 1 center to me.


Lucas Trimm
Lucas Trimm

3. Lucas Trimm 6-1 260 Barbe – Lucas has really good feet and gets off his blocks really well. I like his attitude coming off the ball; he’s put s a lot of effort into every play. The last center to sign Div 1 from Barbe was Ryan Miller to LSU, I think he’s better than Ryan, and more of a true center than Ryan. Ryan went to LSU at 6-5 280, few years back.


Kale Buchholt
Kale Buchholtz

4. Kale Buchholtz 6-2 255 Denham Springs – I love the feet on this kid, he’s been over looked a little bit playing next to big Joe Henderson, but playing OT for team is not his natural playing position for college. Kale is a great kid that comes from a great family. He has really good grades, and with his feet, I see him weighing in the 275 range in a year, and he can pull or block down field for any IAA team. If he goes D2 or D3, these schools are getting a steal. I do know Louisiana College, and Belhaven have shown interest late, but would not shock me if he gets an IAA offer.


5. Hunter Fiebel 6-1 250 Northwood / Shreveport – Hunter has a brother playing college football, who also is a center or guard. Hunter knows the game and is quick off the ball. I mean when he blocks he looks like a center, and plays like one. Hunter will weigh about 275 when done or bigger. IF he goes IAA, he’s a steal, and if he goes D2 or D3, he starts really soon.


6. Corey Schmidt 6-2 285 Catholic – Corey has great blood lines, his dad Marty played college ball in Ohio, and his family is from Ohio. Dad is 6-3, and if Corey can get his size, which I think he will come close, he’s still growing. Corey is an aggressive lineman, who played Guard for his team, but I think because of his great technique, and his strength off the ball, Corey would make a really good Center in college. If needed could play OG for any IAA school. Louisiana College has offered, ULL is looking at him, as well as many other IAA schools in Louisiana. This kid was born to play college football and offensive line; he’s got that mean streak in him.


7. Lyle Smithey 6-1 260 Ruston – This kid might be the funniest jokester I have meet in person for a high school football player. Lyle plays bigger than what he is, and has a big old heart for the game. He likes the game and goes all out every play. There are several D2 and D3 schools looking at him. He’s a leader and if you meet him besides being a good football player he is mature beyond his years.



1. George Ray 6-5 288 OG/OT Slidell
2. Dillon Moore OG/OC 6-3 270 Oak Grove
3. Jarvis Kleinpeter OG/OC 6-3 260 Istrouma
4. Anthony Baker OG 6-4 340 Northside
5. Jacoby Rose OG 6-3 305 O P Walker
6. Will Cohea OG 6-3 270 Ponchatoula
7. Wayne Hendricks OG/OC 6-2 250 West Monroe
8. Anthony Parazzo OG 6-3 270 Ponchatoula
9. Derek Daniels 6-3 270 OG Opelousas
10. Denzell Butler 6-4 330 OG/OT Donaldsonville
11. Zach Russell 6-3 245 OG/OC Albany
12. Britten Leanaux 6-5 240 OT Hahnville
13. Corey Christianson 6-2 245 OG/OC Ouachita
14. Pat Shelman 6-2 310 OG Homer
15. Richard Adams 6-4 260 OT/OG Livonia
16. Evander Warren 6-0 270 OG/OC Walter Cohen
17. Jarad Martin 6-4 270 OG/OT West Jefferson
18. Allen Buniger 6-4 255 OG/OT West Jefferson
19. Derek Leblanc 6-0 265 OG/OC Acadiana
20. Tyler Istre 6-2 260 OC/OG Carencro
21. Miles Landry 6-0 255 OG/OC Catholic of New Iberia
22. Aaron Lock 6-0 280 OG/OC Tara
23. Michael Felder 6-3 276 OG/OC Slidell
24. William Seals 6-2 245 OG/OC Istrouma
25. Daniel Rymer 6-4 220 OT Northwood/ Shreveport
26. Evan Fortier 6-5 285 OT Opelousas Catholic
27. Rylan Harris 6-3 305 OG Grambling
28. Demarkus Marshall 6-3 275 OG B.T.W / Shreveport
29. John Rigney 6-4 290 OG/OT Northshore
30. Joshua Dupre 6-5 290 OT Captain Shreve
31. Kendall Johnson 6-3 285 OG West Feliciana
32. Andre Huval 6-1 280 OG ST Thomas More
33. Casey D ‘ Angelo 6-0 255 OG/OC St Pauls
34. Darrian Campbell 6-3 290 OG John Curtis
35. Rod Daniels 6-6 270 OT /OG Plaquemine
36. PJ Bedenbender 6-4 285 OG River Oaks
37. Jalvis Bell 6-3 275 OG Scotlandville
38. Rafe Plaisance 6-3 290 OG South Lafourche
39. Matt Casanova 6-0 240 OG/OC Notre Dame
40. Jared Trosclair 6-2 255 OG/OC Lutcher
41. Dakota Fisher 6-0 265 OG Central
42. Donald Cook 6-1 245 OG/OC Woodlawn/ Baton Rouge
43. Travis Speice 6-2 240 OG/OC Parkview Baptist
44. Sylvan Alaracon 5-11 245 OG ST Charles
45. Landon Smith 6-2 260 OG/OC Istrouma

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