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Cameron Tom

Top Offensive Guards in Louisiana for the 2013 Recruiting Class

by Lee Brecheen

Cameron Tom – Catholic High School (Baton Rouge)

May 16, 2012 – Monday I ranked offensive tackles who can also play guard in College.  Today I’m ranking the top offensive guards who can move over to center in college (some of these players).

I feel like the guards have the task of always making it happen for running plays.  They create holes for running backs, and sometimes — depending how athletic the player is — pull and lead block downfield on run plays.  They always seem to have the task of blocking more than one player every down.  Sometimes an athletic linebacker or a safety who runs a 4.5/40 might come through the middle of the offensive line finding a space blitzing, and the guards have to pick him up and be athletic enough to do that.

I ranked these kids based on technique and who can get up field pulling and leading the way for the running backs with a tough, aggressive style of blocking. You also need to be strong and have quick feet to play this position.

Here are my top offensive guards for the 2013 Class of Louisiana football prospects.  This list is 2013 Class seniors only.


1.) Cameron Tom (6-4, 285) – Catholic High School (Baton Rouge)

This kid has quick feet, great hands, is tough, can run block as a guard and tackle, and can pass block.  He’s also athletic enough to pull downfield and block several players during one play with ease. Cameron started his first season in 2011 as an offensive tackle, but he’s incredibly gifted and his size is perfect for playing offensive guard for anyone in the United States.  OT Chris Williams, who played for Vanderbilt in the SEC and now stands 6-6 and weighs 320 pounds in the NFL, played at Catholic High School , and I think Cameron is away ahead of Chris at this time.  Chris was the 14th overall first round pick for the Chicago Bears in the 2008 NFL Draft.  Chris only started his senior season for one year in high school.  Cameron has special feet for a big guy over 6-4 in height, and he has yet to scratch the surface of his ability.  I think he’s the complete package and most gifted Guard in the state of Louisiana. It would be scary if Cameron was 6-6 in height because he’s a better version of Chris as an OT for college.


2.) Tanner Hooper (6-3, 298) – Barbe High School

The only difference between Tanner and Cameron right now is Cameron is one inch taller and a little quicker off the ball.  Tanner is the toughest looking player I saw in 2011 in Louisiana for overall blocking at the offensive guard position.  You can tell this kid is very aggressive and very strong. Tanner also played OT at Barbe in 2011, but he’s more suited for OG in college.  I think this kid has a chance to be a special OG in college because he has quick feet and is tough, strong, and mean.  He loves contact at the snap and moves well enough to pull and be very effective in college doing it.  There are plays when this kid just destroys everything in front of him while run blocking.  He could learn to be a good Center in College.  What’s also very impressive for a guy that’s not super tall is his pass blocking is big time.  He moves his feet and really stops rushers in their tracks from hitting his QB in passing downs.


Adam Zeipke – South Terrebonne High School

3.)  Adam Zeipke (6-3, 290) – South Terrebonne High School

This kid has great feet, and it seems every snap he looks for people to pancake which I love to see. He needs to work on his technique some, but wow this kid seems to look for people to knock down every play.  It seems like he wants to block everybody every play.  I love his tenacity as a football player.  He needs to work on finishing his blocks technique wise, but it’s not from a lack of effort.  This kid could become special, and right now he’s a sleeper recruit.  I think he would make a great Center in College also.


4.)  Damion Daniels (6-3, 310) – St. Augustine High School

St. Augustine has produced some great Offensive Lineman in the last several years, and you can add Damion Daniels to the list.  They have a huge Offensive line in 2012, and I think in the senior group he’s the best.  Damion has great feet, is strong, and has really good technique.  Right now Damion is way more advanced than current LSU and former St. Augustine OG Trai Turner, and he could be as good as former St. Augustine player Rishaw Johnson, who’s currently attending a NFL camp.  2011 was Damion’s first year to start a full season, and this year I look for him to shine and show his full upside.  I’ve seen enough upside already to realize you can’t coach the feet and strength that he has.

5.)  Chris Young (6-4, 275) – East Feliciana High School

This kid just needs to fill out more believe it or not because he’s a lean 270 to 275 pounds on a really great frame.  He has quick feet and plays offensive tackle for the team, but he’s more suited for offensive guard for College.  I think the right team will sign this kid and move him to tackle.  Once he’s at his perfect weight of 285 to 290 pounds in the future, he will be a heck of a player if he keeps working hard.


6.)  Anthony Taylor (6-5, 340) – John Curtis High School

I’m ranking this kid here based on his power and strength.  Anthony plays OT for John Curtis, but you can tell that’s not his position for college.  He’s going to have to be an OG to show his full potential in college.  If Anthony can improve his quickness off the ball for college he could be special.  He’s a big, mean kid, and one of the strongest players in Louisiana.


7.) K.J. Malone (6-4, 290) – Cedar Creek High School

K.J. Malone’s dad is Karl Malone, the former NBA Utah Jazz great and Louisiana Tech All American.  K.J. plays OT for Cedar Creek in Ruston, Louisiana, but he’s not an OT for college.  K.J. has that great DI frame and is in very good shape.  He just needs to fire off the ball more and become more aggressive in both run blocking and pass blocking to be a great player in the SEC at LSU where he’s committed. He’s a great kid, and when he moves to OG in college he will become a better player.  He has to play OT for his team because that’s where the team needs him in IA football.  I would just like to see him be more dominant and more aggressive in 1A as a blocker.


Hunter Alleman – Assumption High School

Here are more offensive guards who, if they improve, could be ranked at the end of the year for their senior season.  These are kids that could sign anywhere from DI to D3 in ability.  This list is not ranked.

  • Hunter Alleman (6-3, 275) – Assumption High School
  • Chris  Taylor (6-2, 305) – Zachary High School
  • Jalen Smith (6-2, 265) – Ouachita High School
  • James Diggs (6-1, 290) – Hahnville
  • Noland Sharpe (6-2, 255) – Destrehan High School
  • Corey Grinner (6-2, 325) – Zachary High School
  • Brandon McMaster (6-2, 268) – Franklinton High School
  • Greg Peltier (6-2, 290) – Carencro High School
  • Christian Voelkel (6-3, 270) – St. Paul’s


There will be a lot more kids listed in the 2012 Louisiana Football Magazine Preview Issue for offensive lineman.  I will run an article Monday on top centers in Louisiana, and some kids who play guard that were not mentioned today will be in the Monday story as projected Centers for college.

You can pre-order the 2012 Louisiana Football Magazine Preview Issue online at www.lafootballmagazine.com/store.

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