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BJ Young

Up Close with Southeastern QB Brian “B.J.” Young

by Lee Brecheen

BJ Young
Brian “B.J.” Young

March 29, 2011 – I had a chance to ask Brian Young some questions and catch  up since his high school days at Hahnville.  Brian went by B.J. in high school, and I remember him in high school having a great arm and very good feet in the pocket and was a running QB more than passer in high school. This kid has developed as the QB to beat out for the starting job for the fall of 2011, and the job is his to lose. His arm is strong and 2011 is his year to shine.


BJ, what made you choose Southeastern, coming out of Hahnville High School?

I came to Southeastern because they made me feel at home, and I really connected with the players.


What has been the biggest adjustment for you making the jump from high school to college as a football player?

The biggest jump for me was all the film study and meetings. It took a while for me to realize how much extra time I had to put in if I wanted to be able to compete.


What do you like most about Southeastern University?

What I like most about Southeastern is hanging out with the guys.  We have built great relationships and just enjoy being around each other in our down time.


What’s it like knowing you are the leading candidate to be the next starting QB at Southeastern in Hammond with others competing?

It feels great knowing that I am the leading candidate for the starting job. I feel I am ready to go, and I cannot wait until the Lions take the field on our opening day.


Tell everyone how much experience you got last year and some stats Passing and Running?

I received a decent amount of playing time last season. I started two games and played in four additional games. I’m not a big stats guy so I can’t tell you much about my stats.

What did you learn from starting at QB last year?

The biggest thing I learned from playing QB last season was the speed of the game.  I got a good feel on the overall game, and I believe it was important for me to get back in the full swing of things.


Is your strength more as a passer or runner or both?

I believe my strength is being a passer, but I can be a factor in the run game when called to do so.


What team in the Southland Conference do you look forward to playing the most every year?

I look forward to playing all of the teams in the Southland Conference. They are all great teams and it is just fun for me to get out there and compete.


What game sticks out the most from last year for a loss.  I know Southeastern had a few close games last year that went down to the end?

The Lamar game sticks out in my head the most. We had a big lead on them, but just did not finish the game.

What win sticks out and why was it so big?

The Texas State game  was a big win for us. It was the opening game for us in the Southland Conference and we got a win.


What are your goals for the 2011 season as a team and for you as a QB?

My goal is for us as a team is to win the conference, then the National Championship. I have high expectations for this team.  We have a great group of guys, and great leadership.  My goal is to perform the best I can, and have a great season.


What’s your current height and weight going into spring?

My current height is 6-2 and my weight is 220 pounds.


I knew you were pretty fast at Hahnville as a QB.  What do you run the forty in now?

I run a 4.7/40.


Who, to you, are some of the top young WR’s to look forward to seeing in 2011 at Southeastern?

Some of the young wideouts I look forward to seeing are Reshad Douglas, Tony McCrae, Jordan Moon, CJ Obwahe, Ron Walker & Dean Johnson. Our veteran wideouts are all great players as well. When they touch the ball there’s always a chance that they could have an explosive day.

What’s it like knowing you can hand off to a big fast back like Zeke Jones at 240 pounds?

It feels good knowing that Zeke Jones as well as the other backs are behind me. These guys can run the ball with the best of them.


How’s the Offensive Line looking compared to last year at this time?

The Offensive Line is doing great. There will not be any drop off, those guys are hard workers and will do great this season.


Talk about the coaching staff and what it’s like to play for Head Coach Mike Lucas and talk about your Offensive Coordinator?

The coaching staff works very hard day in and day out.  Coach Lucas is a great man as well as a great coach. The offensive Coordinator coach Rudolph is a great man as well and puts us in the best situation to be successful.


How do you think your former high school, Hahnviille, will do in 2011?

Hahnville will do great this year. They always have been a power house and always will. Those coaches are some of the best coaches I’ve ever played for. I had great times as well as great memories playing for Hahnville.


When you were growing up in Hahnville what former Hahnville Tiger QB did you like as your favorite out of Dawan Landry, LaRon Landry, Clifton White, Bryant Lee, and recently Brian Ensminger who signed this past year with Southeastern and is gray shirting and many others?

When I was growing up in Hahnville the QB I looked up to was Bryant Lee. He was a great QB and lead Hahnville to a State Championship win.


BJ Good luck to you and your team in 2011.

Thanks again.

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