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Jeffrey Miller

Jeffrey Miller – Louisiana Football Magazine Super Fan

August 24, 2013

Jeffrey Miller
Jeffrey Miller

By Joel D’Aubin


Jeffrey Miller – Louisiana Football Magazine Super Fan


LAFM: How long have you been a football fan?

Since I was probably 8 years old when my Dad took me to a Church Point game as well as the LSU/Indiana game in 1978

Would you consider yourself to be a “superfan”? Why?

Absolutely!! I look forward to the fall every year. I start counting it down once I get my copy of the Athlon and Sporting News preview editions in early June. I also have a very in depth knowledge of high school, college, and pro football. I can tell you who played in every Super Bowl from the very beginning between Green Bay and Kansas City to the most recent between Baltimore and San Fran. If that doesn’t qualify me as a Superfan then nothing will!!

Do you have any superstitions about football? Maybe a particular thing you do or wear on every game day?

Nothing in particular but I do have to have my copy of The Advocate on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings during the season

LAFM:How did you first hear about LAFM?

At the 1997 All Star game played at Tiger Stadium in July. Free copies were handed out and I got one.

What is your favorite part about LAFM? Why?

I love the previews of all the high school teams, even if they are brief. I read each one and formulate my idea of who would be my picks for the Dome that year. I’m normally right on due to LAFM. 2011 I picked 9 of the 10 teams in the Dome back in August of that year.


LAFM: Have you ever had a family member or friend in the magazine?

Well no story was done on them but I have had friends mentioned over the years: Blaine Gautier (Lutcher), Lance Meche (Notre Dame), Andre Broussard (St Thomas More), Butch Roussel (St Thomas Aquanis), Mitch Amedee (ED White). This coming year I have quite a few friends from Monroe who will be playing their senior years: Quin Graves and Cade Harper of Ouachita Christian, Patrick Whipple and Seth Christian of St Fredericks, Thomas Nickelson and Scott Rider of Neville


LAFM: Which issue was your favorite?

The issue that had JT Curtis and some of his players from John Curtis on the cover. I respect JT Curtis the most of anyone in high school football. Unbelievable what he has done at JC. He definitely does not get the national recognition that he truly deserves. I have had the good fortune to meet him twice and I would love to sit down and visit with him and just talk about his coaching legacy.

Who have been some of the best players featured in the magazine that you have seen?

Wow I could talk on this one until the season kicks off in August. I’ll just try and mention some that I actually got to see in person:

Michael Clayton Athlete: Christian Life
Gerard Landry WR: Lutcher
Kendrick Perry RB: Amite
Harry Coleman LB: West St Mary
Jay Lucas RB: Redemptorist
John Diarse Athlete: Neville

LAFM: Will you continue to get LAFM as the years go on?

As long as LAFM is published I will have a copy. It’s just an outstanding magazine. You can get every team preview in the magazine.

LAFM: As each year goes on, is there one thing that continually brings you back to the magazine?

I just look forward to receiving it in the mail every August. I read the entire magazine within one day of receiving it. I really enjoy the Best of the Rest feature in the high school preview. As the season goes along you can find those “diamonds in the rough” that the newspapers nor the sports talk shows may be talking about.

What do you enjoy most about the magazine? Why?

The player or coach spotlight articles are always fascinating. You can get an up close and personal look at someone. I remember the article that LFM did about Nate Livings from Washington Marion and his deceased coach, as well as articles on Donnie Perron and LA School for the Deaf


LAFM: What do you like most about the other colleges previewed in LAFM?

That all schools are covered. I have a friend of mine whose son played at LA College. That school is previewed and LAFM even mentioned my friends son that year.

How do you purchase the magazine? Store or Online?

I use to get all of them when there was more than one edition in the year ( I enjoyed the baseball previews from a few years back). Now I pre-order my edition online.

What would you tell a potential business or advertiser about LAFM if they were interested in supporting the magazine? Why should they?

Absolutely!! What a great opportunity for advertising!! Louisiana is a football state!! No better way to get your company or product out there than by advertising in LAFM because the amount of people who love football.

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