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Quran Gibbs - Property of LAFM

Recruit Spotlight: RB Quran Gibbs, Bonnabel High School, Class of 2014

January 21, 2013

By Reid Althage

Quran Gibbs - Property of LAFM

Quran Gibbs – Property of LAFM

LAFM: Name, position, school?

My name is Quran Gibbs, and I am a RB for Bonnabel High School

LAFM: Current height and weight?

6-0,  195 lbs

LAFM: Current GPA?

2.6 GPA

LAFM:  Max bench, and max squat,?

I run a 4.4 40-yard dash. My max bench is 256 , and max squat is 400.

LAFM: What was something special about this year and this team?

You know it was my senior year, and I wish we could have gone to the playoffs. At the same time, the team was really young and worked hard this season. Many of those youngsters looked up to us older players, and I just tried to be a good mentor to them. They have a chance to be really good in the next couple years if they continue to work hard

LAFM: What has been your best game this season?

My best game was against Higgins. It was my first game over 100 rushing yards. I think I had 125 total rushing yards and 1 TD.

LAFM: Who is your favorite football player of all time?

Adrian Peterson-I want to be a RB. As a kid, all I did was watch Peterson play. I want to take my skills to the next level just like he did.

LAFM: Do you have any family members or friends that have had a big influence on you as you play football?

My brother Darrian Coleman has had a big influence on me. Darrian and I always watched games together growing up. He can not play football because of his asthma, so I play for him.

LAFM: If football does not work out for you, what do you see yourself doing? Have you thought of a major in college? Why?

I want to major in business. I can see myself having my own company one day.

LAFM: Are there any schools that are recruiting you? If not would you be willing to walk on somewhere?

No schools as of yet, I am still waiting. I would definitely be willing to walk on a team.

LAFM: What positions are you being recruited for? What is your favorite positions and why?

I would want to play RB, but it does not really matter. I have played all over on both sides of the ball in high school. I would be willing to play anywhere.

LAFM: What do you bring to a team who may be interested in you?

I am a good player who has played all over the football field. I try to work harder than anyone else while staying humble at the same time. I enjoy being part of a team and helping my teammates. I have played with a bunch of players younger than me and always tried to help them with their weaknesses. I am a leader and enjoy being a leader

About Reid Althage

Reid is from Harvey, LA and went to Brother Martin High School. He played men's NAIA soccer at LSU Shreveport for his first 2 years college. His junior year, Reid transferred to Baton Rouge and graduated from LSU with a Sports Administration Degree. He started with LAFM as an Intern in April 2013 and was hired in October. Reid loves anything to do with sports (Saints, Pelicans, and Liverpool FC Fan), the outdoors, and family/friends.