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Torez Kinchen, Deham Springs Football
QB Torez Kinchen, Denham Springs High School

21 Questions with QB Torez Kinchen, Denham Springs High School

Torez Kinchen, Denham Springs High School

Interview by Nick Scelfo


LAFM: Name, Grade, Position & School?

 Torez Kinchen, 12th Grade, QB, Denham Springs High School


LAFM: Height & Weight?

 6’3 and 205 lbs


LAFM: Best 40 yd dash, Bench Press, Squat, and Power Clean?

 40 yd dash: 4.9

Bench: 225

Squat: 375

Power clean: 235

Torez Kinchen, Deham Springs Football

QB Torez Kinchen, Denham Springs High School


LAFM: How long have you played QB? Were you always a QB?

I’ve played Quarterback since I started playing football in 7th grade.


LAFM: What family member has had the biggest influence on you in your athletic career and why?

 My grandpa, Donald Brazile. He played ball in high school and he stresses to me how important football is. He’s always told me that playing football is not a right, but a privilege.


LAFM: Have you gone or are you going to any college camps? If so, where?

 I’ve been to camps at McNeese and Southeastern.


LAFM: What do you like most about football?

 I like being the leader and motivating my team.


LAFM: What do you think you need to work on as a Quarterback to play in college?

 I need to continue to work on my speed and footwork.


LAFM: What is your strength at playing QB?

 Passing and leadership are two of my biggest strengths, and I feel like they both help me in Coach Vice’s offense.


LAFM: What college & professional team did you grow up loving?

 I really like the Florida Gators and Carolina Panthers.


LAFM: Who do you look up to or view as a role model in quarterback position?

 Cam Newton. I love his ambition, work ethic, and eagerness. I just like all of his ways.


LAFM: Did you participate in any other sports? Why did you choose football?

I also play basketball for Denham Springs. I chose football because I love playing QB.


LAFM: Tell us some of your hobbies outside of Football

I like to play Xbox and hang out with my girlfriend.


LAFM: What has it been like working with Aaron Vice?

Working with Coach Vice has been great. We work a lot on footwork and mechanics.

Torez Kinchen, Deham Springs Football

QB Torez kinchen (#5)


LAFM: Favorite school subject?

My favorite subject in school is Math. I just really like calculating things.


LAFM: What do you want to do professionally when you’re finished playing ball? 

 After my playing career, I plan on going into sales.


LAFM: What are your three favorite colleges in Louisiana?

Southern, Southeastern, and LSU.


LAFM: Do you have any superstitions or routine/something you do before every game?

 Before every game I always pray and visualize success.


LAFM: Where would you like to play college ball?

 Preferably somewhere in-state. If not, I don’t have a problem playing out of state.


LAFM: What are some personal and team goals for yourself and the Yellow Jackets this year?

 Our team goals are always to go deep into the playoffs. Personally, my goal is to throw for over 1,200 yards.


LAFM: What colleges have shown the most interest in you and do you currently hold any offers?

 Southern has definitely shown the most interest. I don’t currently hold any offers but will hopefully receive my first soon.


Nick Scelfo

Nick Scelfo

Nick is from Baton Rouge, LA where he attended St. Michael the Archangel and was a 3-year starter at Tight End for the Warriors. He was named to 3 All-District and 2 All-State teams at the 4A ranks. He earned a full scholarship to Nicholls State University where he was a 4-year starter and was named to 2 All-Conference and 2 All-Louisiana teams for the Colonels. He earned his degree in Mass Communication with a concentration in Broadcast/Journalism to go along with a minor in English.

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