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Gabe Fuselier, Damien Boone, Roland Dunn, Shane Carpenter, Trey Quinn, William Clapp, RaeJuan Marbley, Jermaine Roberts, John Leglue, Mandell Sam, Tae Thibodeaux, James Tabary,
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First Pick of the 2014 NFL Draft. Who would you Take?

In spirit of the NFL draft tomorrow, we decided to ask some of the 2014 class about the first pick tomorrow.

We asked them who they thought would be the first pick, and who they would pick if it was their decision? Read below to find out what they said.

by Reid Althage


OL William Clapp-Brother Martin High School-signed with LSU

Gabe Fuselier, Damien Boone, Roland Dunn, Shane Carpenter, Trey Quinn, William Clapp, RaeJuan Marbley, Jermaine Roberts, John Leglue, Mandell Sam, Tae Thibodeaux, James Tabary,

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I’d say Jadaveon Clowney. Just look at him and all of his raw talent. He is strong and ran a 4.5 at the combine while weighing like 265 lbs. If he gets more coaching, he can be much better than he already is now. He can play Rush End with J. J. Watt on the line next to him. It is just ridiculous what his potential could be.

I would definitely take Clowney.


LB Rae Juan Marbley-Destrehan High School-signed with Tulane

Honestly, I think they are going to take Jadaveon Clowney. With J. J. Watt and Brian Cushing both on the defense already, why not add another talent? I definitely think he will be the first pick

If I had a first pick…well my favorite team is the Texans. I think I would go with the QB. I would probably have to go with Manziel or Bridgewater. Both of them have their own style. I am probably leaning toward Bridgewater. Nothing like a good pocket QB. He can run when he needs to as well.


WR Trey Quinn-Barbe High School-signed with LSU

Jadaveon Clowney. I do not think there is an outright QB that the Texans can take with the first pick. I think they will wait till the 2nd round or trade up for something. I just think he is a overall great talent that no one can pass up on.

Since I am a true LSU Tiger, I would say that if I was the Texans I would pick Zach Mettenberger.


CB Jermaine Roberts-St. Augustine High School-signed with Texas

Jadaveon Clowney. I don’t see why Houston would pass up on Clowney when they could have him and J. J. Watt running the defense. With those two, their defense would just be crazy.

I would pick Clowney.


OL Shane Carpenter-Walker High School-signed with LA Tech

Jadaveon Clowney from South Carolina.  His body size, speed, and pass rushing ability make it hard to pass up on him. The Texans do need a QB, so they may go with the guy from UCF, Blake Bortles. They might go with him…but I still think it will be Clowney.

If I was the Texans… I already have J. J. Watt a strong DE. I would probably go with a QB because they need an offensive presence.


TE Damien Boone-North Desoto High School-signed with Northwestern

I think Jadaveon Clowney will go first pick. I mean it will be either him or (Johnny) Manziel, but I am thinking Clowney. The guy is a monster. He is huge and freakishly athletic. Who would not want him on their team?

I do not know. I guess either of them two.


WR Mandell Samm-Opelousas High School- signed with ULL

I actually think they are going to trade the pick. I think they want a QB, and they know they can get Bridgewater late first or early second round.

I would take Clowney. I think he is the best player in the draft.


DB Roland Dunn-Evangel Christian-Uncommitted

I think it is going to be Clowney. He is just a stud. I do not think they are looking for a QB with their first pick. If they were…I think it would be Johnny Manziel. Still, Clowney is the best player in the drafts. I think it will be Clowney

I would pick Clowney as well.


QB James Tabary-Holy Cross High School-Arkansas State 

Johnny Manziel. I think he would fit in with their team, and the coach would be willing to change the offense for him.  I know that Clowney fits their defense, but I think Johnny is an overall grab for them. They are in need of a QB.

I would take Blake Bortles. I think he is the most NFL ready guy as far as QBs go. Comparing Manziel to Bortles, Manziel needs to develop his presence in the pocket. Blake is an overall guy at the position. He is 6-4, can run the ball, and is very similar to Andrew Luck. The system would not have to change as well. Bortles is a pocket passer just like Matt Schaub.


WR Gabe Fuselier-Catholic High School New Iberia-Signed with ULL 

Johnny Manziel. I think they want to get more people to the games. They have been struggling on the offensive side of the ball.

I would take Jadaveon Clowney. I think he is going to be the best NFL guy and is the most NFL ready.


OL John Leglue-Holy Savior Menard-signed with Tulane

Jadavion Clowney. He is the most athletic person coming out who can play on the line. The stuff he has been able to do in the last few years like breaking through double teams the entire season is amazing. Everybody tried to stop him at South Carolina and he was still able to put up results. I think he is the best player coming out of this years draft.

I would take Clowney.


DL Tae Thibodeaux-Westgate High School-signed with Louisville 

I am saying Teddy (Bridgewater.) I got to take Teddy. I am going to Louisville and got to represent.  He is very talented. He is smart and humble. He can run and is great under pressure.


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