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Shane Carpenter, LA Tech Recruit, Walker High School Football
Shane Carpenter-Property of LAFM

Recruit Spotlight: LT Shane Carpenter, Walker High School, Class of 2014, LA Tech Recruit

Interview with Shane Carpenter

By Reid Althage

Shane Carpenter, LA Tech Recruit, Walker High School Football

Shane Carpenter-Property of LAFM

LAFM: Name, position, school?

 My name is Shane Carpenter, and I played for Walker High School. I am now signed to play at LA Tech. 


LAFM: Current height and weight?

 6-7, 295 lbs


LAFM: Any notable statistics or honors?

  I was a 3 year letterman. I was also All District.


LAFM: You signed with LA Tech. What other schools were next in line if you had to say 1-3?

 No, I have wanted to go to LA Tech since my junior year. 


LAFM: When did you first come into contact with the the Bulldogs?

They first saw me in January of my Junior year.  It was actually at basketball practice when they were looking at a teammate of mine.


LAFM: Why did you choose LA Tech?

 I went up their for both football and baseball camps. I really liked the community and people up in Ruston. It felt like home.


LAFM: What did you enjoy the most about your recruitment process?

I enjoyed the mail and recognition you get from other people. I got mail from all different schools, head coaches, magazines, and everybody. Once you pick a school like I did with LA Tech, that school sends you more mail. It made me feel appreciated as a player. LA Tech made me feel more assured with my choice, and I appreciated them for that.


LAFM: Who are some people that stand out as major factors in choosing the Bulldogs?

My family helped me tremendously along with my OL Coach John Thompson. Coach Thompson played Center for LSU. He helped me out with all the skills I need at the next level.


LAFM: What do you bring as a player to the LA Tech football program?

I believe I bring excitement because I bring a lot of energy and am enthusiasm when I play. I am very long and quick off the edge. I am quicker for a bigger guy. I am probably better at pass blocking, but I am a good run blocker as well.


LAFM: What is one thing you think that you need to improve upon going to the next level?

The most difficult thing will be the transition into playing at a faster level of play. Everybody is going to be faster and stronger. I just need to work on adjusting to the speed of the game.

LAFM: What are you most excited about going into next year?

I would say of course I am excited to play college football. I love football and cannot wait. I am also excited for college life. It will be my first time by my self and away from home.


LAFM: What advice can you give to the 2015 class on their recruitment process?

Well, I would say do not be afraid to choose early.  I chose my school early. The reason I chose early was because I did not want to be bombarded by all these coaches all at once. I did not want to keep hearing, “you should go to my school because of this, and this, and this.” I wanted to go see the school and find out everything I needed to know. Lastly, I wanted to be close to my family. LA Tech accomplished all of those things for me.


LAFM: How did Walker High School prepare you for playing football at the next level?

My high school helped me out tremendously even though we were not always the best team. Still, we had great character. Everyone had pride for our school, and we always played our hearts out. You can ask any team we played, and they will say how hard we played. That is something I plan on taking with me to LA Tech.

About Reid Althage

Reid is from Harvey, LA and went to Brother Martin High School. He played men's NAIA soccer at LSU Shreveport for his first 2 years college. His junior year, Reid transferred to Baton Rouge and graduated from LSU with a Sports Administration Degree. He started with LAFM as an Intern in April 2013 and was hired in October. Reid loves anything to do with sports (Saints, Pelicans, and Liverpool FC Fan), the outdoors, and family/friends.