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Edna Karr Football, Edna Karr High School, Brice Brown
Edna Karr Football Trophy Case (not bad for a program which started in 1991)-Photo Property of LAFM

What it means to play for Edna Karr

Edna Karr High School

Tradition and history are always important for football programs. It gives kids something to look back at and respect. It gives the program a precedent and foundation to stand upon. It builds a culture.

At Edna Karr High School, the Cougars have a tradition of success. Just look at the trophy case above. The high school’s first ever football team started in 1991. Two years later, legendary Head Coach Don Wattigny and great players such as Patrick Surtain won the schools first ever State Championship. The Cougars would go on to win several district championships and 6 state runner up finishes (1993, 1994, 1995, 1999, 2010, 2011,2013). In 2012, the team brought back its second State Championship under HC Jabar Juluke and players such as Speedy Noil. Under coach Juluke’s tenure, 70 players signed collegiate scholarships (Coach Juluke is currently the RB Coach at LA Tech). The last two years have seen the Cougars finish State Runner-up (2013) and into the quarterfinals (2014).

Edna Karr, 2012 State Champions, Karr Football

2012 4A State Championship Trophy

Looking at 2015, Karr has Hired long time OC Brice Brown as there new head coach. Not only has Brice coached at the school, but he is also an alumni and former player himself. “This place is my home. These are the same hallways that I grew up in as a teenager. I am dealing with people who I have know for most of my life. It is a dream to coach here, said Coach Brown when I sat down to talk to him last week. Brice Brown played college ball at Grambling State. His first coaching job was an internship at Karr. Former Head Coach Jabar Juluke ended up hiring him as an Offensive Coordinator and he has been at Karr ever since.

Edna Karr hires new coach Brice Brown

Head Coach Brice Brown and RB Coach Nick Foster

Coach Brown has 10 other former Cougars who make up his staff. On asking the head coach on what does it mean to this program he replied, They know Karr. These guys and myself grew up here. We know the pride and tradition that goes into our school. We know the routine and daily expectations of this school. Our school is not an ordinary school. We always put athletics second to academics which is how it should be. We are here to develop kids into successful adults not just successful football players. I remember when we won a championship in 2012. The next Monday we were taking finals. We did not have a parade or big celebration. Our team hit the books and made sure we did well on Monday. The expectation here is to win on and off the field. Our coaching staff knows that and makes sure the kids know it as well.” You can tell Brown really appreciates his staff. They all believe in the Karr way. They all aspire to make Karr a great school and a great football program.

I also sate down with RB Coach Nick Foster to talk to him about the new head coach,He is doing a great job. Brice has been here for years. People do not know all that he has done for the team and the school. He has earned this job, and I am proud of him.” Foster also talked about working at his school and with other alumni, “It means everything to me. We love our Alma mater. The staff is always wearing purple and gold. You talk to us about the school, and you can hear the appreciation in our voice.  We take great pride in our school and are honored to coach here. “

I am really excited to see Edna Karr play the next few years. Talking to Coach Brown, Coach Foster, and others on the staff, you can really tell these guys have a passion for the school and football. They love the school and the experiences they had at the school. Now, they want these kids to have similar experiences. More importantly, they want the kids to win. Not just on the field, but off it as well.


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