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2015 TV Shows

2015-2016 TV Shows

3/1/16  Defensive Player of the Year Awards

(Segments 1-2)

(Segments 3-4)

(Segments 5-6)


2/23/16 Offensive Player of the Year Awards

Segments 1-2

Segments 3-4

Segments 5-6


LAFM TV: Kevin Mawae and Neil Weiner (Dunham HS)

LAFM TV: Ronnie Estay (former CFL Champion and LSU Tiger)

LAFM TV: Christian Life Coach Ben Palmer

LAFM TV: Ro Brown, Dale Weiner(Catholic High), Vinnie Bullara (Westminster Christian)

LAFM TV: Michael Roach (Madison Prep) and Josh Fontenot (Crowley)

LAFM TV: Robert Valdez and Paul Distephano

LAFM TV: Al Jones (St. Augustine HS)

LAFM TV: Calvary Baptist’s Hunter Hand and David Fitzwater

LAFM TV: David Brewerton and Guy Mistretta

LAFM TV: Rachel Baribeau and Josh Booty

LAFM TV: Jay Roark (Jena) and Julian Charles (Captain Shreve)

LAFM TV: Claude Coleman (Belaire) and David Simoneaux (Catholic-Pointe Coupee)


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