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2010 Season Highlights – New Orleans

We will only show one play per player.  We want to include as many players as we can, and our bandwidth limitations prevent us from showing more plays.  We also have contractual agreements with colleges.  If your son is one of the top 300 players in the state, and he has a highlight video, we can put one of his plays on the site provided that that the quality of the video is good enough.  We will be adding more players to this list as the season goes on.  

College Coaches:

If you are a College Coach and are interested in cut-ups and full games filmed by our company, please contact Lee Brecheen at lbrecheen@aol.com.  We have video of all the top players for the classes of 2012, 2013, and 2014.  

High School Coaches:
We do not share our full game tapes with other high schools or the public.  The full games are only shared with Colleges to help the players with recruiting.  

We hope you enjoy this first time ever, comprehensive video list of the top players in the state.  We will only be showing video of the Class of 2012.

These videos and photos used are the property of Louisiana Football Magazine.  Our video and photos are copyrighted.   We will not tolerate the use of these videos for re-sale or distribution purposes, or on other websites.  98 percent of the video used were filmed by Louisiana Football Video which is owned by Louisiana Football Magazine.  Only 2 percent of the highlight tapes used were sent in by a High School Coach, Player, or Parent.

New Orleans (alphabetical by last name)

Javis Altman – Archbishop Shaw

Nathan Anderson – East St. John

Marcel Andry – St. Augustine (formerly John Curtis)

Quadry Antoine – Belle Chasse

Kedrick Banks – McDonogh 35

Jordan Batiste – Lutcher

Brandon Battles – O.P. Walker

Torrey Bell – John Curtis

Jarrell Bennett – Edna Karr

Dominick Bilich – Archbishop Rummel

Jude Bourgeois – Archbishop Shaw

Gerron Bourne – East St. John

Marrick Charles – Destrehan

Larry Dace – St. Augustine

Myron Daughtry – John McDonogh

Lorenzo Doss – St. Augustine

Austin Duncan – Jesuit

Derek Edinburgh – Edna Karr

Ronnie Fiest – West St. John

Ralph Freibert – Jesuit

Ashphenn Gaines – Belle Chasse

Stephen Gibson – Archbishop Shaw

Dillon Gordon – John Curtis

Cyril Grayson – Archbishop Rummel

Marcus Hall – St. Charles Catholic

Lyndon Hawkins – Higgins

Randy Hill – John Ehret

Tyren Hills – Hahnville

Trey Hooper – Holy Cross

Stefan Horne – John Ehret

Cedric Jackson – Higgins

Raymond Jackson – OP Walker

Todd Jaquet – Jesuit

Deion Jones – Jesuit

Dominick Jones – St. Augustine

Nichlous Joseph – John Ehret

Jarmon Lathers – Hahnville

Demetrius Lebeau – John Ehret

Sydie London – St. Augustine

Warren Mack – Higgins

Randolph McDonald – Higgins

Jovan McGrew – Archbishop Shaw

Jack Mervin – De La Salle

Scott Migliore – Archbishop Rummel

Jarius Moll – West St. John

Darion Monroe – East St. John

Julien Obioha – Brother Martin

Joel Pichon – Holy Cross

Brandon Pierce – Higgins

Devin Powell – O.P. Walker

Frederick Rivers – Brother Martin

Jerquinick Sandolph – Hahnville

Bryan Singleton – Destrehan

Daniel Taylor – Lutcher

Troy Thomas – De La Salle

Dwayne Thomas – OP Walker

Lazedrick Thompson – St. Charles Catholic

Darrien Tyson – Edna Karr

Corie Warino – John Ehret

Leonard Washington – Edna Karr

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