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Trevon Stewart

Recruit Spotlight: Strong Safety Trevon Stewart, Patterson High School, Class of 2012

by Lee Brecheen

Trevon Stewart
Trevon Stewart

August 29, 2011 – In 2010, Patterson High School was led on defense by three key players.  They were RB/DE Kenny Hilliard who signed with LSU last year, Cornerback Dexter Aucoin (5-10 175), who runs a 4.41/40 and signed with the local University of Louisiana at Lafayette Ragin Cajuns and will play as a true freshman this year and has a NFL future, and lastly LB Lorenzo Phillips who is also from the 2012 class and has committed to the University of Florida.

To me the best defensive player and all-around player for Patterson in 2010 was a kid named Trevon Stewart who plays RB, WR, QB, SS, and LB for his team.  Kenny Hilliard was the best player on the team in 2010, but he will be a big time RB at LSU in time.  Trevon reads better than any player at Patterson, and he is the hardest hitter at Patterson for their defense.

Stewart runs a 4.6/40, but he looks so much faster because he reads and reacts with the best of them to get to the football and make tackles all day long in the open field.  In the weight room, Trevon is super strong.  He squats 500 pounds and – get this – cleans 265.  Trevon stands a legit 5-10 in height, and he weighs a chiseled 195 pounds.  In 2011, when talented QB Justice Jones is not passing the ball, Stewart will run some Wildcat, and also line up as a WR in the slot and RB behind Justice Jones.

What I like most about this kid’s game is his toughness play to play and effort.  He has the God gifts with speed and knowing the game, but when you’re tough and bring it all the time that speaks volumes for what you will do at a faster level in college. Trevon committed early to the University of Houston Cougars in Houston, TX, but the local Louisiana Lafayette Cajuns as well as many other DI programs are still calling this talented kid.

Trevon carries an excellent 3.2 GPA in the Classroom, and already has scored a 21 on the ACT test.

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I hope you enjoy the interview below with writer Mark Clements.


Interview by Mark Clements

LAFM: For starters, what’s your current height, weight and forty time?

TS: 5’10”, 195 and 4.6.


LAFM: Are you originally from Louisiana?

TS: Yes sir, Patterson, Louisiana.


LAFM: Which teams did you root for growing up?

TS: For me, I never really was into the Louisiana teams. I grew up liking Florida because my cousin Ike went to Florida. My dad has been a Dallas Cowboys fan so I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan too.


LAFM: When did you first start playing football?

TS: I started playing football around 6 or 7 for flag football and I’ve been playing ever since.


LAFM: Has it always been a big part of your family? Have you had any family members who played football in the past?

TS: Yeah, Ike Hilliard, a few of my other family members, my dad played and he always coached me and everything, so football is really important in my family.


LAFM: Has Ike and Kenny Hilliard had a big influence on you in your football career?

TS: Yes sir, I’ve never seen Ike play, but I used to watch his high school highlight tapes and everything. I used to watch Kenny play and I always wanted to be like him since he was getting scholarships when I was a freshman and everything. So I always wanted to work hard so I can put myself in the same boat as them two.


LAFM: Do you play any other sports?

TS: Yes sir, I played baseball but I was too busy for that and I play basketball and run track.


LAFM: What position do you play in basketball and what events do you run in track?

TS: I play point guard, shooting guard and in track 4×1, 4×2 and the 100 meter.


LAFM: Which sport do you think is your strongest and which do you see yourself playing at the next level?

TS: I used to be strong at basketball but then football became my sport. I think it’s football now.


LAFM: Do you play any other positions?

TS: I play quarterback in some formations, receiver, running back and I play linebacker depending on the team we play.


LAFM: If so, where do you see yourself being recruited?

TS: I’m listed as safety for my high school because we play a lot of run teams and I have to help the run. But in college I’ve been talking to colleges and they want me to play cornerback because of my quickness.


LAFM: Is there anyone in college or the Pros that you look up to or try to model your game after?

TS: I have a cornerback that I look up to and he’s really good, but he’s under the radar. He just came out of junior college. His name is D.J. Hayden, he’s the starting cornerback for the Houston Cougars. Every time I go to one of the Houston practices he’s always out there working hard, going up against the best receivers. So every day I come he’s always the first one to the weight room and the last one out so that just inspired me to be better.


LAFM: What do you think is your biggest strength as a player and what part of your game are you trying to improve upon most next year?

TS: My biggest strength as a player is just how hard I play the game and the passion I have. The thing I have to improve on is probably my downfield speed and make a play and keep on moving so nobody can catch me.


LAFM: Have you been to any camps at this point? If so, which ones?

TS: Yeah I’ve been to a few of them. This summer was busy. I started out at Clemson, then I went to Alabama, then Florida, then Tennessee camp and Houston camp.


LAFM: Which colleges have you received offers from?

TS: I heard from Houston a lot. They offered me and I committed to Houston. But Tennessee wanted me as a slot receiver and Clemson wanted me at cornerback. So, Houston, Tennessee and Clemson are probably the most I talk to.


LAFM: So you’re committed to Houston, do you plan on looking at other schools as well?

TS: As of right now Houston is my number one and I plan on sticking with them. Me and my family both like them and I don’t plan on de-committing anytime soon.


LAFM: Have you thought about what you might want to study in college?

TS: Sports Management


LAFM: What are some goals you’ve set for next season, for yourself and for the team?

TS: First of all is winning state championship. For me, to get First-Team All-State again and I’m going for All-State for offense and defense. Last year I had it for defense. My sophomore year I had nine interceptions so I’m going for 10 this year and being a leading receiver for our team and leading rusher and leading tackler.


LAFM: Which school is your favorite to play against, or which game gets you the most fired up each year?

TS: We switched districts a lot the past two years. This year we play Crowley the first game of the season and they have Davante Bourque who committed to LSU so we play him. I’m really ready for that game.


LAFM: What are some of the most memorable games or plays you’ve been a part of?

TS: Last year we played West Feliciana in the game to go to the Dome. It came down to the last 20 seconds and we made a fumble, threw a fade and touchdown, we won the game. I had 13 tackles too.


LAFM: And lastly can you give us your current GPA and ACT score?

TS: My ACT score is a 21 and my GPA is a 3.2.

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